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Saturday, 21 June 2014

Flowers in the home

It's officially summer this weekend! It always surprises me how much the warm weather improves my mood. I mean, it stands to reason of course but everyone is just so much chirpier and the possibilities for the day ahead so much wider.

Summer I love you

Also maybe we should move somewhere that is a bit hotter all year round? 

Each season I always like to freshen up my home a little, adding elements of the period indoors as well as out. The most obvious suggestion of course is to add elements of nature to your home. How adorable is this collection of pot plants?

via here

For me though the way to really bring summer into your home is with flowers.

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Everyone loves flowers right? What I kind of love more about them is that you can send flowers internationally as a gift for example in a matter of days. So even if you want to say hi to your best friend living somewhere in Australia or somewhere you still can virtually pick them a bunch for their table display. 

I took to Pinterest of course to hunt out the prettiest of summer floral displays and here are some of my favourites.

I just love all these blues, purples and pinks in the flowers on this dressing table, the perfect way to freshen up your 'getting ready' space.

I love this way of displaying single flowers from the wonderful Decor8 blog, such a simple idea especially if you are like me and not good at flower arrangement!

Finally I love all the florals on display in this home tour there are even floral themes on the painting on the walls. Lovely!

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