DIY Peg Doll

You may remember a week or so ago Wilf and I took a trip to ASDA to see what we could make out of their craft section. I made some cute cup lanterns which you can see here. I also picked up some wooden pegs (5 for £1) with the idea of making some peg people for Wilf, this was such a fun project and took about fifteen minutes to make!

You will need:

Wooden pens
Paints or Sharpies (I chose sharpies for simplicity)
A bit of fabric
Washi Tape (you can buy this cheaply on many Etsy or Ebay shops)

Get a mug and cut around trace round it onto your fabric
(a shameless plug to show off my mug for Paperchase - yet again!)
Next up colour in your peg! I think my lady looks quite spanish with her black hair and red top!  I then cut a tiny slit in the middle of the fabric circle by folding it over and snipping a little bit out.
whip a bit of Washi tape over the top to secure and you are done! Tom said they would make great additions to themed cocktails too and I agree! Sangria anyone?


Dilan Dilir said...

haha love this giveaway :D

Dilan Dilir said...

haha love this DIY :D

famies said...

This is a very cool DIY!! If the girl I babysit was a little younger I would definitely make these with her. I love the colours you've chosen too - they're not garish and 'eurgh' girly - just right! I bet they would look good strung up on a piece of string and pegged along as if they were fairy lights. I will remember this DIY in case I'm lucky enough to have children some day soon!

I've just come across your blog now (thank-you twitter!) and I'm very glad that I have done. I've just opened up a tab for reading Wilfryd's birth story. I love nothing more than a good birth story, so I have my feather pillow and my favourite mug of tea beside me, ready to go!!

Best Wishes,



Laura said...

Too funny! I just posted yesterday about my room and at the end as I was showin my tiny peg doll collection I expressed how I was gonna start makin my own. I have a British soldier, a Mexican sancho and a Pocahontas lookin one... You just seriously made my day and I feel a kindred spirit ;)

Here's the link to it if you wanna verify, ha ha! ;)


Laura said...

I'm back... forgot about this post I did before Christmas on my clown collection made from those clothespins... they're unbelievably awesome! Promise I'm not tryin to promote my blog (truly, no dreams of endorsements here, ha ha!) I just love these little things and am so happy someone else does, too ;)


fritha strickland said...

these are so cool! (some may say scary!) but i think cool :) x

fritha strickland said...

thank you! x

fritha strickland said...

Flora a fairy light peg doll is a fab idea! Thank you so much for your kind words, I hope you like the birth story! I'm off to take a peek at your blog now, thanks so much for being a new reader! xx

Kathryn (Kat got the Cream) said...

Oh I love peg dolls. I've had them on my 'to do' list / Pinterest for a while now. I want to give out thrifted dolls house a little makeover and thought I'd make a peg family to go in it. Maybe this summer... Love yours xx

Isobel Winters said...

So cute!

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