The week that was Tom's week off

Tom had the week off work last week, holidays are kind of out of our budget so we had a holiday in our own city instead.

We spent the bank holiday relaxing, having a little street party with our neighbours and seeing family. Wilf was still booked into nursery for two days so we thought we would take advantage of the fact freelance work is slow for me of late and spend sometime together as a couple. We treated ourselves to the lunch time deal at The Stable (a new pizza place in town, I would recommend!) Tom bought himself a few new shirts for his new job he landed last week and then we went for Angel Berry. I threw away my Angel Berry loyalty card after deciding to try being a vegan (back here) which didn't last longer than a few months *sigh*. I was talking to Tom the other day about the dilemma of agreeing with something morally and then not practising it. Basically I need more will power. I digress, the Angel Berry was really good.

We spent Wednesday at the Zoo (arriving at doors opening so it was not insane) we pretty much had the zoo to ourselves for at least an hour. One good thing about having a child who is an early riser I guess!

I got to spend an evening with some girlfriend (my oldest friends, coming up to 13 years, yikes!) We all agreed we were too old for crop tops and laughed about the things we wore as teenagers (think baggy flared trousers and Barbie T-shirts meant for children, topped off with some plastic colourful jewellery).

On Thursday we had one of the best day as we took Wilf blackberry picking for the first time ever. He loved it! Tom got really stuck into it too, in the best kind of 'dad' way, reaching out for the way high ones and cursing not wearing trousers (those brambles!). We got a great haul and later Wilf and I made a crumble 'together'.

All together it was a pretty fantastic week, Tom also got round to re-tiling our bathroom! These are the kind of simple memories I know I'm going to treasure for years and years to come. When we sat down to eat the crumble Wilf told us how he had picked them, how not to pick the red ones, how he 'rubbed' the 'flowers' to make the crumble. He was so proud of himself and Tom and I couldn't help but grin at each other, having a kiddo makes these simple pleasures into something amazing. 


Kelly Rae said...

What a incredibly lovely weekend! :) I understand the whole not being able to be full on vegan-we do what we can at the moment. I think those sorts of commitments take time. It's also hard if you don't live in a very veg friendly area. Anyhow the zoo and blackberry picking sound like the bestest. I totally understand the morning riser thing. I sometimes feel like I'm the only one awake in the world when our daughter rises so early. I was thinking about the crop top thing recently-I can't swing that either. ahhh I wrote you a novel comment aka nomment or maybe covel.

Polly Davies said...

Looks like a lovely week, sometimes the best weeks are like this - full of simple pleasures :) We're planning on a visit to the zoo again soon, the girls love it there! I have a fridge full of blackberries waiting to be made into jam.

fritha strickland said...

haha! I love this nomment! So glad you feel the same way re-vegan (also I don't have the excuse of not living in a vegan area - Bristol is famed for it!) it is the plan one day.. at least I now know when I'm cursing my 5.30am wake up someone else is in the same boat too! ;) xx

fritha strickland said...

I must make blackberry jam! I was so impressed with how easy rhubarb is! Simple pleasures are the best :) xx

Kelly Rae said...

I wish I lived in a more vegan friendly area. Houston is focused on meat and potatoes/soul food and large portion sizes. It's a bit sad. The few veg friendly places are usually awful because they do not have any competition.

Yes early wake ups are the worst :/ I'm always like "but it's still dark!!!"

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