Our Weekend in pictures (mothering)

Mothers day, my third since this little boy came into my life. We spent the day as we usually might do on a Sunday, a little brunch at one our favourite veggie cafes (Maitreya Social if you're wondering), a quick stop at a play park and then home for a nap. 

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my life as viewed in IG

I so often take pics on my phone during our days and forget to share them here. I thought I should start bunching up some of my favourites and posting them once in a while. If you've seen them before then apologies, if you fancy following along on IG then I'm Tigerlillyquinn.

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When I was growing up my mum would keep a folder for me and each of our siblings to keep the drawings we had done that year. A HUGE part of all my memories of childhood were drawing drawing drawing. It was my happy place for sure, a constant when sometimes life was a bit of a upheaval and something I could pick up and do anywhere providing I had a pen and sketch pad.

I don't doubt that had my mum kept every piece of art work I had created there would be at least twenty folders for each year so I think she did well to be so selective. I was recently passed down all my folders and am spending some time being selective myself. I feel a little guilty getting rid of things that have been kept so well for the past 25 odd years but I've kept a lot and these are either pieces I actually enjoy looking at or hold special meanings to me.

I thought it might be fun to share a few of these pieces from time to time on the blog as part of a new series, although I'm not sure what to call it yet..or if it will end up just being a bit embarrassing!

Do you hold on to things from your childhood? 


Our Weekend in Pictures

 ^^ he told me I was his best friend the other day and when I kiss him goodnight he tells me 'you are the best mummy in the whole wide world'…I'm cherishing this time when he is a mummy's boy ;) ^^
^^ Wilf has a new ride! Review post coming soon ^^
^^ a little cosy spot for his dinosaurs ^^

We had a fairly chilled weekend this weekend just gone. I took a break from deadlines and hung out with some friends on Friday evening which was much needed. With a slightly fuzzy head on Saturday we decided to just stay local visit the park, explore in the wood and head home for naps and a lazy afternoon.

On Sunday I visited a vintage wholesalers and picked up a few bits for the shop (yep I'm sharing this time not just keeping for myself ;)) so I'll be adding those as soon as I have a spare minute! We had coffee/babyccino's at Bocca Bar which was the first time we had visited, it's a great space, I'm looking forward to returning and trying out their eggs benedict. Wilf took a few of his dinosaurs which came in the box of old toys my parents sent us, seriously this child has more toys than a playgroup these days! He's really gotten into imaginative play lately and uses his dinosaurs and plastic animals in various scenarios, I love hearing the little conversations he makes them have with each other.

After coffee we headed into town to meet family and grab a bite at the MShed before headed home for the afternoon. Lately I have been feeling utterly exhausted so I even napped on Saturday and Sunday when Wilf did. Maybe it was a sign as he has refused him nap ever since, I'm so not ready for him to drop them!

I've had a few questions lately about the camera and editing I use for my pictures. I actually upgraded from a Canon EOS 550D to a 700D last week, mainly because I want a DSLR that has video capacity too. I loved my 550 but I have to say you can really tell the difference in quality with the upgrade!

I use RedLab* to edit all my pictures :)

If you want to hear about some of the apps I use you can see my little video here

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For the love of Anthro - A last (last) minute mother's day Wish List

1, Malorie Apron
2, Elka Side Plate
2, Floating Market Tea Towel 
4, The Pocket Bakery

I blimmin love Athropologie, its always so very dangerous when they hold a sale! Sometimes it's just therapeutic to put together a wish list and leave it there. So here you go, my top home picks from their spring sale. I daren't even look at their dress sale *sigh*


How well do you know your friends?

I've known one of my closest friends Dona since we were 14, she was new at school and in the same class for Biology, I waved her over to sit next to me and you know what the first thing I said to her was?....wait for it... 'do you like rats?'

bam. friends for life. There aint no closer bond then that of a friendship bonded over a good rat conversation. I think she replied that she liked them OK but was so thrown by the question that all ice was broken. Try it as an opener sometime, I dare you.

^^ look at how little Wilf is in this picture! ^^

Flowers of Holland are running a fun Facebook app to see how much you know about your best friends. If you can guess the type of flower they like and guess right you could be in with a chance to win a bouquet of those flowers. 

As part of this I am taking part in a challenge to guess the answers to the following questions. Actually when I looked at these questions I realised I maybe need to get to know my friend a bit better, I was quite stumped so I'm going in with some complete guesses!

What is your best friend's favourite cafe?

We both live in Bristol so I'm going to say..The Social on Stokes Croft, although this might be that it's a just where we have met since I became a mum and needed a space that was child friendly without being a soft play (and served wine!)

What’s your best friend’s favourite place to shop?

If we are going high street i'd say Zara, well made, clean simple tailoring. Otherwise I'll go with vintage (which is probably a bit of a cop out)

What’s your best friend's favourite city?

Well this is tricky I'm going with Berlin but if it is UK based then I'm sticking with the wonderful city of Bristol we both reside in :)

What’s your best friend’s favourite movie?

The last movie we watched together at the movies was Sylvia..I am a big Sylvia Plath fan and I was grateful to have a friend who would sit through it with me! As for her favourite I'm going to say something artsy and possibly involving subtitles..

What’s your best friend’s favourite flower? 

On the app I choose freesias..I hope that's right!

What’s my best friend’s favourite fragrance?

Something by Chanel..

If anything this exercise has made me realise we need to meet up more! 

As part of this challenge I am nominating two other bloggers to take part and test their knowledge of their bestie!

The blogs I am nominating are:

West London Living and Side Street Style

If you fancy playing along why not leave the link to your post in the comment below? I'd love to check it out and hear more about your friendships!

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Top five children's spaces

I don't know if it's the fact that I used to move a lot as as a child (hence often re-designing my bedroom) but I get very itchy fit for interior re-design. I spent such a long time painting a tree on Wilf's wall and adding personal elements to the leaves (such as extracts of the letters I wrote to him in pregnancy) that I sort of can't bare to re-do his room just yet. If you fancy seeing what his room look like you can see it in this little post.

I do however love a little indulge into Pinterest and the many many beautiful spaces pinned on there. Here are some of my current favourite children's rooms. Don't forget to follow along if you are a Pinterest addict like me ;)

I'd also like to use this time to thank everyone (thank you thank you!) who nominated me for the Homes and Interiors category in the Mad Blog Awards. I'm so thrilled to be in the final and would love love it if you could spare a second to vote for me!

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5 Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts

It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday (in case you didn't realise) and to continue with my Mother's day gift ideas I'm featuring my picks from Boden today.

I love flowers but to be honest if I were to choose I would always go with a gift that was long lasting than a bouquet that are going to wilt and die..

So, if this year you, just like me, want to buy your mum (or help the dad in your life with some suggestions) something a little more unique. I have put together 5 fashion gifts that are sure to be much more appreciated by her than a bouquet of flowers! I found these gifts at Boden Mother’s Day selection.

1, I love this dress (£71.20) I would totally wear it for work in summer, but also dress it up in the evening with a pair of high heels! The dress comes in three combinations of colours – blue and white, white and green and white and yellow, I'm all over the yellow personally but the blue is probably more adaptable.

Mums need bags with lots of space (if you are like me and end up carrying at least five different toys in your bag at anyone time, plus nappies, plus snacks..you get the picture). So, why not pick up a everyday shopping bag in a bright, fun colour, perfect for this spring and summer!

2, This shopper, priced between £88 and £95.20 depending on the colour, is a great size for carrying everything mums need during the day. It comes in four different colours – pink, green, blue and silver. At that price, it is a bit over my budget, but I have found some handy vouchers on MyVoucher Codes that make it more affordable!

Now the warm season is coming, I am so enjoying looking at spring/summer wear.

3, This sleeveless shirt (£35) will look great worn together with a full skirt or even just a pair of jeans. You can go for the classic colours like light-blue or white, or dare a bit more with colourful prints and bright colour. 

If you don’t want to overdo it, an accessory like a light scarf is a great choice. 

4, This printed scarf is priced between £20 and £25 and it comes in a wide range of colours and prints to choose from, from the most tuned down to the punchiest ones.

5, This full statement skirt is especially versatile and it comes at £62.10. You can choose between pink, blue and stripy, all with different embroidery details on them.  I have already put the pink one on my wish list *sigh*

This is a guest post from Tanja Korobka


DIY colourful Collar Clips

I'm delighted to introduce to you today Vicky from The Owl and the Accordion. I've read Vicky's blog for around two years now and she is always a firm favourite when wanting to indulge in some beautiful photography, thrifty finds or brilliant craft posts. Her 'found' posts are so very much up my street that for the past couple of weeks or so I've found myself buying at least two of her suggestions, she has such a great eye for these things! 

Vicky was kind enough to create this DIY for my blog and I was so excited when I saw it! I just know you are going to love her work as much as I do. Over to you Vicky! 

I’ve been a crafter for as long as I can remember; making something from nothing and fiddling about with yarn, paper and washi tape has pretty much always been my idea of heaven. One of my favourite craft materials is FIMO; I honestly think there’s nothing you can’t do with this marvellous multicoloured clay – roll it out, shape it up, pop it in the oven and you’re done! Today, I’m going to show you how to make some easy-peasy bright and cheerful collar clips – perfect for adding to the collar of your favourite Spring shirt.

You will need:

FIMO in your chosen colours
A selection of different washi tapes
Small cookie cutters or FIMO cutters
Jewellery Chain
Jump rings (small metal circles, available in the jewellery section of most craft stores)
Small badge backs
A small plastic rolling pin (one from a childrens baking set is ideal)
Baking or greaseproof paper
Strong glue

1. Start by deciding what shape you want your collar clips to be – triangles are a good start, and are easy to decorate, or you can go for something more adventurous. Work your FIMO until it’s soft, then roll out onto a piece of baking paper – this will prevent your shapes getting stuck to your work surface, and will easily peel off afterwards.

2. When your FIMO is about 5mm thick, cut out your shapes, and then work out where the bottom is going to be – using a cocktail stick, make a hole large enough to feed one of the jump rings through. Carefully peel off the baking paper, and place them on a baking tray. Bake them in the oven at the temperature given on the packet, and leave to cool.

3. Once cooled, you need to work out what design you’re going to do. I used a selection of washi tapes, but you could also used fine-tipped permanent markers if you fancy going freehand. Cut a small length of tape, and stick to the top of your shape – using a pair of sharp scissors, trim around the edge, so it fits nice and neatly.

4. Feed a jump ring through each hole, then attach the chain to each side – the length of the chain depends entirely on how much you want it to hang down. You can either keep it short and sweet, or make it a bit longer and make a feature of it.

5. Turn your shapes over, and glue the badge backs in place; press down firmly and then leave to set for a few hours - you don’t want them dropping off into your cup of tea! When the glue is dry, pin to your collar and wear with pride. Ta da!
The best thing about this DIY is that it’s really, really simple, pretty quick, and easy to change to suit yourself. You can leave the chain off completely, or go the other way and add on a couple more, you can ditch the washi tape and use paint, or even use an all-purpose ink pad to stamp a message or pattern onto your clips. Have a go!

Win a Joules English Garden bed spread from Oldrids and Downtown

I have a lovely giveaway for you this week from Oldrids & Downtown a furniture and furnishing store who are giving away this English Garden bedding from Joules. I'm already jealous of the winner, this would totally brighten up my bedroom!

If you want to be in for a chance to win this beautiful bedspread then just enter any/all of the below and good luck!

T&C's UK only giveaway, by entering this comp you are signing up to Tigerlilly Quinn and Oldrids and Downtown newsletter.

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Last minute mother's day ideas from Etsy

1, Mama necklace from Jules & Clem
2, Family set of wooden birds from Anna Wiscombe
3, Limited edition stitch art by Little Low

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Just incase you were in need of some last minute mother's day ideas!
Juliet from Jules and Clem is actually a parent blogger and she was kind enough to send me one of these gorgeous 'mama' necklaces, I don't want to ever take it off! I've been lusting after something from Anna Wiscombe for the longest time..and I am in LOVE with anything that Little Low does.

Why not leave this page open on your screen as an idea for any dads out there who may still be struggling with ideas.. ;)

Sleep Overs

The other day myself and a couple of friends had a girls night in, chatting over cava and pringles and listening to 90's dance anthems (yep really). All our kiddos are the same age and we have met weekly since we embarked on this motherhood journey. I owe my actual sanity to these ladies. 

We started the night with most of our kids playing together happily until bedtime came round and Tom kindly took Wilf back home so I could relax completely child free. As we headed upstairs to make up the bed for the remaining kids we started thinking about how special these friendships they have are. How we are looking forward to times to come where we can organise sleep overs, three cheeky kiddos giggling upstairs together whilst we try and cajole them back into the bunk beds. Even taking turns for couple nights off as we ship our kiddos off to each other's homes. 

I'm from a large family (five children) and I often shared a room with one or other of my siblings so whilst I don't remember many sleepovers with friends I do remember midnight chatting and sneaking to sit on the top step on the stairs with my big brother as we spied on our parents downstairs. 

I think the best thing about sleepovers is that you really need to let go of the idea of kids actually sleeping. The fun part it the excitement of staying up with your friends! Here are some great tips and ideas to get through the night.

This is a guest post in association with ASDA, enjoy!


our weekend in pictures

We arrived into London on Friday afternoon and headed to the Natural History Museum for an hour or so before checking into our Hotel. I think we may have chosen 'school trip day' as it was rammed with little 'explorers' and 'dino scientists' running here and there so we couldn't really move around parts of the museum very well. We soon discovered though that going to see the less popular rooms (bug world) was our best bet and so beat claustrophobia by strolling around the quieter exhibitions before heading off. We did get to see a skeleton of a Panda though which Wilf was very taken with.

Incase you are wondering, dress is from yumi* cardigan is from Fever* and hat is knitted by my SIL

 On Saturday we decided to be touristy and headed to the South Bank. We walked along the river as Wilf dozed in his chair after a rough night of earache. Grabbing a coffee and just taking in the view. Whenever I've been to the South Bank before it's always to visit somewhere like a show in the South Bank Centre when I visited with my mum or a collage trip to experience the London Eye. It was nice to just stroll along and not feel any urgency to do anything other than that.

(I'm trying this jump thing as these posts tend to get a little image heavy) Read more after the jump for more pics including falafel!

Making your home more environmentally friendly

image via here

Ever so often I find myself lost in Pinterest gazing at pages of beautiful homes and interiors. I'm really drawn to homes like the above, full of character and colour and natural wood. I especially love that first picture with the seventies couple, sometimes I wonder if I was born in the wrong era (then I think of how addicted I am to modern technology and I know I'm in the right place ;)).

My dad used to work at the Centre of Alternative Technology in Machynlleth so I've always been interested in architecture that uses reusable energy and designs that utilise lighting like this sunlighthouse. There is also an eco build area round the corner from us in St Werburghs called The Yard, Bristol is really great place to live in terms of sustainable projects like this. 

When we bought our home we really wanted to use opportunity to cut our home's emissions. Unfortunately funds meant we were unable to take on big projects like this at the time but little by little we are working towards some of these changes. I would have loved to have installed underfloor as this would have cut out a lot of wasted heating from conventional radiators, certainly something we would look at in the future. My dad always goes on (and on) about insulation (sorry dad!) but it really is so important. The houses in the eco builds in Bristol use newspaper mulch called Warmcel as a cavity insulator but Another environmentally friendly substitute is British wool. Not only will this be more reduce carbon emissions but will save you on your energy bill too!

Do you have an tips for making your home more environmental friendly? 


me and you

Not sure how it's that time of the month again! A quick snap with my phone as we travelled the tube whilst Wilf slept. Lately our little 'dates' always seem to be when Wilf is having a nap, I don't know what we will do when they end. Although this wasn't a date we did reminisce about the adventures we would go on pre-parenthood, although we are both more than happy to be going on adventures as a family now :)

don't forget to check out lucy, Becky and Kirtsy's blogs, do link up below too and share the love!   


Hendon Hall

On Friday we headed over to London to stay in Hendon Hall. We had previously enjoyed a night at Bailbrook House earlier in the year (both being part of the Handpicked Hotel group) and were really excited to stay in another of the groups hotels.

Hendon Hall is a 25 minute tube ride or so from central London in the leafy suburb of Hendon. From the tube stop it was a 15 minute walk along blossom filled streets to a welcoming reception and a spacious room to relax in after our day in the city. We noticed immediately just how quiet and peaceful it was from our room which was a contrast to the hustle and bustle of our days adventures.

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