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The other day myself and a couple of friends had a girls night in, chatting over cava and pringles and listening to 90's dance anthems (yep really). All our kiddos are the same age and we have met weekly since we embarked on this motherhood journey. I owe my actual sanity to these ladies. 

We started the night with most of our kids playing together happily until bedtime came round and Tom kindly took Wilf back home so I could relax completely child free. As we headed upstairs to make up the bed for the remaining kids we started thinking about how special these friendships they have are. How we are looking forward to times to come where we can organise sleep overs, three cheeky kiddos giggling upstairs together whilst we try and cajole them back into the bunk beds. Even taking turns for couple nights off as we ship our kiddos off to each other's homes. 

I'm from a large family (five children) and I often shared a room with one or other of my siblings so whilst I don't remember many sleepovers with friends I do remember midnight chatting and sneaking to sit on the top step on the stairs with my big brother as we spied on our parents downstairs. 

I think the best thing about sleepovers is that you really need to let go of the idea of kids actually sleeping. The fun part it the excitement of staying up with your friends! Here are some great tips and ideas to get through the night.

This is a guest post in association with ASDA, enjoy!

Build their excitement
The first time they have their friends over to stay the night is a special time for most children. If you’re excited for them too, take a look at ASDAGeorge’s boy’s slippers, dressing gowns and pyjamas and treat them to some new sleepwear for the occasion. Perhaps your little girl has been after a onesie for ages, or your little boy would love some new jim-jams – a sleepover would be an ideal time to update their sleepwear collection.

Pick them up from school
If you organise the sleepover for a Friday night, for example, you can pick your child and their friend(s) up from school at the same time. Not only does this mean that they can build their excitement in the playground, but you don’t have to worry about entertaining them for the whole day either, because school will have done that!

Stock up on snacks
Don’t worry too much about healthy eating when it comes to a sleepover. If your child is having some fiends over to stay the night, you can be the fun parent that lets them indulge a bit on goodies that they don’t ordinarily get the chance to eat. Fill some bowls with yummy snacks such as popcorn, child friendly crisps and maybe a chocolate button or two, kids love picnics. 

Organise activities
Rather than leaving them to it (which will work, quite happily), you could organise some activities for them to enjoy once they’re home from school. If the weather behaves, they could play outside until sundown too.

Introduce some rules
While the sleepover is a chance for the kids to have some fun together, you will need to set some ground rules so that they still behave. Tell them what time the lights will be going out, let them know where in the house they’re not allowed to go (such as your bedroom if they’re playing hide and seek) and make sure they understand that the fun will stop if they misbehave.

If you make it fun for them, the sleepover will run smoothly and you’ll have fun too!

Do your kids have sleepovers? Any tips you fancy sharing? 

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