Like most parents these days I take many many photos of my child. I'm not sure if it's a love of photography, being a blogger or just being a parent (or all three) that makes me want to capture all these moments but capture then I do. I've been trying lately to make sure that I get in some of these photos too so that in times to come Wilf will have these memories to look back on.

Many of you may have seen the #melfie hashtag working it's way around social media recently, which came from the photo journaling app Lifecake. I've really loved seeing more parents faces in with their kiddos, we are so often the ones hidden behind the camera.

Lifecake is designed to be a space for you to document your child by video or photograph. The app will then organised by time and date for easy access. There are of course lots of photo apps knocking around the Internet these days but Lifecake differs in that it can be used solely as place to share images of your family with family members or friends. Viewing is by invitation only which I love, sometimes there are images I wouldn't maybe want everyone on my FB to see (if only so they don't get bored with tons and tons of baby photos!). As a blogger I am quite select with the photography I use but there are moments captured that I know my family would love to see regardless of quality.

The other benefit of using Lifecake is that you can create high quality photo books within minutes. Not printing out photos is something I feel constantly guilty about but collating all the images I want to use seems like a mammoth task most days. I love the idea that you can upload all the images you want and can keep them on there for easy access and without cluttering up your laptop!

I've been using the app for a week now and am surprised how easy it was to remember to upload at least one picture of us a day. I love that I now have a full week to look back on all the fun times we had. Wouldn't it be amazing if you could keep that up for a whole year? The app itself is free for you to add up to 500 photos although you can upgrade for £2 a month to a VIP account which gives you enough space for 50,000 photos.

If you played along with the #melfie why not give a week of 'mum selfies' a go with #melfie7??

Lifecake are giving away a VIP package to one lucky reader which includes 100GB storage space and a photobook and is worth £60.

Just enter any/all of the below and good luck!

Winner will be drawn on the 12th May. UK only. email entries will be added to the Tigerlilly Quinn newsletter. This post is in association with Lifecake

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Jess@AlongCameCherry said...

Looking back after a year of taking one photo a day would be so interesting. I'm terrible at putting mine on the laptop then just forgetting about them, I really need to print them off more! x

abigail said...

I always feel so guilty about not printing out photographs! Would be great to have the chance to make a photobook!

Fiona Peacock said...

I went through loads of photos the other month trying to sort out a photo book, and then totally forgot about it until the other day when I stumbled across the folder on my laptop. Life is always in the way. x

Emma Cantrell said...

This is such a great idea - love it!

Polly Davies said...

This looks great, my albums are shamefully out of date.. .really must rectify that!

Mary Hamblyn said...

What a great idea :)

Adele Jarrett-Kerr said...

Just tonight I was chatting with my in-laws about how in the age of film there was a clear process you'd follow that ensured photos got organised in albums. With digital photos, it's almost as if they aren't real. We really need to get organised. Mind you, we printed out our wedding photos years ago and have a beautiful hand-bound album and they still haven't made it in! I'd love to just do some photobooks though.

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