A Collection

1, A morning routine, playing with his toys sitting on his treasure chest. He loves these birdhouses 
2, The old chocolate factory, perhaps one day free Steiner School in our local area.. 
3, Wilf and his friend Leelah (who's mum was kind enough to watch Wilf for a little while last week whilst I hid upstairs franticly replying to emails)
4, Another shot of the chocolate factory, don't you just love that red brick?
5, Reading of course (please mind the mess in the rest of the shot, ey!)
6, My little baby is now a toddle, doesn't he look so grown up here?

I have been nominated for Best Photography in the Mad Blog Awards (amongst others, thanks again SO much) if you would like to cast your nominations I would be as happy as a happy thing :) nominations close on the 18th hence me being annoying and going on about it!


Cathy said...

Omg! He looks so grown up in that last shot! What a handsome toddler! Cathy x

Jess from Vintage Pie said...

I liked the chocolate factory before I scrolled down to find out it was a chocolate factory- now I love it. Very cool! x

fritha strickland said...

Cathy - Doesn't he!! ah!! xx

fritha strickland said...

@Jess - I know wouldn't that be a brilliant location to say you went to school?? x

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