A few resolutions

I love a fresh start, a clean state, a new beginning. I'm one of those crazy people that likes Mondays (once I have had my morning cup of tea) and the possibilities the new week might hold. 
So as you can guess I do love me a good new year resolution
This year I am setting the bar quite high, I want to challenge myself and build upon the foundations of what I already have. 
There are the straight forward goals
  • Learn to use my camera properly, that is to take it off automatic and learn the manual functions. Luckily I won a prize to do just that over at Capturing Childhood!
  • de-clutter. I am a little bit of a hoarder by nature and surround myself with 'things'. Things that have sentimental value, things I 'may need one day', things I think someone else might like or things I can turn into something else. Which is all great but these 'things' build up and I've started to feel a bit anxious about it all. 2013 is going to be the year I learn to de-clutter
  • Expand my cooking skills past the three of four meals I know how to make, try new foods and be more creative with our meals
  • learn to screen print
  • learn to make my own clothes (this one is on the list every year...)
  • A fun one, I want to go try Zumba!
The bigger things:

At the beginning of the year we were still earning a little from my statutory maternity pay, which isn't a great deal but was something none the less. Once my pay ran out in August I was lucky to have a few commissions and freelance work come in for a few months. After which we started to solely rely on Tom's income. This year will be spent firmly tightening our belts and looking for ways in which we can still live with the values we believe in (e.g buying organic where possible and using eco friendly products that sometimes come with a higher price tag). This will mean better organisation in meal planning so nothing is wasted (our biggest issue) and working out what we can cut back on to prioritise the more important spends. 

I want to expand on my illustration work and really try and make a go of it as a freelance artist. 2012 was spent with very little free time in which to do this but I hope we can juggle a few things which will mean I may be able to put in a few hours to achieve this goal. I really hope to finally put into place the children's wear designs I had hoped to bring out this year as well as expanding on my jewellery pieces.

I don't tend to treat my blog as a business as such (although it is a for profit blog) my regular posts are usually spontaneous and heartfelt. I intend to keep it this way but I look forward to working with lots of new blogs and businesses as well! 

A lot of this year has been spent exhausted and at times we have gotten very irritable with each other. I look forward to (hope, pray!) more sleep this year and intend on making more time together as a couple.

I plan on trying to step back and enjoy the moment more. I hope to be a little more patient and I look forward to spending more and more time with my beautiful son and loving partner. 2013 will be family focused of course but maybe with a few more personal projects too

What are your resolutions? Do you do resolutions or think them silly? 
What are your hopes for 2013?


The Lat Long said...

Great goals! Wishing you lots of success and happiness this year! x

sue said...

I love your goals. I too am a bit of a hoarder, collector lol, I love my *stuff* but alas I think I may join you in a de clutter. More space for thought :) x

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Thanks so much Jess! And to you and your lovely family xx

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@sue I think its going to be a good move..I wish us both luck! xx

unfounddoor said...

Really great goals - I look forward to following the belt tightening!
I had only a very few, simple resolutions (be kinder, eat more fruit) and to quit my Big Law job...which I did! I leave at the end of the month and so we too will be working on thriftiness and efficiency this year (but, happily, spending more time together as a family)

Wishing you all the best for 2013

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

@unfounddoor your goals are great! I really need to eat more fruit also ;) good luck on the thriftiness this year, I look forward to reading how you got on xx

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