A Collection

A very small collection, I started a course to learn how to use my camera manually. I have been wanting to do something like this for over a year now but not had the time nor spare cash. Funny enough just before Christmas I entered a giveaway over on Capturing Childhood's FB page for a free entry to their E Course and won! 
I still have an Blog Design E Course from Elsie to work through so clearly I am slightly ambitious in getting through both of these plus looking after a one year old full time (plus blogging, plus freelance illustration, plus my Etsy shop, ah!). Whilst I feel slightly overwhelmed at all of this I do love getting stuck into a good project.
I hardly ever take pictures indoors as the light is just too dark, I hate using the flash so my camera is usually just set to 'no flash' or 'speedy man' (that's a technical term right there ;)). But as this is the UK and the winter it does get hard to take any photos in these settings without them looking blurry. I've fiddled with the manual setting before but never knowing what any of the buttons actually mean, got frustrated and gave up.
The first week of the course sped by and on Sunday I finally managed to sit down and take a proper look, I was introduced to 'shutter speed', 'manual focus' and 'aperture' and after initially feeling swamped I managed to take the above pictures. Not great masterpieces I agree but not dark and not blurry so I consider that a win!
1, Wilf's little friends that afternoon, he picks each up and they babble to each other and sometimes kiss. He loves these four, oh and giraffe not pictured but currently a meal time buddy that needs to have a bit of whatever is on offer before Wilf 'nnno!' he squeals and thrusts giraffe into the food, laughs then takes a bite for himself.
2, Maddie cat, in her natural habitat (sleeping)
3, A collection on a shelf, I like how you can see the lights in the reflection, clever no? ;)


krysta said...

I like those photos! How much I wish I had a DSLR!


Yelle said...

I've always wanted to take an e-course and I've had my eye on Elsie's for a while. Let me know how you like it hers! As for manual on cameras, I couldn't want to use that setting when I got my camera and I dove right into it!

Megan Elizabeth said...

Your kitty is sooo freaking adorbs.


Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Krysta it is a good investment. Its the one thing I really knew we needed to get when Wilf was born, although it was still second hand :)

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Yelle I will do, when I finally get round to it! I had a brief look though and looks really good :) Thats amazing, I get frustrated to quickly but I am really getting the hand of it now, cant believe I waited this long! x

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Ha thanks they are pretty cute :) x

jennifer_lloyd said...

Heey Fritha! lovely photos as always. I know what you mean with lack of light, indoors shooting can be tricky. I changed my ISO Settings, and it has made a huge difference to my photos indoors, so try that too! there are lots of articles on Google that explain how it works.

Hope you're well!

Jen X

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