Our weekend in pictures

After our friends visited last week it reminded me of all the beautiful places in Bristol that I hadn't visited in ages..or basically hadn't ever visited! I'm a bit embarrassed to admit this but my whole five years of being a resident in this beautiful city I've never once walked across the bridge or been the the camera obscurer! We decided to remedy that this weekend and I ticked both of my list.

The bridge was so very windy and at times made me feel a bit wobbly (eeeep we are walking across a really really high drop!) but very beautiful all the same. The park by the camera obscurer was perfect for Wilf to run around, although I have to say I think Aberystwyth's camera obscurer does top it ;) I have a few friends who live close by so I'm going to suggest another trip to the lovely park sometime soon.

As a special treat and a reward for getting rid of a few old coats on Ebay I had been hanging on to for far to long & would never really wear (wrong size now) we decided to use the 'coat money' for a lunch out at Jamie's Italian. Although a little pricey it's not really much more than you would pay for lunch anywhere in that area and kids meals are free so we were sold.

The kids menu's come in little view finders like this.

What's more embarrassing though is I spent a good minute or so trying to flick to the kids veggie option before realising it is actually on the printed menu too..

We got home in time for a late nap (Tom and Wilf) and then a lovely mezze dinner thanks to Tom's ability to scramble together a delicious type meal from all the random things I end up buying on the online grocery shop.

perfect saturday in my opinion!

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Megan Evans said...

Eep very excited to explore all these places next year!!

Polly Davies said...

:) i felt a bit wobbly walking over the bridge! Baya loved the park by the camera obscura too!

bee. said...

I loved this post! Ah, I did a whole project on the suspension bridge at school. I got a fair few merits for it too. Thank you very much, Kingdom Brunel ;)


Life With The Crew said...

What a great day! What a cool bridge and tower. Is that one of Jamie Oliver's restaurants? My husband is a big fan and would be so jealous. Kids eat free - very cool! Wilf's suspenders just crack me up!

mummydaddyme said...

Gorgeous photos as always Fritha, it looks like a lovely weekend. x

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