A little adventurer

Wilf is a little adventurer, a nature wonderer. Since he got those little walking legs of his he is never happier then outside. He loves to stop and blow out the fairies on the the dandelions, to peep behind trees playing 'peepoo!' at us and to run along the many paths and fields around our home.

Lately he discovered that bee's are called 'bumble bees' although he mistook this for a general word for insects. Now all insects are 'bimbles', there are ant bimbles, butterfly bimbles, beetle bimbles and of course bimble bimbles (which we have to be extra careful of). 

Last weekend he discovered snails for the first time, collecting each one to show me and carefully place back in his little pile (where they slowly slowly try to crawl away). He says 'caaaarefully' as he knows creatures and bimbles need to be respected. 

There is a woodpecker that lives by the bridge over the river close to our house. We tromp over the wooden slates saying 'woodpecker where aaaare you?' I've only ever seen in him twice, last christmas we took as special christmas day walk there to wish him a merry christmas but he may have been hiding. 

We are so lucky to live by such greenery, I look forward to our little explorations and the new discoveries about nature and wildlife he is constantly making!

This post is an entry in the July Centre Parcs challenge 


Happy Homebird said...

So cute. Bimbles make me smile :)

Dilan Dilir said...

the photos are awesome :)

fritha strickland said...

it's so sweet, now the whole family are referring to them as 'bimbles'! x

fritha strickland said...

thanks you so much lovely x

Xaain said...

really looks like adventure lol x

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