Our Weekend in Pictures

I didn't take too many pictures this weekend. We stayed pretty local, took Wilf to a 'little readers' event at @tbristol where he had such a great time. We got to listen to Michelle Robinson read 'How to wash a woolly mammoth' which is one of his favourite books. I actually wrote a little about the book here.

Wilf got his face painted for the first time ever at the event which was so adorable. He requested to keep it on through his nap and apart from a slightly dirty pillow it didn't smudge too bad...so he kept it on for an evening at our friends BBQ too and had a great time hanging out with the grown ups until passed his bedtime.

On Sunday we helped a friend out with a yard sale which was quite intense. The British public do love a bargain don't they? My poor friends had their boiler break on them, which is never ideal but worse when you throw too small children in the mix. Thankfully we managed to raise a little bit to go towards the pot and apart from one over zealous haggler it was a jolly affair.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! xo

Sunuva Giveaway

Let just take a second to appreciate the cuteness in that middle picture shall we? ... OK as you were

Sunuva were kind enough to self Wilf some pieces from their UV Protective clothes and swimwear for our recent trips away. I chose this flannel shirt, this bathing suit and these linen shorts from their latest collection. Wilf was getting compliments left right and centre wearing the shirt in Paris, perfectly teamed with some braces and a straw hat I feel.

Sunuva was thought up by two mums, Emily and Sabrina on holiday who's children recognised each other from nursery (isn't it odd how these things happen) they got talking about how little UV protective childenswear there was on the market and so Sunuva was dreamt up.

What I love about the items is that as well has being made of fantastic quality material the cut and design of the pieces are really classic. One thing I've discovered since becoming a parent is that childenswear is often very brightly coloured, sometimes garish and often plastered with slogans and cartoons. I wouldn't wear a T-Shirt that said 'fun time!' (for example!) so why should I expect Wilf to, and lets not get started on the whole gender stereotyping when it comes to things like that 'football mad boy' 'pretty princess' clothing and such like.

Sunuva are offing one lucky reader a swimsuit and item of clothing of their choice from their extensive range. All you need to do is enter any/all of the below and good luck!

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For the Home

We haven't redecorated Wilf's room since he moved in there around a year ago. We knew when I was pregnant that he would be sleeping with us for at least a year or so weren't overly concerned about creating a 'nursery'. That being said I did still paint a tree on his wall and printed out leaves with extracts from letter's I had written in pregnancy. Now that Wilf is two and a half those letters seem a bit too young for him so we've decided to create a bit more of a 'little boy' room rather than a 'baby' room.

I'd been coveting this wallpaper from Ferm Living for the longest time although it's a little on the pricey side I realised I only actually wanted a tiny bit of it to cover the accent wall. Still going with the tree theme but one that now fits with other elements of the room also.

We have a lot of IKEA furniture in Wilf's room, including a dresser and a side table. I want to update these a little and as he has requested some elements of blue in there I'm looking for ideas on how to refresh them.

I love this idea from Poppytalk, especially all the geometric patterns. I also love the idea of an ombre effect going down the draws. I've bought a few tester pots to give me some idea of shades that will compliment the wallpaper too.

If I'm honest I would really love to just paint them canary yellow (I'm obsessed with that colour at the moment did you tell?) but I guess I should take into account that it's Wilfs room not mine ;)

What do you think? Have you seen any good IKEA dresser hacks lately? 


Benny the Cat

One of our all time favourite brands Trunki recently launched a new 'Benny the cat' edition. Benny funny enough happens to look a little like one of our own cats Maddie so when they asked if Wilf might want one we were really excited to introduce them to each other ;) Actually Maddie is a little scared by it but Wilf has been having lots of fun going to his 'holiday house' in the garden with it.

Trunki are offering Tigerlilly Quinn readers 20% off Trunki cases until the end of July with code TIGERLILLY at checkout. They are also offering one lucky reader a Benny the cat of their own, just head over to my Facebook page to enter and good luck!

Also click here for to see the story of Benny the cat and also kittens in a Trunki!

We were lucky enough to be gifted this Trunki but all words & thoughts are my own and oh my gosh did you see the kittens in a Trunki yet?


Anthropologie wish list

1, Arboretum Mug - £6.95
2, Welded Letter Holder - £39.95
3, Vesda Bowl - £4.95
4, Floating market tea towel - £8.95
5, Flora and Fauna Framed Prints - £39.95

Just a few summer sale bargains I thought I would share with you. I've had my eye on those mugs for the longest time. Tom may argue that more mugs are the last thing we need but he says a lot of things ;)

All my favourite shops are having their sales right now and when the weather is so nice it makes me loose with my resistance to pretty things. Anyone else the same?

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what we wore

A little sunday morning breakfast at a local cafe. We arrived a little early so whats one to do in those situations other than take a few outfit photos right? I'm sure everyone in our neighbour hood thinks we're nuts!

I'm not usually a trainer girl but I was recently contacted by Sky Rainforest Rescue about their work in the Amazon with WWF and sent these trainers as part of their 'Tap for Trainers' campaign.

When I first heard about Tap for Trainers and the work Sky Rainforest Rescue were doing I was thrilled to be part of it. I had never heard about rubber tapping before and was interested to hear about the partnership between Sky and WWF to tackle deforestation by enabling local people to make a living from sustainable rainforest products such as wild rubber. 

What’s more through working with Lily Cole and Veja to produce environmentally friendly fashion this is something that can become accessible to everyone though the Tap for Trainers project. I love the range Lily has come up, incorporating the amazonian theme and proving that sustainable fashion can be beautiful and stylish as well as fun!

Sky Rainforest rescue have also teamed with one of my all time favourite illustrators Sandra Diekmann to create this amazing IG tree. I'm a bit honoured to be part of one of their squares, you can see mine here

My dress is from a vintage shop we stopped at in Paris, it's about three sizes too big for me but I think it works with a belt..at least I hope it kind of does. 
Wilf is wearing dungarees from Baby Gap and trainers from Clarks* :)

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a person's a person no matter how small

children's national book week

children's national book week

As many of you know we love reading in our home, you can see some of our much loved books here. We always have at least two books at bedtime (currently Crocolou* a book we picked up in Paris is the favourite..we can't read it but we make it up ;)) and two books at nap time, oh and then three or four after breakfast and...you get the picture..

Wilf loves 'reading to himself' too where he will look at the pictures and make up the story, I almost love this just as much as reading to him as it proves to me how important illustration is in provoking imagination.

Dr Suess's books are so meaningful for me for so many reasons, from saving the environment in The Lorax* to the importance of each and every living creature (no matter how small) in Horton Hears a Who. A message we should all try and live by right? One of my other favourite books is Oh, The Places You'll Go!* which instilled in me the wonder and excitement of opportunity and the possibilities life could bring you..unfortunately the quotes from that book were a little too long for pasta shapes ;)

I used to read these books to my little brother (15 years my junior) when I returned home from uni, we'd cuddle up in bed and take it in turns to read them to each other. As he was only 4 at the time these story sessions would often take a while. I couldn't wait to continue this love of Dr Seuss with my own child and of course Wilf loves them just as much (The Cat in the Hat is his favourite).

If you've not come across Dr Suess then sort it out right now! You'll love them.

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I don't think I appreciated sleep quite enough until I was cruelly robbed of it *cough cough motherhood*. I'm not sure if it's getting older/becoming a parent or mixture of the two but the thought of snuggling down in bed is pretty much one of the highlights of my day. Top that off with a bath, a clean set of jamers & some freshly washed bed linen and its bliss right?

When I was little I had a pair of silk PJ's and I felt SO fancy, I'm quite taken with these ones from Gingerlily, I'm sort of envisioning reading the paper in bed with them with fresh pastries & coffee. Wait, you don't envision scenarios to go with your clothes? These would be my Sunday morning silk pyjamers, yes please.

I also love these silk throws perfect for snuggling up on the sofa and these silk filled duvets for ultimate cosiness! I'm all ready for a chilled day snuggling at home after looking at these, shame my two year old has other ideas!

Which are your favourite?


Win £200 worth of garden furniture

Oh I love summer, love love love it! It may seem that I say something similar most season's but I take it all back now, summer is my favourite ;) It was officially summer yesterday and the weather has been so lovely lately we've been spending lots of time in our garden, I'm looking forward to weekend's ahead having drinks out there with friends and lots of al fresco dining.

Home Shopping catalogue giants Kleeneze are offering you the chance to win the perfect set of summer garden accessories with this Ohio Chiminea, Cover and classic al fresco wooden bench worth £200 up for grabs!

If you want to be in for a chance of winning these summer dining essentials then simply enter below. Good Luck!

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me and you

A quick snap we took in Paris earlier in the month (wait did I tell you we went to Paris? jokes ;)).

Wilf had finally succumbed to tiredness in the early evening and was taking a rest in his pushchair. I realised that even though I had taken a million photos throughout our trip there were none of 'just us' so this is the result. Tom looks a bit grumpy although I assure you he was very chipper that evening!

I can't tell you how much our break away meant to us as a couple and as a family. Our first break after becoming parents and although of course we had Wilf with us (and wouldn't have had it any other way) it did feel like a break from parenthood too in a way. We were all so relaxed and just focussed on chilling out and having fun and once Wilf was in bed there were a few hours of wine on our balcony and so many cheeses!

It's funny to think that I was 22 when Tom and I first met and next year I turn 30! It really doesn't feel like that amount of time has passed (which I'm taking as a good thing). We have both grown into the people we wanted to be and Tom is a massive part of helping me get there.

Did you take a picture with your loved one this month?
Do link up if you did and while you're at it check out the lovely, dear beautiful, ar blog, my two mums.

Our Weekend in Pictures

I spent Friday in the big smoke. I had a couple of meetings to attend one of which involved a couple of glasses of wine with a lady I'd wanted to sit down and have a good chat with since I discovered this parenting blogging world..I'm talking about the gorgeous Alice of course.

After this 'meeting' Alice and I jumped into a cab to attend the 'Brilliance in Blogging' awards. I was up for a Style award (thanks SO much for everyone who nominated me!) but I mainly wanted to use this as an opportunity to meet up and catch up with some of my now friends and favourite bloggers. I attended Brit Mums Live last year as a relatively new 'parent' blogger (although I've been blogging on here for almost five years in some way or another) and was overwhelmed with the community feel of the event. I have to admit if you've been blogging for a while the sessions may not blow your mind with information but meeting up with all these amazing women certainly will.

I couldn't wait to meet the lovely Emma, we've been friends online since I was pregnant and as soon as I arrived I scanned the crowd for her face. She is such an inspirational woman, do check out the charity she set up First Days. I'm over the moon to hear she might consider a Bristol move someday in the future! Charlotte was another blogger of whom I knew would be just as lovely in real life as she is online, I adore her heartfelt writing and actually only discovered her blog after she was one of the keynote speakers at last year's event.

There are so many wonderful women I'd love to name drop into this post, Alison, Lucy, Katie, Gill, Bryony and so many more. My only regret was that I was returning home that night and didn't get too much time to catch up.

I didn't win my award on the night (but the wonderful Jen did which is much deserved!) but I did get to pick up my friend Jess's award for her as she was unfortunately not able to make it. Jess was up against some hugely popular craft sites and you could tell just how much love for her was in the audience when her name was read out! Thankfully I had had just enough wine to not feel nervous speaking for her and not too much so that I embarrassed her! ;)

When the awards ended and I'd a super super quick drink with Gill and Emma I literally ran for my train home to Bristol (and made it with 3 minutes to spare!). Funny enough the lovely Nichola was on the same train which made the journey so much more fun. What a day!

On Saturday I woke up rather exhausted and a little fuzzy headed. Tom was kind enough to take Wilf out for a bit (after delivering breakfast in bed and a large coffee) and we had a slow morning. We met up with family in the centre and checked out the last of the Bristol 'Big Green Week' which mainly involved eating lots of nice food and a sunny drink in a beer garden (I'm just realising how much reference to drinking there is in this post!). We spent the rest of the weekend close to home and chilled out, somehow being in your late twenties it takes a little longer to recover from an evening out. Is that just me?

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

What Mama Wore:
Dress - c/o People Tree* I wore this to the awards (now on sale too!)
Sandals - Salt Water

On Wilf
T -Shirt - Zara Kids (sold out)
Shorts - BHS
Sandals - c/o Clarks*


Father's Day

We had a really chilled Father's Day for Tom this year (his third already!). After spending the past few weeks away we wanted to spend sometime at home and just ground ourselves a little.

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The last snapshots

Yes even more pictures from Paris. More like snapshots this time rather than proper posts about any significant place or experience.

I'd imagine they are all fairly self explanatory too, tourist attractions, macrons, metro, breton stripe and floaty red skirt (because I'm told thats what you have to wear in Paris ;)).

The photos second from last was from our holiday rental which was Wilf's room for the week. I cannot recommend enough going for a rental like this to get a true sense of a living in a city. Greeting the neighbours in the building every morning, evening's spent out on the garden balcony and most importantly lots of toys to amuse a two year old! If you are interested in looking at the apartment we stayed at you can find it here, it was right next to the St Martin Canals and really quite spacious. We couldn't decide between a few of them in terms of location size and price and this one was actually a little higher on our budget list but I feel we picked the right one for sure. We needed up making most of our evening meals in the apartment and eating out for lunch, what's great is that staying in someones actual home means there are going to be things like oil to cook with or salt and pepper for seasoning, really small things but make all the difference when it comes to not having to buy them all from scratch. Also there was a coffee machine so...

I think I might be done now with the Paris posts, thanks for indulging me

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