Tigerlilly Quinn: Fathers Day gift guide

Monday, 2 June 2014

Fathers Day gift guide

1, 1966 World cup win signed photo
2, French Connection fisherman jumper
3, Artisan beers, if it's local even better! Tom likes these Bath Ales
4, A cute card of course!
5, Wild man beard wash

It's Father's day this month and as men are often really tricky to buy for I thought I would whip up this little gift guide. I don't know if the dad in your life would appreciate these but I sort of came up with them with Tom in mind, although my dad would be happy with all of them bar the cardi and beard wash I think ;)

Tom actually had this 1966 world cup photo on the wall of his room when I first met him but when we moved in together it hasn't really made a appearance since.. I feel a bit mean about that so think maybe this should be it's year for a comeback, especially as it's actually quite cool in its vintage way.

When I'm feeling super generous I often pop a couple of craft ales into our online shop as a treat for Tom. He really likes these Bath Ales so I think they will probably be featuring at some point in this year's Fathers day weekend. I love the idea of beard shampoo, I actually bought him a conditioner for his beards before, I do love a guy with facial hair but it's often a little scratchy!

Cardigans with elbow patches are a dad thing right? A dad thing or a lecturer thing maybe... and don't forget the card!

Hope the Father's in your life get really spoilt, they do a great job don't they?

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Jesss said...

I love the idea of beard conditioner! My other half sometimes proudly tells me he's conditioned his beard but it's a little weird when his face smells like my hair haha :')
I did a father's day gift guide yesterday, men can be SO hard to shop for!! Great ideas here :)

Jess xo

Polly Davies said...

G would love the beard conditioner :) might have to get him some!!

Eleanor Willock said...

I love the fact that everybody's husband has a beard. A generation of kids growing up thinking all Dads have beards. I love a good beard. Seriously thinking of buying my dad and my husband a beard now. Maybe one they can share. Seriously though, agree on the Bath Ales - also tres populaire with the husbands of Bristol I think.

Wild & Grizzly said...

I love this card! Definitely one for Paul to have this year x

fritha strickland said...

buying your dad and husband a beard? Like a stick on one? Can't go wrong with Bath Ales really can you!x

fritha strickland said...

haha yes that would be odd! men are SO HARD to shop for! x

Laura Rocksteady said...

That beard wash looks amazing!!! and would be prefect for my other half - he also loves Bath Ales - another great pick!!!

Laura x

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