What Mama Wore

What Mama Wore:

Coat - Dahlia
Hair Clip - Moonbeatle
Margot Tanenbaum Badge - Moonbeatle
Dress (you can just see a peek of it) - passed down from my mum
Clogs - c/o Moheda 

I look pretty grumpy in these pictures..because I was a little! You know when you have these arguments that are about nothing but you are just so mad at each other you drag up every little thing that annoys you about one another? The feelings being tossed around at the time are so strong you think, this is it, this is how I feel about you. Then an hour or so later you cant even remember why you felt so cross or what it was even about? That.

Sometimes its tricky working out relationships as an adult, with a family. I'm confident that we are not the only ones to have these moments and I know, thankfully that they are only fleeting. 

Tom and I have felt an incentive to tick of lists (call it spring cleaning I guess), to start up projects on the house where we left off over the miserable rain and snow of the past months. We are not 'do-ers' really, and despite good intentions things take a while to happen in this house. 

I'm badly organised, Tom finds long lists overwhelming and we are both quite frankly pretty lazy. My friend Ronnie wrote an excellent post on organisation that I really need to sit down and read again (and implement some parts in ours lives too). In the meantime we made the decision to de-clutter, we are two large vintage chairs down and a large school desk to be taken away next week. I really was amazed at how fast they went but I feel good about it. I am by nature a bit of a hoarder but it feels so good to be downsizing our furniture collection. 

So that's our life over the past little while. I hope all of you that are over this side of pond are enjoying the warmer weather! What are your tips for getting organised?


Laura Side Street said...

Oooh I love your moonbeatle hairclip and badge - too cute :) I am just like you - have the best intentions but deep down rather lazy really.

Love the outfit and beautiful coat :)

Laura x

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, I love those shoes! Adorable outfit.


Nadya Sheremet said...

Hello, Tigerlilly Quinn, you looks amazing, love love your blog!

Vicky said...

Man alive, we have the longest list of things to do around the house - my husband has booked a week off work just so we can make a dent in it!

Love the coat, and the clogs look ace.

laura redburn // cardboardcities said...

love your shoes and hairclip!

Grace said...

Love your style - you look gorgeous here even if you are grumpy!

fritha strickland said...

Thanks Laura! yep that is my biggest problem, good intentions..lazy bones. Thanks for the lovely compliments xx

fritha strickland said...

Thanks Jackie, they really are the most comfortable clogs EVER! x

fritha strickland said...

umm Nadya that is such a lovely compliment coming from you I am a BIG fan of your work! x

fritha strickland said...

Vicky - sometimes that the only way to do it isn't it, although even then we spend the first half of the week procrastinating! x

fritha strickland said...

thanks so much Laura xx

fritha strickland said...

hahah thanks Grace :) x

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