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Me and the lovely Polly 

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joy cho blogtacular 2014

Over the weekend I attended Blogtacular, a new lifestyle blogging conference hosted in London with key note speakers such as Joy Cho.

I have to admit to feeling quite star struck by Joy and massively inspired by all she has achieved. It's so encouraging to hear all that hard work and a positive attitude can create. Something else I found quite encouraging in her talk was the notion that 'no' was an important part of the process, that 'no' might actually lead to bigger and better things. I've certainly seen this be the case in my own experience and dreams/and places I thought I wanted to be I can't imagine wanting to happen now.

I was really taken by Anne Ditmeyer from Pret-A-Voyager talk and could have posted an entire post on just her slides. Every single one made me think 'hell yes!' I loved her conviction that bloggers should be respected for their worth and how incredible the blogging community is. Every since I started this blog I've had the feeling that things can happen if I make it so, it's a wonderful creative outlet and has made me realise just what I can achieve. She's also made me extremely excited about my trip to Paris!

I think Alison Sadler is pretty much the most contagiously happy person I've ever seen and it was great chatting to the beautiful Coutney from Babyccino Kids. Lots of the lovely ladies from Living Arrows were there also which was wonderful to finally meet in 'real life' I'm only sad I missed out on the photo walk with Xanthe which looked like a blast (Living Arrows meet up soon ladies?)

blogtacular 2014

above two images from Mollie Makes

blogtacular 2014

photo from Jess. Right to left, Katie, Me, Lucy, Jess.

There were so many lovely friends and faces I got to chat to over the weekend, many I wish I'd had the chance to speak to a bit more such is always the way with these things.

Thanks to Lori and Jess for being such great travel buddies, here's to next year!

Thanks to Argos for sponsoring me to attend


Lucy said...

It was so lovely to finally get to meet you this weekend. It was such a fantastic conference, wasn't it? And worry not…. I am already on the case about an I Heart Snapping meet up, there are exciting plans! x

Eleanor Willock said...

wow, you all look so stylish! Thanks for writing up what you learned and who you met, it's given me some great further reading for tonight!

Molly @ Mother's Always Right said...

I was looking at the Instagram feed of all the pics over the weekend and it looked like such an inspiring event. And what a location!

Jen Walshaw said...

I really wish I could have been there, but it was a family christening. I hope they make the videos public

Polly Davies said...

was lovely to see you again this weekend! I had fun and came away inspired {and exhausted!!}

thereandbackagainamotherstale said...

Everyone looks so gorgeous, its a gathering of beautiful people and beautiful minds!


Bek B said...

This sounds like a great event to attend. I have been following on Instagram too and was impressed by all of the beautiful photos.

vicki brown said...

It was such a wonderfully inspiring event wasn't it? I'm so so glad I attended.

Michelle Ordever said...

Looks like Blogtacular was a great event! Something to think about for next year! x

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