A day dream trip

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After three years of not having a holiday abroad this year Tom and I will be having two! I feel really lucky that we are in a position to do this and that we are able to use a honeymoon as an excuse for it. We are actually planning on going to Paris yet again which might sound a little odd as we were only there a few months back. The logic being that this time we will be going without Wilf and will get to go out in the evening and not have to be back in the apartment by 7pm.

I think it will be a little odd to leave Wilf for so long (three nights) as Tom and I have only been away from him overnight together once and we were in the same city! At the same time I know now at almost three he will be fine, especially with family he knows. I'm sure Tom and I won't really know what to do with ourselves and so much freedom! I'm looking forward to meals out (what's that!) and some cheeky cocktails with no worry about the fuzzy head the next day. We've also been planning lots of vintage shopping, we tried to check out the vintage areas last time but there is only so much clothes shopping a toddler can handle. Thankfully Tom's happy enough clothes shopping too, although he's banned me from buying anything else before our trip.

If we were talking dream destination however its probably always going to be New York. I've been using Amadeus to day dream a trip there in December, wouldn't that be amazing??

I've been using the planning tool to set up my daydream vacation, you can see my plan here if you like. The function makes it easy to keep all the information in one place and you can set up as many plans as you like for those 'one day' trips. The flight tool helps you search for the cheapest flight and even shows details like what the weather would be like in that area at the time. I think I'd choose New York just before Christmas (although that would certainly not be the cheapest time to visit!).

It's also super useful for business trips (if you are planning any) as you can use the tool to plan meetings around lower fare times in different locations.

I don't know about you but New York seems like one of those places that aren't quite real? A place that you see so often in your favourite films and blogs it's hard to imagine that people really live there! Hopefully we will make it there at some point. I'd love to go in December or for Halloween! If we ever did to make the trip we would bring Wilf for sure, it seems like such a great place for kids.

I love reading blogs in different cities as I think you get more of a sense of the city and places to go that you might not in a guide book. My favourite New York blog is Hey Natalie Jean I love that so many of her posts include good places to eat, a girl after my own heart!

Have you been to New York? How was it? Where did you go?

This is a collaborative post

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Bridesmaid dresses

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1, Amaris Dress*
2, Cecilia Chiffon *
3, Ola Dress *
4, Estella Dress*
5, Floral Sequin dress*

One of the above is the dress I chose for my bridesmaids. Can you guess which one?

Also - wedding guest ideas below!
Happy weekend! x


Wedding invites

Squeal! As a self-confessed stationary addict getting out wedding invites done was something I have been beyond excited about.

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Our Weekend in Pictures (or that time I played being a mamma of two)

We have such a great community where we live, neighbours that you can literally call on for some sugar (or the modern day scenario use their wifi when your's stopped working 5 mins before a live hangout). Most of us seem to have kiddos roughly the same age too so during the summer it's been lovely to share a cup of tea chatting over a garden gate whilst the littles play in the street.

On Sunday we headed out to stretch our legs at our local city farm and seeing one of our neighbours needed to get some errands done picked up a little addition to the party.

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For the home

Totally in love with the TVINGEN range at IKEA.

Face cloth - £1
Towels - £4

Don't forget you can follow along with my 'for the home' Pinterest board.

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Bargain hunting

A week or so ago Wilf got a sickness bug which lasted 24 hours then came back again two days later for another 24hours. I had a similar virus which didn't make me sick but made me feel SO tired and subsequently we couldn't leave the house for a couple of days. It wasn't the most fun.

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Your toy story

Meet Benji he's in his early 50's and I think still looking pretty great.

Benji was my daddy's teddy bear and was passed down to Wilf on his first birthday. Wilf's first birthday was an emotional day for so many reasons, seeing so many people who loved him sharing a year of his life, Tom and I celebrating a year of parenthood and this little bear.

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Acer Liquid E3 Giveaway

Hey hey! Hope you are all having a wonderful bank holiday Monday! I had no idea it was the bank holiday until Tom reminded me and he's even got Tuesday off so it's double good news for me.
I have a really exciting giveaway for you this week (I say that every time don't I? but it's true!). I'm giving away a Acer Liquid E3 for one lucky reader.

I'm such a fan of technology things like smart phones always excite me. Unlike Tom who basically refuses to use the apps on them and has never had email on his phone (his response 'why would I want someone to be able to email me wherever I am?). I guess we are quite opposite on that regard, my phone is first thing I reach for upon waking, I just need to know what's going on on IG!

For those of you not familiar with the brand they are a company who also make Acer tablets and other technology such as the smart phone above. I know lots of parents who have wondered about letting their children have a tablet but worried about the cost (and risks with kids dropping things). Getting a tablet like this is a good solution I think and one that would make you worry at little less than if you had shelled out £500 or so on one. I really like the look of the Acer Iconia A1, it has a battery life of 7.5 hours which makes it perfect for long journeys (I swear by our tablet for long train rides!).

To be in with a chance to win the Acer Liquid E3 worth £189 then just enter any/all of the below and good luck!

This is an international giveaway, entries will be added to the Acer and Tigerlilly Quinn newsletters which you can opt out of at anytime. 

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For the Kiddo - Wedding outfit

It's not news I suppose that it gives me so much joy dressing my little boy. I've spoken before about how I worried in pregnancy that boys clothes would be quite limiting opposed to girls. Whilst I don't have a girl to compare I can tell you that dressing boys is SO much fun. You don't have to dress them in football or tractor prints unless you want to and there are so many great high street options when it comes to classic kids clothes.

Tom and I have spoken about how glad we are we decided to get hitched after having Wilf. Although we hope we are lucky enough to have more kiddos in our future we also love the idea of sharing our special day with the people that make up our little family, Tom, Wilf and I..(and the cats I guess they could be ring bearers if we started training them up now). It's also helped make up feel a little less anxious about the day itself, I know if I feel nervous about the first dance I can just grab Wilf and we can have a first dance with all three of us! I'm really excited to see how much fun he has on the day with our friends and families.

I'm also super excited about dressing him for the wedding! Picking out Wilf's outfit was one of the first things I did and he looks ridiculously cute in it, although I guess I may be a bit bias.

Shirt, Trousers and Trilby are from mini Zara. I'm sad that from 3 he will have to move up to kids as I feel like the best stuff is always in the mini section. I've become a little addicted to Zara for both Wilf and I lately if I'm honest!

Jacket from Next, you can see Wilf trying it on in a blurry phone pic from this post. He's in a 3-4 as he is quite big for his age and 2-3 was just too tight. This little guy is going through some massive growth spurts at the moment and eating loads (I'm dreading teenage years!). Initially I wasn't sure about a suit jacket on a child, I didn't want him to look too formal or like he was off to the office but I think the other items make it a little more casual.

The braces and bow tie set were from this* Etsy shop, cute right?

Did your kids go to your wedding? I'd love to hear about it if so!


Living Arrows

Somehow a whole two months has passed and I've not shared my Living Arrows photos with you. So here are June's and July's consolidated. It's interesting to see the difference in the months, the first two weeks on July it seems were spent in cafe's ;)

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washing baby clothes and remembering pregnancy

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Wilf at 6 months

Can we just take a second to appreciate that cuteness? oh my ovaries! A post about washing tiny baby clothes, baby bumps, Tommy's charity and maybe a little bit of broodiness.

I have an app on my phone that alerts me every morning to the pictures I posted that same day last year, two years ago and so on (for me it only goes back five years as I didn't have any social media before that). I love reminding myself daily about what we were up to, how I was feeling and mostly just seeing Wilf as a one year old or few month old and even as a bump. I'm not going to lie it's making me a tad broody.

Wilf at 18m

For those of you that have read my blog for a while will know that Wilf was a much wanted and planned for baby. I suffered a miscarriage at two & a half months a few months prior to my pregnancy with Wilf and the experience certainly made me more nervous throughout my pregnancy. Knowing that one in four pregnancies result in miscarriage meant that for me there was no answers to why my seemingly healthy baby (I had already had one scan with a healthy heartbeat before our loss) had suddenly stopped being just a few weeks later. In fact you need to have three miscarriages before any investigations might take place to the cause of them. Often times it is just put down to 'one of those things' not something that proves a comfort when you are in the midst of such grief. It's something that makes me anxious about being pregnant again if I'm honest.

Tommy's charity is an organisation that does research into miscarriage, premature birth and stillbirth. You can read more about the work they do into miscarriage here. I consider myself beyond lucky to have never had to experience the later two and my heart goes out to any parent that has had to deal with such heartbreak. Persil non-bio and Comfort pure sponsor Tommy's charity and the important work they are doing, and are donating a total of £100,000 to Tommy’s Persil non-bio and Comfort pure will donate a total of £100,000 to Tommy’s.

30 weeks pregnant

I took maternity leave at around 34 weeks pregnant. I found by this point I was struggling to climb the three stories to my office and sitting at a desk all day was making me feel pretty awful (I mean look at me at 30 weeks, I was huge!). Plus I knew this was probably going to be the last time I would be able to be truly lazy and indulge in box sets (I miss you Grey's Anatomy).

One of the things I loved doing in those finally weeks before Wilf arrived was washing baby clothes, folding laundry and putting them away in his drawers. Those teeny tiny newborn outfits that my 9lb,4 baby was already too big for when he was born. Persil Comfort Care are the leading fabric softener for sensitive skin something thats important for pregnant mums and little ones alike. Any parent will know just how much washing gets done in those first few months (and actually I'm not sure I've ever had an empty laundry basket since). Add to that cloth nappies and our washing machine and line were almost never empty. 

Persil Comfort Care is different to many detergents in that it doesn't contain enzymes and instead uses surfactants in the cleaning process making it kinder to your skin, it also has a much lighter fragrance. 

oh gosh I can't stand it! those baby days *sigh*

You can look out for special signage pairing Persil non-bio 25w/ Comfort Pure 42w products at their local ASDA stores beginning on August 23

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Life lately - bits and peices

When I was little I felt there was very much a disproportion to the amount of toys I had to the the amount of toy my younger siblings ended up having. I had one Barbie I had collected Weetabix tokens for and by the end of my childhood she also had a buddy in 'hippy Paul' (a relation to Ken who had ripped shorts and long hair) a Sindy and also Skipper (Barbies kid sister). My younger sister then went on to have no less than 42 Barbies by the time she was finished with such things (although this was some five years after me).

Likewise I had a few Sylvanian Families, I remember taking them with us when we lived in Spain for a short while, there were a few rabbits and a tiny baby rabbit with a rocking cot and definitely a hedgehog or two. I loved them so much and have very vivid memories or sitting on baking hot steps playing with my little animals in the dusty surroundings. Again my younger sister seemed to end up with quite a lot more and even had the holy grail of Sylvanian treasures, the House Boat! 

Now I've kinda gotten over that injustice I'll move on..

Wilf was given this rabbit family along with a camper van recently and it was a real joy to see how much he immediately loved them. Although he did say that they didn't need clothes and made me take them off them pretty much straight away. Every morning as I made his breakfast I find him here on the carpet like this. They are his first set and I hope his collection grows a little more than mine did, maybe he'll even inherit the House Boat one of these days ;)

Moving on:
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Me and You

It's only 7 or so weeks until the wedding (eek!) although actually I'm mostly not eeking and am feeling pretty chilled.

I'm so glad we took part in this project as last months pictures were some of my favourite ever from the series. I even used one of the images to be turned into a stamp for our invites (will post about that soon!).

I was thinking the other day about mine and Tom's first ever photo together. It was taken by a friend on a night out (on her digital camera before people had smart phones) and it's blurry and badly lit and initially I remember wanting her to delete it as I thought I didn't look 'right'. Now it's one of my favourite pictures (and the one Tom keeps in his wallet) as it really captures that moment in time, almost 6 years ago now.

this is the picture in case you're wondering
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Our weekend in pictures - 100 days of family

Tom is becoming quite the stylist and picked my jumper and Wilf's shirt up for up from TKMaxx the other day (post to follow).

Last week was a bit tough, Wilf and I had been battling with each other in a way we had never done before. For the most part parenting Wilf is a fairly smooth ride and we don't tend to have too many 'fallings out' but over the past week I had been feeling like a bit of a failure. There had been tantrums, tears (both of us) and feeling a bit hopeless (me). Although that is very normal behaviour for a two and a half year old I've also realised that the week may have been tougher than most as Wilf was actually poorly. On Thursday he was struck down with a vomiting bug and I was reminded how instinctive motherhood really is when it comes down to it. He's my baby and I'm going to be there to look after him.

On Saturday we made a trip up to London as a family. I've been making trips to the city a couple of times a month lately and I fall in love with it more and more each time. Tom hasn't visited since the day before our Paris trip a couple of months back though so I thought it would be nice to have another mooch around Regents Park and check out London Zoo.

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Wedding dresses for under £250

vintage wedding dress

Some just for fun wedding dress ideas for under £250. FYI none of these are the ones I've chosen but I'm kind in love that that top one..
wedding dresses for under £250 hughstreet wedding dresses
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More of our trip to Aber and more goodbyes

Can we just take a minute to look at the view for a second?

Wilf looks like he's been crying in these pictures with my dad, he wasn't he was just really really tired. Which is what happens when you refuse to go to sleep ALL DAY and don't drop until sometimes 11pm..boy was I tired, especially with the 5.30am seagull alarm clocks too.

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Emma Bunton's childrens range for Argos or That time I met a spice girl

Emma bunton new range of girls clothes for argos, spice girl
The other day myself and the very lovely Lori headed to London to check out Argos's Christmas in July event. You may remember I actually tried to make this event last year which ended in a total disaster and not a day I ever want to repeat!

Thankfully this day was quite different, no sickly child, in-fact no children at all, a child-free day for both of us which in itself was a treat!

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What We're Watching

netflix, stream team, populaire
'The story of a plucky secretary from the Normandy countryside who overcomes her office ineptitude to compete in the world speed-typing championship — in the process melting the cold, cold heart of her chauvinistic boss and typing coach' - The Washington Post
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Simple afternoons

Wilf recently stopped napping, it's been about a week now and each day seems a little tougher. He's in a place where he is still really tired but not enough to sleep in the day. It hasn't really changed how well he sleeps at night but the days seem super long! I'm not too proud to tell you that the other day was a real struggle and we fell out a few times ;)

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I've gotten a bit addicted to smoothies, wanna hear more? READ ON my friends! 


Saying goodbye to Aberystwyth

Saying goodbye to Aberystwyth and coming to terms with some mixed emotions
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Wedding planning

For those of you are are not so into weddings I apologise for the posts that may follow over the next couple of months. However even if your not into weddings you can be into parties and decoration right? And WHO isn't into parities?

If you are one of those people who are into weddings? Why not follow along on Pinterest?
These images are from the amazing Paper Fox LA where I've ordered some of my decorations from!

I've also set up a Pinterest wedding board (of course!) so do follow along if you are an Pinterest addict like me!

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Wish List - Summer dresses

1, Embroidered floral dress - £12
2, Patterned dress - £16
3, Cheesecloth maxi dress - £16
4, Embellished Dress - £25
5, Embriodered hem dress - £12

I have a thing for embroidered dresses at the moment. I was lucky enough to pick up a vintage one from our Paris trip (you can see here) and since then I've been on the hunt for cheap and pretty ones from the high street.

The blue maxi with the embroidered detailing is such a great combination and I love the difference in the embroidered floral pattern on black in contrast to the white embroidered hem dress.

The patterned dress was something I was dress to straight away, it's quite autumnal but can totally be worn as a summer dress with just pair of brown Saltwaters or something similar. The fourth dress was a 'fun' pick, not something I'd ordinarily wear but a really cute cut and colour don't you think?

Most of these dresses are around £15 which is total steal!

In association with Asda  



When it comes to parenting I'm pretty much all for Wilf being able to run around in the dirt and explore the world as much as possible. Being the kind of kid he is he is often found picking up stones or finding a good stick so it would be fair to say we are not particularly paranoid about germs or getting mucky.

I tend to believe that doing these things is good for his immune system anyway, a philosophy that works well with my lazy um chilled out approach ;) I try to maintain a healthy balance with the food he eats, but I'm also aware that he's two and will often want to only eat pasta/rice or plain wraps for weeks on end (thankfully he loves fruit it's just the vegetables which he takes dislike to currently). His often picky eating was never actually too much of an issue as he was also breastfeeding and I knew that he was getting a ton of vitamins and goodness from breastmilk.

We ended our breastfeeding journey a little over a month ago now and it got me wondering about additional supplements. Often times the kids ones are made like sweets and mixed with gelatine so as vegetarians it's not something Wilf would be able to eat. Consequently when Nurture got in touch a few weeks back I was interested to see if it was something we could work into Wilf's diet to keep on top of all the vitamins that are good for growing kiddos.

Turns out Wilf thinks they are the most tasty things ever. I'm not sure if it's the lack of soft drinks he's been allowed to try but he drank that first pouch in record time and thanked me for his 'treat'. I did try them myself and I can see why he thinks they are so yummy. Developed for 2-5 year olds each drink contains the optimum about of vitamins for their development. What's even better is they are designed in a no spill pouch which means they are super easy to carry around in your bag if your child doesn't drink it all at one go.

You can find out more about Nurture here or find them on twitter 

In association with Nurture 


a skincare regime

Following on from my post about make up I thought it would be fitting to go through a bit of my skin care regime with you guys too. 

When I was a teenager I had awful skin, it wasn't a great time to be honest. I had problem skin, covered it up with cheap (and too much) make up and got even worse skin. Looking back though I'm not sure that I would have had fantastic skin with any miracle product, I think I was just a hormonal teen with rather oily skin and a lot of my skin issues have been sorted out with age. 

That being said I do notice a difference to how good my skin feels and looks with certain products. I always always cleanse, tone and moisturise (although tone is just splashing my face with cold water). It's important to me to use products that are ethical and where I can organic too, so I was really interested to test out the above Green People items when they got in touch with me. 

We actually already use Green People products for our sun cream (initially just Wilf's but now ours too as it seemed odd to ensure he only using organic and not us!). We also used a lot of their baby range when Wilf was small. I also use their deodorant as I don't like to use ones with aluminium in them, I've tried a few ones that are aluminium free and don't last very long but these one do. They don't have a hugely strong scent but I'm the sort of person that doesn't really like heavily perfumed products anyway.

I've flitted through using The Body Shop vitamin E cream and Neals Yard moisturisers but I stopped using Body Shop products after their Loreal take over. I actually can't fault the Neals Yard cream and would say they are both great items but do have their differences, the Green People 24 Brightening Cream does feel a lot lighter whilst still very moisturising. I've also noticed that my skin feels a bit 'brighter' using this cream and also hydrated. I've started to use this as a daily moisturiser and the Neals Yards as a thicker night cream which seems to be working really well. 

The second product I am loving from this range is the eye gel. I've always wondered if eye gels are worth it and so never really experimented with them much before. As someone who rarely gets a huge amount of sleep I feel like my eyes are the place that really give away my age and tiredness! I'm not sure there is a miracle product that would make that disappear but it certainly did reduce puffiness. It's not something I use daily but when I have had a tough night it makes me feel more awake and reduces a bit of the puffiness that comes with lack of sleep!

Lastly I was really intrigued about the food supplement. I'm always forgetting to take any vitamins or supplements however when I use products rich in vitamin E I do notice a difference so as this one claimed to be 550 times stronger than vitamin E I though it was worth a shot! I read a bit into the benefits of astaxanthin too so was interesting to see that this was one of the ingredients. I'm not sure I can say I can notice a massive difference but that being said I have felt pretty great for the past month or so and have also escaped a few bugs that friends and family have had too. In general I think the combination of the three products have really made a difference to my complexion as I've been wearing make up less and less and feeling confident in being fresh faced. I should note they are also vegan and suitable for pregnant ladies too! 

What's your skin regime like? What products do you swear by?

I was sent these items to review but all words and thoughts are my own

Street Food in Bristol: Top Places to Grab a Bite to Eat

Good food doesn’t always get served on fancy dinnerware alongside a polished, sparking glass of bubbly. 

It can come in plenty of other ways too, including via the increasingly popular street food vendors. Street food has evolved a lot over recent years; no more is it the idea of a greasy battered fish with some chips that have seen better days. Nowadays, street food has skyrocketed into the realms of gourmet cuisine, with vendors across UK cities serving up delicious fare from their vans, snack shacks and popup restaurants that is as mouth-watering as it is reasonably priced.
If you’re heading to a Bristol for a day don’t feel like you should automatically head to swish restaurants for your dining experience. While they do, of course, provide culinary magic, street food shouldn’t be overlooked. Perfect if you’re out and about during the day, street food can be found in most areas of the city. These ones come highly recommended – not just for the food they create, but for the whole experience that they offer.

Edna's Kitchen
This is my new favourite place in Bristol for street food and hands down the best falafel (sorry Falafel King, you've been out done!). I've so far tried three options on their menu and can really recommend the halloumi wrap. It's situated by Castle Park so although it has outside tables if needed you can also take your food to the park and enjoy the view of the river too!
I've not visited for a while but they really do have the best pies, perfect for crisp autumn days! Although they have a few options I think there are only a couple veggie ones so adding another to the menu wouldn't go amiss. 
Al Bab Mansour
The moroccan place in St Nics market is one of our favourite places to eat. We even went for lunch there before we got engaged! If your not super hungry you can ever just drop by for a cup of mint tea.

Do you like street food?


5 minute make up

I was recently asked if I'd like to check out the Sali Hughes for Clarins make up tutorials. Sali has made three easy videos with Clarins to teach you how to recreate a look in either 5, 10 or 15 minute slots. I was really taken by how easy the five minute tutorial was and how fresh faced a look it was so wanted to try this out for myself.

I've never previously owned any Clarins make up although I've heard about the BB Cream via blogs and interviews as people seem to swear by it! I was also interested in the fact that Sali was only using her fingers to apply her make up as I'm used to doing my own with a brush (for foundation and blusher).

The top shot is of the products needed for the ten minute routine and the third image is for the look I wanted to create. This five minute make up routine is perfect for anyone who doesn't have a whole bunch of time to spend on getting ready. Pre motherhood I used to spend a good half an hour getting ready for work but since having Wilf I tend to spend less time as there is always something that needs to be done!

I have to say I was really impressed with the BB Cream it had a brilliant texture to it and was easy to apply with just your finger tips. My second favourite item was the blush, I've only ever used a powdered blush before and I love the creaminess to these ones. I chose a peach colour as I usually go for darker colours and fancied a brighter look. The mascara is also rather brilliant and has a very fine brush so as not to result in clumps and leaves the eyelashes with a cleaner look. I always just do my top eyelashes as I feel like doing both looks a little 'doll' like.

The items I used were:

BB Cream in 01
Eclat Minute 02 (a champagne colour)
Multi Blush 01 - Peach
Instant Light Lip Perfecter - Rose Shimmer
Be Long Mascara

I'm so impressed with the coverage of these products and how light they feel. I'm totally saving them for my wedding make up too, eek!

this post was sponsored by Clarins

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