Post Holiday Blues

This post is brought to you with a giant *SIGH*

I have post holiday blues. 

We didn't go anywhere exotic, there was no lying on a beach getting a tan burnt and no sangria being drank but I felt more relaxed than I have done in such a long time. 

No deadlines to worry about (I left that until our return hence a little bit of stress right now..) no laundry to do, a house that needs cleaning and guilt about not getting round to cleaning it..

Having quality time to spend with my family without the other stuff in life getting in the way. You know that boring stuff like work and bills and everyday chores.

Cant wait until we win the lottery already

Did you all have a relaxing Easter break? xoxo


Ciara said...

We had a wonderful Easter. Like you we stayed home and just enjoyed being together without rushing around trying to see everybody and everything. So great to just "live" in our home!
No blues though as we are off to Ireland for a week tomorrow! So excited. It's nearly a year since I've been home.

Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three said...

The post holiday blues do indeed suck. :(

Bonnie Rose said...

I hope I win the lottery soon too! I need a vacation. Looks like the bubbles were a huge hit though. I just saw on pinterest you can add corn syrup i think to the solution and it makes them harder to pop. Might be fun to try out.

Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose

Jess said...

no lol we had a nightmare- including having to have our cat put to sleep and Ex husband declaring he no longer wants to see our son leaving me 24/7 over the holidays with a severely autistic and confused and upset 16 year old. I will be SOOOOO glad to see monday come and routine begin BUT I am so glad you enjoyed - you look so happy in these pics and Wilf omg - little boy now.

fritha strickland said...

Ciara - I know exactly what you mean! We went to visit Tom's mum but I'm hoping for a week later this year where we can do the same. Holiday in our own city and do touristy things :) Very jealous you are off on another holiday x

fritha strickland said...

Katie - I bet they are even worse when you've had all that help with your new one :( x

fritha strickland said...

umm Bonnie that is an amazing tip!! xx

fritha strickland said...

Oh Jess that's awful, so sorry to hear that! I hope things get a little easier for you when are back in your old routine x

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