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This is a guest post in association with hellosofas.com 

Corner sofas are very “in” right now - the extra touch of modernity and luxury they bring to a room is clear, and given how versatile they can be, they offer extremely good value for money. 

Once you have established that a corner sofa is right for your room, there are some great deals around if you know where to look.

Here are some of the best corner sofas around today, and why you should seriously consider investing in one if you’re looking to upgrade your existing home furnishings.

For Families - Trevena Large Fabric Corner Sofa

Trevena make family-friendly corner sofas which have a very spacious feel. When you have a big family you want to all be close together of an evening, and Trevenas give you that option, including a fantastic sofa bed component. Because they’re hand-made to the customer’s specifications, you can select the exact size you need, and the fabrics available include some very heavy-wearing ones, ideal for the rough and tumble of family life. Very comfortable and solid pine frames mean you needn’t have any worries about your little ones damaging the sofa by treating it as a playground.

For Value - Divine Jumbo Corner Sofa

If you’re looking to get a new sofa but your budget is quite low then you won’t go wrong with a Divine Jumbo. For as little as £370 you can have a beautiful corner sofa that comfortably takes 3 people, with up to 7 scatter cushions. With free home delivery in the UK, and all the corner sofa add-ons you’d expect also at small prices, this is great value. Your visitors will be amazed at how little it cost, should you choose to tell them!

For Quality - Barcelona Corner Sofa

Barcelona corner sofas offer you an unmistakable mark of quality, with long-lasting materials and an iconic design status. To push the boat out, splurge on the designer chrome feet, and the futuristic orange real leather. They come with wrapped Dracon fibre foam in the cushions for maximum comfort. If you really want your sofa to be a statement piece, Barcelona is the only way to go.

For Style - Messina Leather Corner Sofa

Messina leather corner sofas are simply stunning. With a distinctive contemporary look, and a stunning finish, although they’re towards the top end of the scale price-wise it’s money well-spent. The curved chaise-longue component is a particularly eye-catching feature you won’t regret adding.

For Comfort - Rome Big Leather Corner Sofa

You can’t put a price on comfort, but even if you could the Rome corner sofa would scream good value. After a tough day at work or putting the kids to bed, flopping down on the couch in front of the tv is one of life’s simplest pleasures, and that’s enhanced by owning one of the comfiest corner sofas on the market. The Rome sofa is supremely cosy, with cushions stuffed with wrapped Dracon fibre foam that you can sink into and forget your cares. 

To find these Corner Sofas and several others, visit Hellosofas.com


Becky said...

In my old job I could work from home 2 or 3 days a week, but I still liked to get dressed into something nice, but comfy, and put make up on. It made me feel 'ready' for the day, even though I was at home and might not leave the house or see anyone but my partner all day! I'm still the same now even though i'm at home with the children- I still take pride in what I wear and get dressed/a bit of make up.

Charlotte Taylor said...

You look absolutely stunning and that royal blue is gorgeous on you! I have to appreciate the nod that going to work gives to my style. It lets me indulge a little bit and I appreciate that on the days where I feel less than pretty! xx

Jess@AlongCameCherry said...

That dress really suits you, I love how you dress up even though you work from home! I can understand how it makes you more productive, I'm rubbish though and rarely dress up for anything any more. I used to love working in an office as it gave me an excuse to wear smart clothes, I always used to take my heels off though and walk around in tights! These days I end up covered in snot by about 8.30am no matter what I'm wearing so don't even wear my nicest house clothes! When J is a bit older though I am looking forward to making more effort! xx

Globalmouse said...

That dress is gorgeous! And now I feel really, really guilty as I sit here working away in my pyjama bottoms (I did get my top half properly dressed!!) and slippers............!!!

fritha strickland said...

well seeing as you are dressed above the desk I will let you off :) it's lovely isn't it! xx

fritha strickland said...

yer I don't think I bothered dressing up when Wilf was J's age for sure! And tbf I still end up covered in dirt by the end of the day but it really does help switch my brain into work mode. Oh and thank you! xx

fritha strickland said...

aww thanks Charlotte! I love your work selfless on IG! xx

fritha strickland said...

I'm the same actually with make up, I don't wear much but if I do my eyes then I feel more 'ready' it's funny how our brains work sometimes isn't it! x

Karen Petrauskas said...

You look beautiful and very inspiring. I always have to put the make-up on, but I'm usually in jeans. Your post has definitely made me think that I should make a bit more of an effort to dress for work! Thanks :-)

fritha strickland said...

I always have to put eye make up on, that makes me feel ready! Thanks for your lovely comments! x

Adele Jarrett-Kerr said...

I completely agree. If I don't get dressed, I do rubbish work. I even have to fix my hair. I don't bother with makeup though. Love the colour of that dress.

Beach Hut Cook said...

I find if I wear a dress to work (work from home) it gets me more focussed. Wearing slobby clothes which I love when I lazing around, makes me sloppy and far too relaxed! When I'm at the beach hut in Summer then it's still a dress with a pair of leggings in my bike basket to pop on when the sun starts to sink behind the sea! Elinor x

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