Our Weekend in Pictures

Britain is still very grey but its getting milder. Mild enough to leave the house without a coat at least. Earlier in the week (Tuesday) we had a full day of sunshine, it was the talk of my Facebook stream since the Saturday before, 'did you know Tuesday is set to be sunny?!' That's how rare and exciting sun is to us Brits ;)

So Tuesday turned into hanging out with friends in the garden, drinking Cava once more (well you have to if its a little bit sunny right?) watching our children play. Wilf decided to rearrange my friends rockery, carefully picking up one rock after another and bringing them to me to arrange in a pile before returning them and starting over. Did I tell you I am LOVING this phase? Toddlers are hilarious.

On Friday I went to a Blogsummit run by Tots100 where I got to put faces to names and catch up with friends I already knew. The lovely Jessica (who is so close to meeting her little boy!) and beautiful Adele kept me in great company and I found the talk on Pinterest by Cathy from Nurturestore very interesting, it has inspired me to put better use to my pinning.

My top tips from the day being:

Schedule pins (most popular Pinterest time is between 2pm-4pm) you can use Pingraphy to do this 
If you want to attract American readers then pin during 2-5am (clearly you should schedule these unless you are up at this time..which I often am.. but hey ho)
Make sure your FB page is up to date, add tabs for your Twitter/Instagram/Shop using the app Woobox
Don't just link to your blog post to your FB page upload and image too, this will be more striking in people's feeds
Google don't own your blog but paid posts should always be disclosed, its illegal not to 
Use the 'rule of thirds' when taking photographs as this will make your images more pleasing to the eye
Get a cheap desk lamp and shine the light off a wall when taking photographs in the evening
Such simple pieces of advice but some things I had not thought of before!

Tom spent the day with Wilf and they went to a 'toddler takeover' at @bristol (a science museum) where it seemed they had a great time. It was really lovely to have a full day break (and the second time in two weeks!) and I know Tom appreciated having such quality time with wilf too. 

With one thing or another we have had a fairly busy week but it's felt good and I am feeling very inspired at the moment. These two breaks I think have done me the world of good for all of our relationships and stepping out of my daily routine has been a breath of fresh air! 
March I am liking you very much 
Are you feeling spring is in the air? 

p.s I had a fantastic Mother's day today, a full nights sleep, two homemade puddings, an hour and a bit to myself and now lazing around in bed, hurrah! 


Adele @ Circus Queen said...

It was fab to be in your company! I feel quite re-energised after Blog Summit. Happy Mother's Day!

Bethany said...

Wilf's gummy smile is a joy! :)

Great tips from the blog summit too - thanks for sharing, I'm signing up to Pingraphy now.

Mum2BabyInsomniac said...

Really lovely to spend the day with you on Friday. That day of sun on Tuesday was amazing! Although I can't quite believe that it has been snowing here this afternoon, this country is crazy. We will have to arrange an outdoor bloggers meet-up when the weather is nicer and I have settled into life with another baby! x

Unknown said...

Wilf's growing up so much. He's so so sweet!

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Adele - I'm so glad you got your blogging mojo back! x

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Thanks Bethany, I'm finding Pingraphy a great help! x

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Jess - I would love that and I can't wait to meet your little boy! x

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Josie - right?! all of a sudden he is a little boy! x

Unknown said...

You have some great pictures there, looks like you had a good weekend

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Thanks Gina! :) x

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