A Sunny Sunday BBQ

A sunny Sunday BBQ

The folks over at Money Supermarket were kind enough to ask if I would like to take part in their latest challenge. I always really enjoy these posts as they inspire me to actually do things I may otherwise have not got organised enough to do. You can see what I did for their last challenge (an interior design one) here and their gadget review challenge here. I also wrote for them last year on my top tips for saving money, you can read that here if you like. 

This challenge was pretty hard I have to say, host a BBQ for your friends? On a sunny weekend when the Wimbledon is on? The things we bloggers do ey? ;)

Whilst we talk often about inviting friends and neighbours round (or neighbours who are friends, or become good friends as the theme tune goes) we often never quite get round to it. It involves actually prepping the food, tidying the house and inviting people. Hard work hur! So with the push we needed to actually be social we invited family, friends and neighbours round for a (veggie) BBQ in our back garden.

I had intended to host one in our front garden, as we live on a cul de sac and have recently acquired three new sets of neighbours I thought a street barbie would be nice. Turns out the front yard was just that little bit too baking hot and we needed the shelter of some shade and a paddling pool. Especially for the kiddos. 

Tom was the chef and a very good job he did too, especially as we had no matches (doh!) and one of our disposable BBQ's didn't really take off too well. We had mozzarella burgers, hot dogs and veggie kebabs followed by strawberries, trifle and a good dose of cava and beer. 

Funny story about the mozzarella burgers, when I was away the other weekend at Britmums, Tom found a packet of said burgers in the freezer with one already eaten previously by me. He cooked the remaining one, sat down to eat and froze with the realisation that this was no veggie burger but a real life meatatarain burger! For Tom being a carnivore this was no issue but he panicked at the thought of me a life long veggie accidentally eating meat. He decided then not to tell me as it would be too upsetting, and especially not whilst I was away and already in a slightly heightened emotional state already.

Turns out after going back to the bin to find the packet to confirm his suspicious, he found that these were Linda Mcartney veggie mozzarella burgers. No meat contained, but they must taste quite similar to meat I guess to have had Tom convinced they were. All clear, no meat was ever consumed by me, thank gawd.

It was lovely having friends over, we even got to watch the tennis by connecting our TV screen to the laptop and watching it through the open window. And we won, hurrah!

After spending pretty much all day outside you would think a certain toddle would be knackered but the heat didn't quit when it got to night time, and three and a half hours later than usual a sweaty little one and half year old finally passed out on his daddy. I propose hot days and cool nights, thanks. 

p.s fourth picture from last is a little random I will admit but I kinda felt I was rocking that 20p bargain of a jumpsuit and wanted some evidence of the fact. 


daisychain said...

I wish someone would challenge me to host a BBQ! Looks like a fantastic time x

Happy Homebird said...

The mozarella burgers are going to find their way into my trolley next time. Sound delicious. Great bargain on the jumpsuit.

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