Tigerlilly Quinn: What To Do? Creative Ideas For Your Spare Room

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

What To Do? Creative Ideas For Your Spare Room

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So you have a spare room – lucky you! It’s often not a luxury many people have, but when you do, it can be a truly liberating experience! Where do you start though? If you don’t actually need a spare bedroom (which most people don’t!) then look below for some alternate creative ideas.

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 Grown-up Craft Room 
Just because you grow up doesn’t mean you stop enjoying your art and crafts. Include a good working table to sit against one wall, and make sure you include plenty of storage so your supplies so it stays looking tidy and uncluttered. Keep the wall colour neutral to make your art displays a standout, and include bright pops of colours to stimulate your creativity – an eye-catching fabric on your chair would be perfect! Also make sure to include a good task light, as it’s probably at night, after all other jobs are done, when this room will be used the most. If you need any inspiration, be sure to check out superamart.com.au and start creating a wish list!

A Reading Room 
For all those book lovers, this space could be transformed into heaven! A library or reading room is also a great idea for students, kids who need somewhere solitary to get homework done, or parents who just need to escape into another world for 5 minutes. Make sure you have big, comfortable seating (something that doubles as a bed would be ideal) and proper, overhead lighting. Chuck some big cushions in there and a soft rug so the floor can also be used.

Health Retreat 
Health is important, but finding the space for that dusty treadmill or just somewhere to chuck down your yoga mat is not always easy. To make a healthy retreat, keep the space completely clutter-free and put in a bike or treadmill that can be folded up out of the way, so the floor space can still be used for exercises or simply meditating. Keep the furniture minimal, such as a simple chair, or maybe a coffee table and large throw cushion for a peaceful place to have your tea in the morning. If possible, flood the space with natural light for a really healthy feel.

 A Games Room 
This space could easily be made into the ultimate fun zone for your kids. Sometimes it’s easier to just let the toys win, and they totally can in this room! Keep the space bright with lots of storage for easy clean up. Pick a cool rug that will be comfy to play on, and include a beanbag or two so your kids will want to go in there to chill out as well as play. They won’t be able to wait to show it off to all their friends!

Space in a busy household is definitely a luxury, so make sure you take the time to think about what you really want out of it rather than just defaulting to ‘spare bedroom’ or ‘home office’. You might be surprised at how regularly the room will be used if you make it into something you really want rather than something you think you might need. 

What are some of the best spare room transformations you’ve seen?  

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