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So I mentioned briefly in this post how this little family of mine are off on our first real holiday (abroad!). When Tom and I first started dating we talked about a Paris trip together, in fact he got me a really lovely book all about individual boutiques we could hunt out (unfortunately this was five years ago so I'd imagine it's a little outdated now). Then like life does, this and that got in our way and we put off the trip opting for a cheap weekend break here or there and deciding maybe that Paris was right for us at that time for whatever reason (work, pregnancy, having a newborn).

When I decided not to return to work after maternity leave money was pretty tight and a holiday out of the UK wasn't an option, it's taken a few years to get to this point but I'm so glad we are finally having our first family holiday!

We are travelling by Eurostar which is also something I've never done before (can you believe it?) and staying in a home let which will hopefully give us more of a feeling about Paris living. Most of my knowledge of Paris is from watching Amelie a few hundred times and it just so happened the place we are staying is right by Montmatre too which is apt.

I'm hoping that with having a home let we will make sure we only eat maybe one meal out a day which will cut costs and I also love the idea of buying food from the local markets and cooking at home. Deal Checker have also compiled a handy guide for saving money when traveling which has actually been compiled from advice from some of my favourite bloggers. I always go to blogs rather than magazines when I want to know someone's honest opinion of a place so I love that they went to bloggers for their top tips!

Have you been to Paris? Where should we visit whilst we're there?

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Kelly Rae said...

I went years ago to Paris while I was studying abroad in Italy. I never really wanted to go but it just happened. I fell in love with the city. I went to the Louvre but I feel like that could consume 2-3 days just on it's own. Alot of the other destination spots I never toured the insides. I was happy to just look at them. I did peruse Pere Lachaise. It's actually rather beautiful event though it's a cemetery. I also ate loads of pastries and had one of those super expensive beautiful pastries. Anyway I hope you guys have a great time.

I think the Natural history museum and Deyrolle look like amazing spots too.

Polly Davies said...

I'd love to go to paris! one day :)

Sarah I said...

How exciting, I went on the Eurostar for the first time last year! It's so spacious! I am sure you will love Paris, I was only there for a few days last year and got too stressed out trying to see everything in such a short space of time which kind of ruined it for me. I would love to go back and experience it again without the stress! Hope you have a great trip! x

Anna // angel in the north said...

I've been to Paris a handful of times and my favourite thing to do by far is get on a bike and cycle around the main sights, soaking up the scenes in between. No better place on earth for people watching :)
(you might like to read this http://www.angelinthenorth.com/2012/10/02/a-moveable-feast/)

Fiona Peacock said...

Oooh I love Paris! I bet Wilf will have a wonderful time. I bet there are so many amazing boutiques to check out, and there are some amazing vegetarian eateries out there. Apparently there is a vegan croissant place, but we didn't manage to find it when we went a few years ago. xx

fritha strickland said...

ooh do you have a veggie places to recommend? xx

Jess@AlongCameCherry said...

I've never been, I would love to though. You will have an amazing time! x

Katherine said...

I love Paris too, here are some tips from me, but keep in mind that I was last there in 2008!
Le Marais - you will love this area, lots of interesting little shops
Area around Avenue St Germain - again, lovely shops in the side streets. Bon Marche is a great department store, the food hall is lovely to walk around, they spray dry ice on the lettuce and it looks yum. I have never seen so many different colours of Kitchen Aid in the home department.
Centre Pompidou - Great if you like modern art, plenty of space for Wilf, lovely bookshop
Sainte Chapelle - Stunning church near Notre Dame, I'm not religious but this is a beautiful building, wonderful stained glass and a starry ceiling
Montmartre - you'll get to see it obviously, nice little shops on the lower part plus park by the Sacre Coeur for Wilf to run around (I know how important this is with a toddler)
This shop is lovely but expensive - http://www.bonton.fr/en/ I bought a Paumes book in the sale and got it in a gorgeous fabric bag with a sticker, I like details like this!
Bit random, but if you have any interest in Japanese books (their craft ones are beautiful and we are big Studio Ghibli fans in this house), then Junku, near the Louvre is a real treat, small, but lots of goodies - http://www.junku.fr/fr/index.php The Louvre also has a shopping centre in its basement under the glass pyramids.

When I have been to Paris I have done one cultural thing a day then spent the rest of the day just wandering around. Last time was a work trip though so I just wandered around in my little bit of free time. Eurostar is brilliant, I live in Scotland but prefer to take the long train journey than fly, and St Pancras is a lovely station these days. I think Paris is better for vegetarians these days, I've never had any problem finding food but I always ate in cheap Italian places or got sandwiches or crepes. I suspect there are a lot more veggie places now.

Sorry for the essay, I just get so enthusiastic about the place! Just a potential warning though, some friends went with their little boy when he was 6 months (now 2) and they found it incredibly hard to find baby changing facilities. Hope this doesn't prove the same for you, have an amazing time.

Eleanor Willock said...

Umm...may not be right for your little one but if you get any time to yourself, the catacombs are really, really awesome. Nearby to them, there's also a mosque that does very lovely mint tea and is open to help people understand Islam a bit better, but I can't remember its name...

Michelle Ordever said...

Enjoy! If you decide to go up the Eiffel Tower, then please, book tickets!! We didn't and lined up for nearly 3 hours!!! x

Laura Rocksteady said...

I love Paris and have been a few times - the thing I love most about it is walking the city - the last time I was there I walk for about 5 hours across the city past all the boutiques and cafes - of course this is not so possible with a toddler but I think just being open minded and enjoying the culture is a great way to get a real sense of the city

Laura x

Adele Jarrett-Kerr said...

Just realised Disqus didn't publish my comment! I'm dying to go to Paris. We bought tickets to go last year but ended up finding the visa process so arduous, we gave up. It's definitely on the list for once my citizenship is sorted.

jules said...

I'm in love with Paris, it's so beautiful - hope you have a lovely time! I would definitely go to Shakespeare and Co if you get the time, it's a really original, historical bookshop on the Left Bank. Well worth a visit, even if you don't stay for that long :) x

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