Wilf's first birthday party

Warning - Image heavy...

Wilf's party was a success! We had such a fantastic day, sharing and celebrating a whole year of his life and a whole year of parenthood for Tom and I! I felt so honoured to be spending the day in such good company with friends and family who care so much for my little boy. I don't think I could have known when I was pregnant how much he would be loved by so many and it touches my heart and makes me so thankful. 
Wilf got this scooter bug from his granny which we have now dubbed Scooty Puff Junior and this puppet from his Aunty Ruth which has been named Professor Mental Head. He had so many thoughtful and beautiful gifts. 
 (Wilf's friend Sylvie who may be the smiliest baby I have ever come across) 
 (the guys Wilf and Alfie playing at the play kitchen)
 some of my favourite photos ever, the gang. All so individual and amazing in their own special ways, friends since birth (and I hope for life) I love these kiddos so much
 Tom made Wilf a play kitchen, which was pretty incredible. I was so impressed with him (I know Tom's mum was pretty proud of her son too!) I'll blog about this properly at a later date and with better pictures. Its such a special gift for his first ever birthday, I feel a bit emotional thinking about it. My dad also send Wilf his very own childhood bear Bengi (who is nearly 50!) Wilf loves him and has kissed him no less than five times since Friday. I will take properly pictures of him too, I feel they both deserve their very own posts.
 Wilf's birthday cake that I made (I am no cook) but it went down well!
 the play pen or 'ballon world' this is still a big hit on our house at the moment. Weirdly none of the babies liked the long balloons and separated them from the pen..fascinating. 
 I have to leave you with this one, we feel like he's saying (Freddy Mercury esque) ''no time for losers, cos' Wilf is the champion'' ..and he is ;)


daisychain said...

Wilf is so damn adorable :)

sue said...

Wow, what fab photo's of Wilf's very special day.....gorgeous :)
Oh and I Love your lovely dress!!

aree1997 said...

Aww lovely photos. Wishes for your boy , he is such a handsome one ;)
Little buddies :D These girls are really cute :)

Aree With Umbrella

CheCiara said...

This looks like so much fun. The list of things I shouted out to my husband as awesome is too long to go into but we have very similar tastes :) That kitchen is beyond brilliant. What a fantastic heirloom it will be in years to come :)

fritha strickland said...

@sue thank you! My dress is from my mum, it was her's when she was my age! :) xx

fritha strickland said...

@checiara aww thankyou! Such a nice thing to say xx

fritha strickland said...

thanks all! xx

Ingo Bousa said...

Yeah! : )

Serge said...

Wilf sure looked like he enjoyed every moment of his party... and this is all thanks to his hard-working parents! Happy Birthday Wilf!

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