Bristol Fashion Week Spring Summer 2013

On Friday I was invited to the Bristol Fashion Week Live Blogging Show at Cribbs Causeway.

The last fashion show I attended was the Hobbs Fashion Show three years ago now. Tom had surprised me with VIP tickets which such a lovely gesture for a few reasons,  one its a pretty ace to have a boyfriend that surprises you with tickets to a fashion show, two that he was willing to come and sit through a fashion show for me and three because all proceeds go to the Meningitis Trust which having had Meningitis is a charity close to my heart. 

So it having been a good few years since I had attended a show and having been pregnant or looking after a baby for the past two years I was very excited to dip back into the world of fashion. My lovely neighbour offered to watch Wilf for a couple of hours until Tom got home, (the first time anyone other than family had watched him for that length of time) and I made my way to the event. 

Upon arriving I was approached by the lovely Gina who was part of arranging the Live Blogging Show where she took my picture and made me feel welcome. I then had the pleasure of meeting Bonnie and Briley as we took our seats, second from the front row. Briley made my day by asking if I was in university *fist pump* to which I had to come clean that it had been six years since I had graduated and I am now a mother of a toddler. 

I also had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Laura who is a sponsor on my blog, always so nice to put faces to names and we got on really well (as I knew we would). 

So without further adieu here are my top picks from the show:

The most beautiful florals by John Lewis
 John Lewis again, this time Neons. I am a sucker for anything colourful and they totally won me over at the show.
 Beach wear by Fat Face, love love the nautical bikinis and bows
 English riviera style from Marks and Spencer, made me long for a holiday (especially as it was a very grey and dismal day and now snow!)
 To end the show the presenters ( hairdresser to the stars Andrew Barton and celebrity stylist Mark Heye) joined the models on stage for some Gangnam Style dancing. As I clearly live in a cave in regards to the charts the whole Gangnam Style thing almost passed me by. That was until Tom listened to it whilst working on the garden one time and showed me the video, so the pop culture reference wasn't quite lost on me ;) I think if I had had to ask Briley what it was I certainly would have shown my age, ha!
After the show we headed back inside the mall to collect our tote goody bags. The over zealous member of staff in charge of the bags almost didn't let me pick mine up. Eventually after returning to the pavilion to ask for a voucher which I must have initially missed I was handed mine. In it included lots of free samples of various products, some Tea Pigs and snacks. One of the samples was a small tube of Olay 3 point cream of which the full size bottle allegedly retails at £340 (!) I've tried said magic potion for three days now and can only say its given me bad skin hmmm I'll keep you updated on that one..

Laura, Bonnie and I had a good chat whilst waiting for our bags, it's funny I guess that I naturally gravitated to the other bloggers who were mums! I did really love that the event wasn't just tailored to the fashion student blogger but for all ages and all backgrounds and that the models also ranged in ages and sizes with collections for children too. 

Bonnie and I then headed back to the train station where oddly enough I then bumped into a illustrator friend I've never before met in person (and who lives in an entirely different part of the county to me). Sorry Emmeline if I was a bit confused for a second! 

I had such a fantastic afternoon at the show and made some new friends which is always a real bonus. It was really nice to do something that wasn't parenting focussed for a change and reignite that side of me that adores the creativity of fashion for a little while! 

P.S I also took a few Vine videos of the show which you can see here, here, here, here and finally here!


Susan @ MadebyMommainPA.Blogspot.Com said...

Love the fat face picture! The red bows and the not-ridiculously-short shorts!

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Susan - Yes actually reasonable length shorts..oh my gosh I really sound like a mum now dont I ;) x

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