I guess we have a toddler?

The past week or so has been a funny one, we have seemingly done nothing but still I feel like I've had no time to sit or think or get the simplest of tasks done. Wilf was suffering from Impetigo for about five days in total, although he didn't seem seriously troubled I think he generally didn't feel great and so couldn't sleep very well either. There was a night where he simply awoke at 3am and that was it, up for the day! The next day I even broke my rule of not napping and had a glorious half an hour snuggled up together, something I have missed a little since he has moved to his own room.
Our decision to stop co-sleeping was one of necessity, in that he simply will not stay in the bed anymore. Something that was really confirmed over the past week as I tried to get him to sleep I went back to co sleeping only to be kicked in the head, jumped on, crawled over..for hours and hours. Now at a year he (and I) sleep a lot better separated. That being said whenever I thought about sleeping arrangements pre Wilf's birth I always envisioned a year being the bench mark for co-sleeping, it worked so well for all of us for so long and then one day it didn't and that was that. It's a decision I feel comfortable with. 
Apart from the past week or so with illness we have all been sleeping so much better, so much in fact I am starting to think of the past ten months snatching 45minutes in a row as a bad dream that didn't really happen. Did we really live through that kind of sleep deprivation?? The main thing that has helped with Wilf's sleep? Cutting out night feeds. Again at a year I feel comfortable with this decision, we needed to try something new and I felt confident that he got enough during the day and was at an age when he would be able to sleep some long stretches without breastfeeding. A friend asked me if I wished I had done this six months ago and I think the answer is no, it wouldn't have been right (for us) at the time where as it now does. Breaking the 45 minute cycle he was stuck on has made a dramatic effect on his day time behaviour, he seems so much more aware and refreshed and has started eating with gusto. We still breastfeed maybe 4 or 5 times a day and we still start the day anytime between 5am and 6am (with maybe 3 or so wake ups in the night which he settles down and falls asleep again just being soothed and 'tucked in') so he is certainly not 'sleeping though the night' every night (although weirdly he did once a week or so ago!!) but we are all feeling lots better in ourselves. Isn't sleep great??
We haven't been having as much fun in the snow as I see lots of you are, largely due to illness but also I think Wilf is still a little young for it..he did love to watch it snow down though and sat by the window pointing and smiling. I have been enjoying everyone's snow men pictures! 
This week has whooshed by again as they all seem to these days, and now the weekend hurrah! Oh and a certain little boy took 5 steps on Thursday! So I guess we should call him a toddler now? wow! 
Hope you all have great weekends! xoxo


Carly said...

What a cutie in the snow! Congratulations on Wilf's five steps. xxx

The Stork and The Beanstalk said...

A little extra sleep goes a long way! Glad you've gotten some rest and hope you get to enjoy the snow soon! xo

Liz S said...

Lovely photos. That's good that you're all sleeping well; a good night's sleep really does make such a positive difference. xx

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