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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Our weekend in pictures - 100 days of family

Tom is becoming quite the stylist and picked my jumper and Wilf's shirt up for up from TKMaxx the other day (post to follow).

Last week was a bit tough, Wilf and I had been battling with each other in a way we had never done before. For the most part parenting Wilf is a fairly smooth ride and we don't tend to have too many 'fallings out' but over the past week I had been feeling like a bit of a failure. There had been tantrums, tears (both of us) and feeling a bit hopeless (me). Although that is very normal behaviour for a two and a half year old I've also realised that the week may have been tougher than most as Wilf was actually poorly. On Thursday he was struck down with a vomiting bug and I was reminded how instinctive motherhood really is when it comes down to it. He's my baby and I'm going to be there to look after him.

On Saturday we made a trip up to London as a family. I've been making trips to the city a couple of times a month lately and I fall in love with it more and more each time. Tom hasn't visited since the day before our Paris trip a couple of months back though so I thought it would be nice to have another mooch around Regents Park and check out London Zoo.

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We had been sent the new Samsung Galaxy K Zoom to test out and with all the business of the past few weeks (hello wedding planning!) we hadn't had a chance to check it out properly until this weekend. As a self-confessed Apple girl I was intrigued to see how it would compare. Tom used to work in a tech department and would tell me that lots of his colleagues had switched to the Galaxy from iPhone, something I kind of shrugged off as I was pretty happy with the phone I had (and resistant to change). I wasn't really all that interested in what I considered the limitations of Android so couldn't see how it could be a better device.

Whilst I can't say within the short time I've had it how it differs wildly in terms of apps (all my favourites are on there so there's no issue there) there is one massive difference. The camera is so so much better on the Samsung Galaxy.

going for some sort of cowboy theme Tom chose these outfits

On an average day out with my family I always tend to take my DSLR. I love photography and love that I'm constantly learning too. Sometimes I look back on photos I took two years ago even and cringe at them (flash on, orange lighting, bad angles etc etc) so I know I must be improving. 

That being said it's not always convenient to take my clunky camera wherever we go. Some of my favourite photos are ones taken on my phone as they are moments captured in a split second, ones that would have been missed and forgotten about had I not had the ease of having a small camera with me. It stands to reason that you would want that camera to be as good as it can be. 

I'm amazed with the quality of the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom, the picture of the giraffes for example was taken really far away but zoomed up. When we experimented with zooming in on that image (the phone has a 10x optical zoom) the quality of the picture didn't pixelate at all, we could even go so close to count eyelashes!

Tom tends to take a lot of our photos as we are out and about, especially my outfit shots so he is actually going to be using this phone from now on. As I have Apple products for literally everything else in my life (mac, iPad etc) it makes sense for me to keep hold on my current phone for synchronicity although if he didn't I'd be fairly tempted to just use both!

Whats interesting about the phone is that it is really more of a camera with extras than a phone with a camera. Of course you have the added apps and tech that most smartphones come with (and I actually do appreciate the larger screen, especially for blog reading) but it also has some great editing software with it too. If you are a fan of after editing like I am then it cuts out the need for editing programmes for your laptop. I actually edited all the above via the phone.

I even took a teeny tiny video to show you the quality of that to.

samsung from fritha on Vimeo.

One of the things Tom really liked about the phone is that you can use the phone's lock screen button and volume button as the zoom and click for the camera as well as using the touch screen buttons. Taking a photo using a touch screen zoom it often takes that little bit longer and if you are trying to capture a moment in a split second then you might have missed it. Also selfies can be super tricky if you can't hold your phone and press the screen at the same time so an actual physical button is much better for this...after all everyone knows how much I love a good selfie ;)

I'd say if you solely use your phone as your camera then I doubt you could get a better one than this. I'll still use my DSLR of course but it's certainly made me realise the difference in quality with my current phone. The only downside would be that it is a bit slower to take a picture unless you have it on 'continuous shooting' mode so occasionally you might end up with a blurrier shot but once you've taken a still shot the quality is impeccable.

Hope you all had fantastic weekends too! xo


kathrynsharman said...

Oh I'm not sure I really want to hear this as I've just signed up for another two year contract with a new iphone (I do love Apple). However I have to say these photos are fantastic quality and I do use my phone quite a bit for snapping spontaneous moments. Sounds like it will be perfect for Tom to use when you're out and about!

You Baby Me Mummy said...

Beautiful pictures, I LOVE Wilf with his face paints! Baby has been quite a handful too, resulting in some stressful times. I hope things settle down soon for you xx

hannah staveley said...

Loving the pictures just so fab and summery.

Jen Walshaw said...

I would love to try that phone, it sounds like what need. Re wilf battling with you, what you need to remember is kids only push boundaries when they feel confident. It means you have a happy child who is confident enough to test his boundaries with you and know that you will reaffirm them without hurting him.

Mellissa Williams said...

I love the photo of the carousel. Kids can be like that sometimes, they are making their own way in the world and testing boundaries.

Twinsplustwo said...

Gorgeous pictures as always - but my favourite is the one of Wilf having his face painted, that one is adorable. Definitely one to treasure!

Em Rathbone said...

Those are beautiful photos, I love Wilf's braces and face paint, what a cutie!

abigail said...

The quality looks really great! I can never decide what camera to take out with my, and always end up with an array of different mediums, but it would be handy to have a small camera that I knew would take good quality photos! Looks like a lovely day out!

Adele Jarrett-Kerr said...

We must make it over to London Zoo at some point. I've never seen a giraffe in person (well, you know what I mean!) before. That jumper is brilliant. I can hardly believe these photos are from a phone! I echo what Jen said. He's a happy, secure child. This is hard for you, though!

Donna Wishart said...

We love the K Zoom too although I prefer the size of my iPhone x

Joanna Sormunen said...

Samsung sounds like a really great phone. And the pics are just amazing! Are all of these taken with the Samsung?

Manneskjur said...

Lovely photos Fritha, Wilf is the super-cute with that face paint on - Kitty is sat here looking at the pics with me and she approves!

Globalmouse said...

This looks great quality, i love how brilliant phone camera quality has got. Lovely photos.

Lia Billimore said...

I'm taking my DSLR out less & less these days, but then i get annoyed when my phone is flat & i miss something!! Lovely photo's as always xx

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