It's my birthday

Hey there, it's my birthday today. I'm the grand old age of twenty eight. I feel pretty good about this age. Hope you all have a lovely weekends. xoxo


Wish List

1, Ransom at sea (collectors edition) - £50
2, Town and country train set - £49.99
3, Carrot tea towel - £11
4, Ridley's magic set - £15.95

note - I almost always judge a book by it's cover, it's actually what I wrote my dissertation on (way back in 2007). So although I know nothing about Ransom at Sea..I really really want it...

It's been a while since I've done a 'wish list' style post but I figured I would get a few in before Christmas. I do almost all my shopping online these days which is a shame as I would love to be able to go out and support local brick and mortar shops, I guess it's just the way the world is going these days though right?

I love the idea of still being able to support these shops via the a virtual high street. This is exactly what MyHigh.St have done. You can browse via region in the south west (so only shop in Bristol for example) or by category, gender or festive season! Such a great idea I think!

this is NOT a sponsored post, but I am entering this wish list in a competition, just so you know ;)


Update your look with MADE.COM

Anyone who is a longtime reader of my blog will know I have a thing for bright colours and lots of them. This mainly applies to my home (I tried the whole colour blocking my clothes thing when it was in and it just didn't work for me). I guess is also applies to the art I love although colour is not the prerequisite, as I tried to explain to some family members who tried to get me to buy a rather hideous colourful zebra print one time..

I am heavily influenced by sixties design and do love a good mustard sofa. sometimes our home, especially our living room, can look a bit too colourful truth be told. I often think of painting the walls white, removing all the unnecessary pieces and just getting a few statement items. 

I think you can really transform a room with a pop of colour, by using a statement piece of furniture to recreate the space without breaking the band on a complete make over.

I chose these four pieces from MADE.COM as the perfect examples of accent pieces to create just the effect.

First up the Quentin two seater sofa in blue. I think we will choose a two seater for our next sofa purchase for sure, the size is perfect for our small family and means we just need one or two arm chairs for guests. 

Although I said I was all for bright colours, if you do happen to have a colourful space anyway I think a grey armchair like the Kubrick wingback is great for off setting that and calming the room.

I had to include this beautiful mustard Redford two seater (it states it's zest green but I'm calling mustard ;))

Last but not least this bright orange Lulu chair would be perfect for that pop of bright!

Do you love colour in your home or prefer a neutral tone?

This post written in association with MADE.COM but all words and thoughts are my own


Bailbrook House

On Friday Tom and I were invited to afternoon tea and an overnight stay at Bailbrook House in Bath. Although we have each seperatly spent a night or two away from Wilf in the past two years this would be the first time we went away together so was very exciting/nerve wracking. I have to admit to having a little wobble that morning and shedding a few tears!

Tom's mum was kind enough to step in as our babysitter, Wilf adores his granny so I felt comforted that although he might be a little confused he would be with someone he knows and loves. I was mainly concerned with how she would cope with the constant night get ups!

We arrived a little after three and were greeted from our taxi with a member of staff asking to take our bags,  I think they were a bit surprised with how light we travel (one vanity case for me and a man bag for Tom, this comes of not being drivers I think). Our bags and coats were taken up to our room whilst we were shown into the tea room and settled down to choose our tea.

A mountain of delicious sandwiches and cakes arrived and although I assured Tom I would have no trouble polishing off my share I have to admit we didn't quite manage to finish it all.

After tea we were totally stuffed so relaxed in our room for a few hours, I was impressed with the coffee machine and selection of magazines on offer as well as the bright and spacious bathroom. We had brought the iPad with us so we managed to watch a few episodes of Fringe on Netflix (we are addicted) whilst we stopped being so full. So rock and roll right? We could have actually hooked it up to the TV as the hotel supplies all cables to connect with tablets etc, we haven't watched TV in two years now and after twenty minutes of looking for something we remembered why we stick to boxsets!

We spent most of the rest of the evening in the bar as we decided we weren't quite hungry enough for a meal in either of the restaurants although the menus looked fantastic. We both ordered a salad, something I usually never do as I never feel it will be satisfying enough, I am pleased to state it was delicious and just the right size. We chatted about all sorts and also of course wondered how Wilf was getting on! It was nice to be able to finish a drink (or two) in peace with no curfew, that being said we were both tucked up in bed by 10.30!

Although we had the opportunity for a full nights sleep we both found ourselves waking at least three or four times, it's just habit now I suppose. We realised around 7am that we couldn't sleep any more (that's what two years of sleep deprivation will do to you) so we both got up and headed down for a yummy breakfast, Bailbrook house is truely beautiful, I even told Tom that this is what it must be like to live in Downton Abbey, ha!

We could have actually taken Wilf along with us as Bailbrook House welcomes children, but we kind of wanted the excuse for a bit of sleep! It was good to hear though that they have a recomended childcare service on hand to book if you do want to bring your kiddos but also have a meal in peace.

We were eager to get back to Wilf after breakfast so after a little wander around the grounds we checked out and headed into Bath. Every time we visit the city we dream about winning the lottery and moving there, one day, one day..

We were back home by 11 and Wilf ran into our arms as soon as we popped our heads round the living room door. He excitedly told us about his time with granny and what they had played with, we are so thankful to her for our night of freedom!

Thank you to Bailbrook House for letting us be guests at your lovely hotel! I hope to be back in the future!

(both my dresses are by Fever London)

we were guests at Bailbrook House but all words and thoughts are my own


Giveaway - Monster High stocking filler

For the kiddos in your life who are Monster High fans! You can win the Laguna Blue Monster High doll by entering the rafflecopter widget below! Very best of luck!

p.s it's so close to Christmas now! Eeep!

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The ordinary Moments

Wilf and Tom raking the leaves in the garden on an Autumnal Sunday morning. I watched from the living room fighting the urge to go document it..and failed. These two make my heart very very happy.

The hat Wilf is wearing is actually Tom's, Wilf takes after me in having a rather large head (all that brain ;))

Hope you are having a lovely weekend!

Joining in with the lovely Katie's 'ordinary moments'



'A portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2013'

(I know I posted this image only the other day but I loved it so and I wanted to include it in this series, I'm hoping to print them all out at the end of the year and give a copy to each set of grandparents too. It will be amazing to see him grow week by week!)

Weston-super-mare (or super mud!), a very Autumnal trip to the seaside, wrapped up in coats and hats. Lot's of fun all the same though!


Materialism, Consumerism and Christmas

Image source

Wow thats quite a hefty title for a blog post hey?

With Wilf's birthday so close to Christmas (ten days prior) Tom and I found ourselves feeling pretty overwhelmed last year. We are so lucky to have so many friends and family that love our little boy and he was truely spoilt with gifts. I wonder if it's having both celebrations so close together that emphasised the point so much but I couldn't decide how I felt about the amount of presents he received.

Being that it was his first birthday it felt like a huge milestone and so Tom and I were ourselves guilty of going a little overboard with the celebrations and gifts too. Tom built Wilf a handmade play kitchen which was such a beautiful and thoughtful gift, one that I hope will stay in our family until Wilf has children maybe. My dad gave Wilf his own childhood teddy bear Benji (who is now fifty years old) and I'm happy to see him being played with along with all his new softies. I think he is currently having a tea party with panda in a reusable nappy..

I can't even remember the amount of little bits I got him, and then there were the presents from auntie's and uncles, friends and grandparents..

In fact all of Wilf's gifts were really thoughtful and wonderful and I am so grateful for all the people in his life that were kind enough to get him something… but there was just so much! Then ten days later there was another bunch of so much!

When I was younger we would get given £5 from our parents to spend on each of our siblings (there are five of us) and then we would make something for our parents. Our parents spent £30 exactly on us each and the same again for birthdays. When we turned 18 we no longer got birthday or Christmas presents as we were not longer children. Having four siblings means you will always get something (and funny enough I've managed to not be single on a birthday or Christmas since I was 18 so I had boyfriend gifts covered too ;)).

I know I am very guilty of buying into consumerism, I mean, I like pretty things, I run a shop too so I want other people to like pretty things (!) but I'm just not sure how to create the right balance. To teach Wilf not to live a materialist life..

This year we have decided that his birthday presents will be a few new books, a toy garage (from Ebay) and a new jumper. For Christmas we have agreed to stockings only, some small thoughtful gifts to keep it simple.

What do you think? Do you like to go overboard with Christmas presents, keep it simple or somewhere in between?


A trip to the seaside

Mine and Wilf's Hunter's are ℅ of Country House Outdoor
Our Orbit pushchair is ℅ of Born  (and faired very well in the sand!)

Last weekend my good friend Dona and I took Wilf to the sea side, Weston-Super-Mare to be exact. Weston sometimes gets a bad press but both times I have visited I've had a really lovely time. Coming from a seaside town myself I think you have to embrace the touristy side. The last time I visited I was 21 weeks pregnant!

Wilf was really excited to see the sea, and the little train and have chips! In fact we pretty much fitted in all the things you are supposed to do by the sea, including Dona and I playing air hockey in the arcades.

Tom was away for a long weekend, and I have to admit to finding solo parenting for a few days tiring for sure. It always makes me appriciate his help all that much more when he gets back!

Thanks Aunty Dona for a lovely day out!


What Mama Wore

What mama wore:

Hunter boots -℅ Country House Outdoor
Jumper - Yumi (from Clarks Village Outlet)
Trousers - Marks and Spencer (past season)
Necklace - Tiny Treasure - Tigerlilly Quinn

I don't usually ever wear trousers but I found these ones in a charity shop last week and as Wilf was napping in his pushchair thought 'why not try them on!'. I really like that they zip up at the side as they make for a really flattering shape. You can't tell with the boots on but they are three quarter length so feel quite sixties!

The jumper is from Yumi but at a reduced price from the Clarks Village Outlet from when we visited their Style Spectacular.

Some people would argue I don't need another pair of Hunters..but those people would be silly, surely! Actually my friend did ask if I had an addiction, I don't think two pairs quite counts as one but lets see how it goes ;)  I do love them so.

The necklace is a cute little bottle full of treasure you can find in my shop for only £6.99.

I don't think there will be many more days I can be in the garden without a coat but I love this time of year. It is my birthday in a week or so then mine and Tom's five year anniversary, then Wilf's second birthday and then Christmas! Busy Busy! xo 


Butternut Squash Muffins with frosting… and a bit of crockery..

The other day Wilf and I spent most of the day at the zoo with new friends Lori and F. Wilf zonked out in the pushchair as soon as we left so I took full advantage of that and got some great charity shop browsing in. When we finally arrived home and Wilf woke we decided to bake together.

It was one of those Pinterest perfect moments where everything seemed to be working just right, I had a tidy kitchen and all the ingredients to hand. Wilf stirred whilst I broke eggs and poured flour..

The cakes were ready from the oven just as Tom got home so we tested them out frosting free at first, agreed they were yummy and got Wilf ready for bed. Once I had iced the tops and Wilf was sound asleep our friend came round, and I brought out the freshly iced cakes with a pot of tea.

Our friend took a bite of his cake..and pulled out part of a handle of coffee cup.

The cup's handle had smashed the previous day and I had put to two clean pieces of the handle to the side to glue. Clearly Wilf had thought this would be a great addition to the mixture. Thankfully our friend neither choked nor lost a tooth and thought it was quite funny, I was pretty mortified at the time but it makes for a good story.

Now I have 14 cup cakes to eat that I can't offer anyone for fear of miscellaneous items being hidden in them (he was also sitting by the fridge full of magnetic letters..)

To make these butternut squash muffins (sans crockery) you will need:

  • 400 g butternut squash, skin on, deseeded and roughly chopped
  • 350 g light soft brown sugar
  • 4 large free-range eggs
  • sea salt
  • 300 g plain flour, unsifted
  • 2 heaped tablespoons baking powder
  • 1 handful walnuts
  • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 175 ml extra virgin olive oil
Preheat the oven to 180°C/350°F/gas 4. Line your muffin tins with cases.

Chop the squash into small pieces, boil then mush.  Add the sugar, and crack in the eggs. Add a pinch of salt, the flour, baking powder, walnuts, cinnamon and olive oil and stir together until well beaten. 

Fill the cases with the cake mixture. Bake in the preheated oven for 20 to 25 minutes.

To make the icing you will need:

  • 450g cream cheese, softened
  • 125g butter, softened
  • 250g sieved icing sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
Add all of the above together and stir until it becomes thick.

Using a knife spread on top and spindle with a little orange zest if you have it!

This recipe was adapted from a Jamie Olive recipe. When I say adapted I mean pretty much exactly the same but I don't have a food processer and I made my frosting differently. There are some really good kiddo friendly recipes on there actually, wish I may try with Wilf..but I will be keeping a closer eye on random objects being added to the mixture next time!


We like to read

The Gossip - Jan Pienkowski

I was babysitting for one of our neighbours the other day when I found this book in her kitchen. I was immeadiatly taken back to my own childhood, I loved this book! I went online and bought it as soon as I got home.

Jan Pienkowski actually came to my primary school to teach us to draw when I was around 9 years old. I love his drawings and this book makes me feel so nostalgic (as most of my 'we like to read' posts seem to!).

This is one of those books that Wilf has to read with supervision at the moment though..we did have a ripping incident!

What are you reading?

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Giveaway with Argos dream toys 2013

Yes I know, yes another giveaway on the blog! What can I say when people keep offering great prizes?
I'm teaming up with Argos this fortnight for the chance for one reader to win a 'dream toy' of their choice. I think Wilf would want me to pick this Peppa Pig toy but I quite like the look of the Play Doh ice cream set

All you need to do is enter the widget below for your chance to win! UK entrants only.
Good Luck!

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Homelessness at Christmas - Thorntons Christmas Hero's

I was recently approached by Thorntons and their Christmas Hero's campaign to see if I knew of anyone who deserved a big 'ol gift of chocolate.

Well actually I could think of lots of people who fitted that bill there was one person who's story I felt needed highlighting. My friend Rachel and her family have recently been housed after being homeless for almost a year. She tells her story better of course on her own blog but to summarise Rachel and her family found themselves facing eviction and unable to raise the money for deposit on a new place, just before Christmas last year.

The council could not/would not help them until their eviction date so on this date they found themselves at the homeless office with a couple of suitcases between them and the rest of their belongings in a garage. They found their options were limited with spaces in family hostels in demand and were told they would probably find themselves at a B&\B. The council run B&B's are used for emergency accommodation and house using and recovering addicts as well as convicts on parole. I cannot imagine how Rachel felt as she realised this would now be home to her small son.

Rachel was too embarrassed at first to mention what was going on but in May this year she wrote a blog post about her situation (which is when I first heard about what an awful time they were going through). She said she had kept quiet for so long as she was ashamed and wondered if it was her fault that they were going through this. Their application for housing had just been refused and they had been living in a hotel for over five months (much longer than the six weeks maximum families are meant to be housed in these hostels/B&B's.)

I should add that Rachel also has Chiari Malformation, Hydrocephalus and a full Cyrinx in the spine and so is unable to work, you can read more about her disability here. In May she was told that they would need be out of their B&B accommodation within a month. They were told that if the council should decide they no longer have a duty to help them then social services would help. After speaking with them she was informed that in the worst case scenario if they could not find housing within the month then their son would be taken into care. I have to admit to crying when I read that paragraph on her blog, I simply cannot imagine going through something like this.

Rachel could barely walk at the time and finally after her initial application five months ago this was recognised and she was awarded the DLA higher rate disability allowance. She also got in touch with Shelter, who requested a review of their situation. Their health visitor also wrote a letter to the council to appeal their eviction and they were able to stay on a little longer. You can read this post here.

At the end of June they had the good news they had hoped for (quite by surprise) and found that their homelessness struggle would soon be coming to an end!

They were finally housed in August so nine months after they first found themselves without a home. Although the chocolates are a lovely gesture I really wanted to highlight Rachel's story and the stories of countless others that will be going through this right now. Shelter have recently announced that 80,000 children will be homeless this Christmas which is a heartbreaking statistic.

Thanks to Rachel for sharing her story and Thorntons for gifting her with some yummy chocolates to enjoy in their new home, and the opportunity to share Rachel's story.

*i am participating in the thorntons christmas hero competition to win a hamper of chocolate, but am very grateful to have been able to gift Rachel with some yummy chocolates too*



'a portrait of my child, once a week, every week in 2013'

Weekend chores - helping your daddy rake the leaves. You really love joining in with these every day tasks now. I am learning every day about parenting, how you will jump to tidy your mess up if I ask you to 'help me put them away' but refuse if I ask you to put them away. You like being given little responsibilities, to 'help me' with my tasks and you like the order of the day, you ask to wash your hands and you love sitting at your own table just the right height for you and your favourite thing is unpacking the groceries.   



(unrelated pictures but thought this amount of text needed some pretty images)

I've been meaning to write for a while about our nursery journey and with one thing or another I sort of forgot. Now nursery is so part of ours lives it didn't seem much like news anymore but if anything I'd like to record for my own memory. I'm so often finding people ask me about things that we experienced only last year and they are already a bit of a haze. You always think you will remember everything and you know, I can't even remember what Wilf's first word was!

My return to work was quite sudden, although I had been doing bits and bobs of freelance work since Wilf was about four months old. I was approached with a job offer of a 20 hour a week freelance role when Wilf was around 17 months old. It was an immediate start so for the first two weeks I balanced my work with Wilf at home still, working in his naps, evening's and weekends. I was still trying to manage Skype meetings with Dora The Explorer in the background, replying to emails whilst trying to distract Wilf and it felt awful. I wasn't giving him the attention he needed, I didn't want Netflix to be his babysitter and I felt stressed all the time.

I knew then that I needed to look into childcare. Initially I disregarded the idea of Nursery at all, thinking a childminder would be the better option. We even looked in a nanny (who was fantastic but too expensive an option with just one child). Although I think childminders are brilliant, for some reason after visiting I still felt very unsure. I booked a visit at the nursery with no expectation of liking it and in-fact wondering if I should just give up my new job instead.

It's funny how things happen, as soon as I saw Wilf's room I felt completely sure that that was the best place for him. I felt totally at ease with his key worker and although she unfortunately did leave a short while a go (one downside of Nursery) I will be eternally grateful for how she helped us settle in and for caring for Wilf so well.

We are lucky that he is in a very small class (around 6-8 children) with three key-workers. It took him only a week to settle (although I did cry every day). It was harder for me I think than him but they were so kind and very understanding when I called four times to check in on the first day! He really thrives there and it has been such a great move for us.

Whilst I originally thought I would stay home with Wilf until school I have found that as a family we are so much happier having a little time apart. I have found that I have felt more refreshed being able to work on projects that don't involving 'mummy-ing'. I have conversation to chat to Tom about that isn't just about what I did with Wilf that day (which is of course interesting but one coffee shop, park or friends house quickly becomes another ;). Wilf has his own little life away from us a few days a week and he tells me the things he did (painting leaves! Circle time! played with Alfie and trucks mummy!').

After a few months my job took a short break and I used this time to launch my online shop. If it wasn't for my initial freelance work I would never have made the jump into childcare and have had time I needed to launch my shop. Instead of returning to that line of work Tom and I spoke about how this could be the opportunity I needed to really make a go of being a shop owner and business lady, (ha!) and if I didn't try now then when would I?

We are lucky/unlucky enough to have a lot of help towards our childcare with working tax credits, so although we are not quite making two peoples incomes (far from it) we have enough to cover childcare and put a little back into the shop each month. I'm hoping that the 'slow and steady' route will mean that this time next year we will have built up the business well enough to be really succeeding.

It's been a great move for us, I feel beyond lucky with the situation we are in.

How did you find childcare? I'd love to hear your experiences!


Dressing for work..from home

Dress c/o Fever

I wrote a little guest post for my all time favourite clothing line Fever which you can read over here.
Even though I work from home I like to get dressed for my day, the temptation is always to stay in your joggers (or jiggers as we call them in our house, ha!) but I find that this makes me really unproductive. It is nice to walk around in your tights though, I used to hate having to wear shoes all day when I was a P.A.

I sometimes I think about my old job and how having a child gave me the freedom and confidence to set up on my own. Something I would never have thought possible in my previous career. Although my job was actually OK I still had Sunday evening dreads, Monday morning blues and all the stress that comes with office politics, deadlines and being responsible for the organisation of the MD of a extremely large business!

Owning a shop means that I am my boss but it also means I have lots of bosses, each customer is my boss and at times that can be quite overwhelming. Being solely responsible for my company and earnings also means I have never worked so hard at any job before in my life!

Do you work from home? Do you dress like you are going to work or stay in your casuals? x

Interior Design

(image source)

This is a guest post in association with hellosofas.com 

Corner sofas are very “in” right now - the extra touch of modernity and luxury they bring to a room is clear, and given how versatile they can be, they offer extremely good value for money. 

Once you have established that a corner sofa is right for your room, there are some great deals around if you know where to look.

Here are some of the best corner sofas around today, and why you should seriously consider investing in one if you’re looking to upgrade your existing home furnishings.

For Families - Trevena Large Fabric Corner Sofa

Trevena make family-friendly corner sofas which have a very spacious feel. When you have a big family you want to all be close together of an evening, and Trevenas give you that option, including a fantastic sofa bed component. Because they’re hand-made to the customer’s specifications, you can select the exact size you need, and the fabrics available include some very heavy-wearing ones, ideal for the rough and tumble of family life. Very comfortable and solid pine frames mean you needn’t have any worries about your little ones damaging the sofa by treating it as a playground.

For Value - Divine Jumbo Corner Sofa

If you’re looking to get a new sofa but your budget is quite low then you won’t go wrong with a Divine Jumbo. For as little as £370 you can have a beautiful corner sofa that comfortably takes 3 people, with up to 7 scatter cushions. With free home delivery in the UK, and all the corner sofa add-ons you’d expect also at small prices, this is great value. Your visitors will be amazed at how little it cost, should you choose to tell them!

For Quality - Barcelona Corner Sofa

Barcelona corner sofas offer you an unmistakable mark of quality, with long-lasting materials and an iconic design status. To push the boat out, splurge on the designer chrome feet, and the futuristic orange real leather. They come with wrapped Dracon fibre foam in the cushions for maximum comfort. If you really want your sofa to be a statement piece, Barcelona is the only way to go.

For Style - Messina Leather Corner Sofa

Messina leather corner sofas are simply stunning. With a distinctive contemporary look, and a stunning finish, although they’re towards the top end of the scale price-wise it’s money well-spent. The curved chaise-longue component is a particularly eye-catching feature you won’t regret adding.

For Comfort - Rome Big Leather Corner Sofa

You can’t put a price on comfort, but even if you could the Rome corner sofa would scream good value. After a tough day at work or putting the kids to bed, flopping down on the couch in front of the tv is one of life’s simplest pleasures, and that’s enhanced by owning one of the comfiest corner sofas on the market. The Rome sofa is supremely cosy, with cushions stuffed with wrapped Dracon fibre foam that you can sink into and forget your cares. 

To find these Corner Sofas and several others, visit Hellosofas.com



Wilf was lucky enough to get two fireworks nights this year!

Tom's mum was kind enough to give us an annual zoo pass as a Christmas gift last year and we go at least once a month (last month I'm sure I went once a week). Bristol zoo has an amazing garden too and  it's a great place to know that I know I can just let Wilf run free (although I did loose him for what felt like an hour..but was two minutes a few weeks back when he hid behind a bush). We love that there is no rush to actually see all the animals, we usually see the monkeys, the penguins and then fish then then play round by the cafe. Latte for mama and Wilf plays on the toy cars (luckily he doesn't know if you put a pound in they move and I hope it stays that way for a while!).

We heard they were doing a silent fireworks night so thought it would be perfect for Wilf's first fireworks display. There were lots of 'oohs and ahhh's' Wilf paid attention for most of them before running of to sit in one of the toy cars. It was such a special but simple evening, we had take away chips on the way home and although it was still only about 6 o'clock it was dark so felt like we'd stayed up really late!

It was the end of the worst week of night wake up's we had had for over a year but the evening must have zonked him out so we only had about 3 wake ups and felt so refreshed the next day. We have started introducing a grow clock which really helps and to celebrate staying in bed until 5.30am we went out for breakfast where Wilf had french toast and fruit! We kept telling him how great it was he stayed in bed until the sun and since then we have moved it until 6am and it really seems to be helping!

On actual bonfire night Tom set off some fireworks in the garden and Wilf and I watched from the living room window which was really fun! Wilf kept chanting 'more more daddy!' and gasping as each firework was lit. It really was very special to share these moments with him.

Here is a very amateur video of our home fireworks display!

What did you get up to for bonfire night? 
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