Orbit Challenge - Grandparent Challenge - can they dig it?

It's funny when Wilf was still tiny, a few weeks/months old perhaps, I used to feel very panicky about anyone other than Tom or I pushing him in his pram. Its not that I thought they would let go or endanger him in anyway, I can't really describe it actually but the first time a member of our family took the handles I wanted to burst into tears in the street. 

I don't feel that way anymore, in fact I always feel quite touched that a family member wants to walk along and chat to him as I do. 

I mentioned it a little before but having a pushchair that had a parent facing seat has always been really important to me. I didn't do a great amount of research pre baby into the benefits of parent facing seats, instead just instinctively felt the need to be able to see and chat to Wilf past the early baby-stage and onwards into toddler-hood. I later discovered however that most brain development occurs between birth and age two, which is when babies and toddlers need the benefit of a 'language-rich start to life'. Considering that on average a baby may be in their stroller for two hours a day, it makes sense that it would be more beneficial to have the seat facing you where you and your baby can communicate with each other.  

For me though it was always a case of what felt right to us, I love being able to smile and chat with Wilf when we walk along. Sometimes I find we have both been day dreaming to ourselves and I catch him finishing his train of thought and shooting me a smile before moving on to the next interesting topic in his head (what do toddlers think about I wonder?). Having our little chats on our outings are some of my favourite times. 

I asked Tom's mum what she thought of the Orbit and she agreed she loved the parent facing aspect to it. It was something she thought very important when she helped her daughter buy her first stroller too. We bumped into one of her friends on our outing and they chatted about how pushchairs are so different now to when they had babies. Everyone agreed that the snack tray attachment was a stroke of genius. 

In terms of ease of use it is brilliant and simple to use for all age ages. Also for people who may not use a pushchair in their everyday life. 

Grandparent challenge unlocked! ;) 

I am testing and reviewing the Orbit G2 in collaboration with Born. In doing so I am completed five different challenges and recording how I found them. For more details check out this post


Kelly Rae said...

I know exactly what you mean by not wanting anyone else to push your baby. We didn't buy a pram but if we did it would definitely be a top priority.

Love these posts by the way

Bonnie Rose said...

I love that they got to try it out too. :) I def would want a forward facing one bc all the prams we ever had were standard face away from you types and I was always looking around to check on my son

Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose

Jess said...

awww bless,ha I would of wept with gratitude if someone had offered to push the monstrosity that was my double pram. I had to jump on it to get it up kerbs. this looks great - although my daughter liked facing out once she got to about 1 - far to nosey to want to look at boring old mum by then ;) shes very much the same now. ha ha

fritha strickland said...

Thanks Kelly, I'm really glad you are enjoying them. So glad that its not just me that felt like that! xx

fritha strickland said...

Bonnie - We once had to push Wilf back from somewhere in one of those little easy Maclaran strollers and we laughed as Tom did the pushing and I ran in front walking backwards to chat to Wilf, ha! x

fritha strickland said...

Ha Jess I've seen those double buggies and they look hard work! Thankfully we are not planning another anytime soon so hopefully will miss that double buggy stage x

Jess said...

oh go on ! you may as well lol get it all out of the way ;)

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