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So I've been featured in a few places lately that I keep meaning to mention, so here we go..
Firstly the lovely Ella interviewed me for her feature 'Give Me Space' where I talked about my work space (or lack of it!)
On the similar note Stacey Swift also featured me in her 'Friday Favourite' on her beautiful blog (this picture was taken when Wilf was about 8 weeks old and I still had very shinny pregnancy hair..wish my hair was like that now..)
Abby from OhAbbyDay did a little interview with me here
And finally IKEA Family Live featured our home as their 'home of the week' which pretty much made my day and Tom's week ;) (we are big IKEA fans around here)
(unrelated to the above I also love this post)
Are lifestyle blogs a new way for women to compare themselves and come up short?
Happy Sunday! xoxo


My Froley said...

I was just reading this post when my daughter pointed to your "I am your bestest pal" illustration and said 'I like that one' then she pointed to the instagram picture with the little fox stamps and said 'I like that one'... I think you have a new fan :)

bron @ baby space said...

yay for you! I love the home tour :)

Col | Hello Olive said...

Wow, your home is gorgeous! I'll happily swop you my brown sofas for your red one by the way ;-) x

fritha strickland said...

Aww yay! I'm glad your little girl liked my prints! Very happy to have her as a fan :D x

fritha strickland said...

Thanks Bron! x

fritha strickland said...

Haha thank you Col! x

VFoley said...

Your home is so colorful and fun. I also love your office space. hugs. Ikea choose a good home to tour!

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