These sillies and taking your pets to work

The cats haven't had a mention on the blog for a while so lets stop for a second and take a look at these beauties.

I work from home and this is how you will find these two all.day.long. 

I've never owned a dog and always been more than a cat person. I think a lot of this has been because dogs are a lot more work, often people say it's like having another child and I'm not ready for that either ;) However studies have found these pooches actually help people work. 

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Apparently recent studies show that many workers perform more efficiently and productively if their company has an all-inclusive pet policy. A well-behaved dog by your side can calm you down, and make your workplace a more fulfilling environment.

The employment agency Reed recently looked at the issue of animals in the workplace and interviewed some major UK companies about their pet policies. It doesn’t seem to matter about the breed of dog, as long as it’s well trained and obedient. A German shepherd from a RSPCA rescue centre could prove to be just as docile at work as an expensive Shar-pei. Another positive attribute that a German shepherd can bring to the work environment is laughter, which can relieve the stress of the working day.

Even if your office welcomes animals, ensure that your direct manager also approves. Always make sure that the animal has sufficient water, and exercise it during the morning and afternoon breaks. Having your pet in the office means that you won’t be consistently worried about your dog’s welfare should it have to remain at home alone on a daily basis. Dogs are social animals, and they will thrive on all the attention that they will receive when they come to work with you.

Bring your dog to work day

27 June 2014 saw the TV presenters Eamon Holmes and Ruth Langsford come to work along with their wonderful dog, Maggie. This is an annual occasion; the next Bring Your Dog to Work day will be on 26 June 2015, and it will give employers and employees alike the chance to see how this idea works out in practice.

Some different working environments for dogs

Design studios, lawyers’ offices, and almost any working environment can be dog friendly. The modelling agency, Next Model Management, allows its staff to bring in their pets. Kate Moseley, the director of PR said:‘Having a dog in the office definitely brings a calming atmosphere to what can be a very busy place to work.’

Modern companies are already used to catering for pets in the workplace by embracing seeing eye dogs for the blind. Just look at the immaculate behaviour of David Blunkett’s Sadie when the MP sat in the House of Commons.

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