Orbit Challenge - Taking the Orbit off road

When Orbit set this challenge for their brand ambassadors I don't think they had this terrain in mind. Thick heavy snow, the perfect test!

A few weeks ago now Tom, Wilf and I set off to visit my granny in Telford. The trip is around three and a half hours each way so we decided to break up the journey by travelling down the day before and stopping over in Birmingham. Some of Tom's old friends live near by so we met up with them and their toddle at the Birmingham Sea Life Centre before checking into our hotel.

Honestly, I have never seen snow like that weekend. It was intense! With Wilf wrapped up snuggly, snacks in hand and a cup of coffee for me we set off. Again collapsing the chair was a two minute job and there was space in the luggage rack to fit it perfectly even with a packed train and a fair few suitcases. The great think about the Orbit is that is is actually quite high, our previous pushchair would have caught the snow in the rack underneath and have gotten stuck, as it was it was easy to push through and (whilst we didn't think of it at the time) I realise now we could have even have taken the pod out to create a bigger gap.

The wheels did great in the thick snow and ice, although the front ones were taking most of the build up and had to be shaken a little from time to time. 

Wilf as you can tell was not very amused by all this cold white stuff

Taking the pushchair on some of the smaller trains in our journey we were actually able to keep it up in the carriages as it is so slim. Wilf on the other hand wanted to stomp up and down and make friends with all the other passengers..

When we travel we usually find it easier to take our Ergo (due to getting off and on trains/taking up space etc) but I would be happy to take the Orbit on any journey we make now. It also would have been pretty tricky to be babywearing in the snow and ice as we were slipping all over the place ourselves.  

Ergo Baby actually own Orbit Baby which I think is a great fit, we are huge fans of our Ergo and its great to know such an Attachment Parenting company is expanding into pushchairs. The design of both products really appeals to me in both the parenting aspect and also as a lover of attractive well made design! 


Kelly said...

I had no idea that Ergo owned Orbit strollers. We love our ergo! If we are ever in the market for a stroller I will strongly look at that one.

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Its a lovely pairing isn't it! We love our Ergo too :) x

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