You have more hair, even a little curl at the bottom of your head
You are understanding more and more words and when asked you can point to your nose, my nose and your daddy's nose. 
You enjoy actions on song and as soon as you hear the tune will start mimicking the commands, clapping your hands, stamping your feet or blowing kisses
You enjoy reading on your own and will lift the flaps and exclaim in surprise 'turtle!' (even if its not a turtle)
You are more confident on your feet and will practise walking a little longer each day
You can recognise things by their names, ask you to bring me the 'owls' and you will collect all your owl toys over (aaand there are a few owl related things in our house!)
You enjoy colouring with your crayons (when you manage to get them the right way round)
You take an interest in the pattens on your clothes, sketching the designs out with your fingers or pointing, pulling your T-Shirt out to see clearer and laughing 
You are a dare devil, you climb everywhere and then stand one legged and triumphant as I have a heart attack 
You are happy playing with other children or by yourself but ever so often you scan the room until you find my face and reassured continue your play 
You are gentle, you give hugs and kisses and when you are tired you place your head on my chest and look up at me smiling 
You point to the door as soon as you have gotten into your bath, smile and say 'daddy' as you know this means he will be walking through the door at any minute. When he does he sneaks up the stairs and pokes his head over the top and you smile big and laugh 'daddy!'.
You blow kisses 


Kaylovesvintage said...

what a cutie

love all your vintage fabric

Col | Hello Olive said...

Ah, such a lovely post! I wish I had kept a record like this when my son was younger.

Col x

yellow fields said...

turtle!! ahh what a cute little mokey, does he know which cat is which by name too? x

erica @ to the sea said...


fritha strickland said...

Thanks Kay, most of it is from Ebay! x

fritha strickland said...

Thanks Col! I love your blog :) xx

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