Wilf was lucky enough to get two fireworks nights this year!

Tom's mum was kind enough to give us an annual zoo pass as a Christmas gift last year and we go at least once a month (last month I'm sure I went once a week). Bristol zoo has an amazing garden too and  it's a great place to know that I know I can just let Wilf run free (although I did loose him for what felt like an hour..but was two minutes a few weeks back when he hid behind a bush). We love that there is no rush to actually see all the animals, we usually see the monkeys, the penguins and then fish then then play round by the cafe. Latte for mama and Wilf plays on the toy cars (luckily he doesn't know if you put a pound in they move and I hope it stays that way for a while!).

We heard they were doing a silent fireworks night so thought it would be perfect for Wilf's first fireworks display. There were lots of 'oohs and ahhh's' Wilf paid attention for most of them before running of to sit in one of the toy cars. It was such a special but simple evening, we had take away chips on the way home and although it was still only about 6 o'clock it was dark so felt like we'd stayed up really late!

It was the end of the worst week of night wake up's we had had for over a year but the evening must have zonked him out so we only had about 3 wake ups and felt so refreshed the next day. We have started introducing a grow clock which really helps and to celebrate staying in bed until 5.30am we went out for breakfast where Wilf had french toast and fruit! We kept telling him how great it was he stayed in bed until the sun and since then we have moved it until 6am and it really seems to be helping!

On actual bonfire night Tom set off some fireworks in the garden and Wilf and I watched from the living room window which was really fun! Wilf kept chanting 'more more daddy!' and gasping as each firework was lit. It really was very special to share these moments with him.

Here is a very amateur video of our home fireworks display!

What did you get up to for bonfire night? 


mummydaddyme said...

Gorgeous photos. Mads liked the fireworks for about ten minutes but then wanted to go home. We did get a few lovely photos of her staring in wonder at the fireworks though.

fritha strickland said...

yes wild got bored of them after about 5 minutes and found the cars more exciting but he loved the ones from our window :) thank you! sometimes the good 'ol iPhone is enough isn't it! :) x

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