Little Devils Direct

It's like big peoples furniture for little people!

Wilf eats all his meals from his own little table and chair, it's something he wanted to start doing from around 17months and perhaps co-insided with him attending nursery and becoming a little more independent. He loves having his own space at his own height, I'll call to him (from wherever he is playing) 'Wilf! Lunch is ready!' and whilst I am serving up he will have brought himself to the front room and have sat himself down waiting for his meal to arrive. It's pretty much adorable. 

It's also kind of amazing how well he has taken to having a big boy bed, something I actually wished we had tried from the start instead of wasting our time with encouraging him with the cot. I love this transition from baby to a real little person, so much fun. 

Little Devils Direct is about little furniture for little people, I love that they have kept some adult style pieces (like the sofa, how cool??) and simply shrunk them down to kiddo size. They also have a pretty rad selection of toddler beds, I'm sure I would have a bed the shape of a jeep if I could get away with it. 

Whilst they predominately sell children's furniture you can also find nursing accessories, travel systems and cots there, all with a unique style! Definitely worth checking out. 

This is a sponsored post but all words and thoughts are my own



'A portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2013'

'We walked to the post office and bakery in the rain. Everyone was heads down and grumpy faced in the grey but Wilf sang at the top of his voice '1,2,3,4,5 fiiiiiiiish is alive!' And turned most frowns upside down. He pointed out the lavender bush by the bakery and said 'bimbles hang out!' (The same bush we pass on the way to nursery where he points to all the bees we saw in the summer). Sure he DID have a melt down a street away from ours when he wanted to jump into an enticing puddle in the middle of the road and he did yell at a dog 'not on the road!!' But all in all it's been a fun morning'


A Collection

I haven't done 'a collection' for a while. There are so many pictures that I take on a daily basis that I really do need to make this a regular feature.

1, We got send a Sonny Angel and I think it might be the start of a new addiction...oh dear
2, This cat, the other day he and Wilf shared a cat nap together
3, Father and Son
4, Just dressing up in your fancy clothes at 9am in the morning for a Christmas feature
5, An accidental picture that my camera took all by itself but I kinda love
6, Wilf the photobomber, this may be a favourite yet

Other things I have been reading lately that don't really fit anywhere either:

This post from my friend Fiona about supporting her independent toddler. My other clever pal Jo made up this brilliant info-graphic about working from home, I can relate. Lastly, this blog is soon becoming my favourite, just beautiful.

Happy weekend! xoxo


what mama wore

What mama wore

Dress: c/o Fever London
Clutch: c/o Heart
Rings: Tigerlilly Quinn
Tights: Tesco
Boots: c/o Hunter 

I got my hair cut! I'll post a closer up picture soon, these pictures were quick snaps of a bunch that Wilf photobombed. Although of course I LOVE pictures of he and I together but sometimes it's a little tricky to get an outfit shot that doesn't have an excitable toddler, a toy panda or a football in! Now you know what goes on behind the scenes!

I think you all know the deal by now with the fact that Fever London are pretty much my go-to all time favourite brand ever. I know I was kindly sent this dress but I also ended up buying most of their summer sale up too ;) they are just so well cut and the perfect fit for my body shape. Love them.

The crocheted clutch was sent to me by ethical brand Hearts, always great to hear of any new-to-me ethical brands out there. They have some lovely tote bags too.

Is it ok for me to gush over my own stock? Well I'm going to anyway, these new rings are my favourite thing in right now (but I say this every time something arrives!). The great thing about owning a shop is getting to keep one of everything for yourself.

Winter tights, what more can I say? Essential Autumn wear and YES my wellies are here to stay for the next few months, hurrah for Autumn fashion! 


A photo book

When it comes to taking photos, I take hundreds. When it comes to actually printing them out? We've got two printed pictures, two! It's something I feel hugely guilty about on a weekly basis. My parents always took such wonderful photos of mine and my siblings childhood and it was one of my favourite things picking out the photo albums from a particular year or summer and sitting back and talking about the memories held in each one.

It was the perfect excuse then when Snapfish asked me to review one of their photobook albums. I chose the large hard back book with twenty pages which you can see here. I really love the quality of both the book and paper type, also that each page leaves room enough for you to add your own details if you wish. I'm actually thinking of adding a few Instagram pictures I have printed out around some of pictures and writing some text on others. This size book would also be a great template for a scrap book if you are into scrapbooking!

In hindsight although it's great to have the images displayed at this size I think in future I will go for a smaller sized book (of which there are many) to be able to fit our bookshelf. This is an oversight on my part though as I was free to choose any size and is still nice to have as a large coffee table book.

I'm already planning getting one made up at the end of the year to display all the 52 project photos from the year. I think they will make great gifts for grandparents too!

I was sent a photobook to review but all words and thoughts are my own 


What Mama Wore

What Mama Wore:

Striped Top: Vera Moda
Tunic Dress: Fever London
Belt: Fever London
Bag: c/o Nica
Tights: Tesco
Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens
Necklace: Tigerlilly Quinn 

When I graduated university I (like lots of people) was at a complete loss of what to do. It was a weird time in my life for many reasons but when I found myself working in a boutique in my hometown of Aberystwyth I suddenly found a love of some (new to me) clothing brands and designers. It was here I discovered some of my favourite lines that have become firm favourites in my fashion choices to this day, including Fever London, El Naturalista and Nica satchels.

It's kind of a dream come true to be now collaborating with the labels I lusted over six years ago in that small town boutique! Thank you to all my readers who make that possible! xx


We like to read

The Paper Bag Princess - By Robert N. Munsch

A book about a princess that certainly does not need saving by a Prince (even if he is dressed in the best seventies tennis outfit I ever did see). I remember going back to this book again and again as a child, feeling inspired by a feisty princess who knew what she wanted and needed no saving.

Anyone else humming 'Independent Women'? c'mon 'all the women who are independent, throw your hands up at meeee' because I TOTALLY pull off trying to be Beyonce ;)

Link up friends! I want to see what your reading!
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Wish List

I'm over on Ask Her Friends again with another 'gift set' this time a 'back to school' theme. If you fancy it you can pop over and give my set a vote, you could win £50 (and so could I if I win). Either way I think you will agree that the Orla Keily coat is to die for right??



'A portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2013'

I just about manage to dress half of you before you slip on your wellies and run out the door (yes you can open it now, hence the childlock on the gate).

Over this past week life with an almost two year old has been a battle of wills to say the least. We have had a 'easy' ride of it (whatever that is) I would say so far in terms of his temperament and behaviour.. Now Wilf is almost two the tantrums are definitely surfacing and the word 'miiiiiine' has slipped into his vocabulary. It's normal of course but testing for sure! 


A little catch up

I'm not sure how it is Thursday already, this week has zooooomed by and it's been a whole two days since my last post (the longest in a while!). The shop has been keeping me lovely and busy and I spent part of the weekend with my mum and granny so am still catching up with house bits and bobs.

I won an amazing dresser on Ebay which Tom kindly went and picked up from the middle of nowhere with our favourite van man that has helped us pick up so many Gumtree/Ebay finds over the years. I'm going to use it to house all my stock after I have cleaned up and re-painted it. I can't wait to share the pics, it's a beauty.

I also found out on Tuesday that I won the competition to become the Clarks Village official blogger which I still can't quite believe. It's a huge compliment that they would pick me and my blog out of all the no doubt brilliant fashion bloggers that entered. It's a big confidence boost also to know that I can be a mum and still be a bit fashionable too ;) I will be covering their Style Spectacular weekend in a week or so time so look out for that! Thank's again Clarks Village!

There a lots of lovely new items in the shop too and I am eagerly picking out new stock in time for Christmas (yes!). Here are a few samples of what the Tigerlilly Quinn shop has in at the moment:

Hope you like them! xo


What Mama Wore - Autumn remix

I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and their client.

If you follow me on Pinterest you will know I'm pretty crazy about Autumn, is it my favourite season. We've had a fantastic summer here in the UK, so much so that over the weekend the dip in temperature has been noticeable, and for me, exciting!

One of the things I love so much about Autumn is the cosiness, layering clothes, getting the scarf, hat and gloves out of the airing cupboard and thinking about knitwear, mmmm knitwear.

I love the fact that autumn is about accessorising, that a few simple (practical) additions can completely freshen up an outfit. I took to my local Tesco this weekend to pick up a few affordable pieces for under £20 to mix up the same outfit. This is what I picked:

What Mama Wore:

Dress - Fever London (in the sale)
Tights - Tesco
Boots - c/o Hunter
Top - Vera Moda

Belt, Beanie and Scarf - Tesco

I love that the belt in look one instantly made the outfit more nautical! A simple belt can be a great way to add definition to an outfit and create curves. I chose a brown belt to match the simple muted tones on the outfit but a bold colour can also act as a statement piece to add a focal point to an outfit. The belt was £5 from the men's section (do check out the men's sections when clothes shopping, it's where I find my best jumpers!).

The scarf in look two is not a pattern or colour I would go for ordinarily, I usually stick to earthy tones like greens and greys in my scarf choices. I thought I would take a risk and I actually think the colours really compliment the rest of the outfit. An oversized scarf can create such a lovely cosy feel to an outfit too, I instantly felt more autumnal! This piece was the most expensive at £8 but I good buy I will wear with a few different outfits I think

The last look it my favourite although the most simplest. I haven't owned a black beanie in years and forgot what an easy look it is to carry off, its also perfect for bad hair days! I love the look of hats with dresses, the 'dress down' practically of beanies can fit really well with dresses that otherwise might look a little overly 'pretty'. This hat came in at £5 and I think is a simple wardrobe essential.

I also picked up the brown thermal tights (and a pair in grey) which are an autumn must if you are like me and live in dresses!

How do you feel about Autumn and Autumn fashion?



'a portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2013'

you are such an complete joy

I thought I hadn't taken a picture this week, but luckily snapped the perfect one this morning as we headed to the shops to run errands. It's been a funny old week with nursery days and being away a couple of days (helping to clear my granny's house as she has now moved into a home) I feel like I've not seen much of this little one at all. I can't possible tell you how much joy he brings into our lives. Although if you are a parent you will know exactly what I mean.


What Wilf Wore

I found this in my drafts all the way back from Easter! Silly me, anyway here is what Wilf wore when he was 16 months ;)

What Wilf Wore:

Dinosaur Cardigan - Monsoon 
Trousers - Made by mama with the help of a potato and some fabric paint 
Trainers - Sue Rider Charity Shop 


Sumer Family Fun

Hey! Did you know Summer is over? What a lovely summer we have had, a real one at long last. We've had picnic's in the park, street BBQ's, trips to the seaside and even a rather fancy dip in a glorious outdoor pool. Before I talk about my family's summertime fun however I was to take a trip down memory lane to show you what summer family fun meant to me as a child.

I guess it wont come as a massive surprise to you that my parents lean to the more alternative side when it comes to lifestyle, I mean how many 'Fritha Moonbeatle Tigerlilly's' do you know? The memory of my early childhood seemed to always involve the outdoors. When my brother and I were small my parents were still in their mid twenties, they had this rather beautiful yellow truck and later a pretty little grey BMW campervan. For my parents it was always (and still is) all about travel. I was lucky enough to see some beautiful places, ride sleeper trains, eat pastries and green marmalade (a very vivid memory) sleep for weeks on end in a squishy little tent with my big brother and my parents.

'Wanderlust - a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world'

Perhaps its the photos that ingrain in me these memories, but to my childhood summer holidays meant walking across new and foreign terrain, dusty landscapes, stopping for snacks of olives and fresh bread. They were my childhood holidays and they are quite rose tinted in my memory.

I on the other hand have always been the homemaker, the longing to uproot and travel leaves me uneasy. Perhaps it was the constant travelling, moving homes, towns, countries and schools of my childhood that has led me towards the opposite. I've always wanted to create a base for myself and my family. That's not to say though that I don't want to create some of these experiences for Wilf. I'd love to show him different countries, ride a sleeper train, meet different people and cultures, just to perhaps do it on a smaller scale, like a week or two a year? ;) that would be lovely, thanks!

Our holidays this year (and last) have been UK based but I feel so lucky to have been able to visited family, dip our toes in the sea and watch Wilf enjoy his first ice-cream! 

What do holidays mean to you? As a child or as a parent or both?

New to the Tigerlilly Quinn shop!

1, Cat bowler hat, available in three different colours. You need one ;)
2, Swallow necklace, to pretty up any outfit
3, Cat purse..just call me a cat lady already

Enjoy! xx
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