Decorating the table for Christmas

It seems like so many (myself included!) have gotten into the Christmas spirt a little early this year. I was already feeling festive at the start of November and although my birthday falls on the last day on November (today!) I'm all for celebrating already.

We tend to spend Christmas with Tom's family most years although last year we had Christmas day just to ourselves. I don't really mind either way what we do at Christmas and it's always nice to celebrate with others although we have both agreed that once we have more than one child Christmas day will be a day for just us. Tom is definitely the better cook out of the two of us and he's made Christmas dinner a couple of times now!

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Christmas Wish List

Because I am not getting into the Christmas spirt at all...nope not one bit. Shoes via here.

Some other things I'm totally not getting into..
Christmas Pudding purse / Cat hat (get 10% off with code TIGER10) / Hip FlaskFun Gloves / GruffaloWhite tumble doll / Gold Glitter Tape


Ideal Christmas

I was invited to the Ideal Home Show - Christmas the other day and considering I'm all about Christmas early at the moment I thought why not! I went along with my pal Lori and her lovely little boy F who as you would expect had a blast (he even got to meet Santa's friend..urm stand-in-Santa).

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Clarks Spring/Summer 2015

As you might be aware if you've been a reader of my blog for any length of time I am a big fan of Clarks. I actually think a few years back I wouldn't have considered them to have been such a design led brand. Maybe their designs have changed a little over the past few years or maybe I'm just a bit slow on the update but they are now one of first stops when I look to footwear. 

Not living in London often means I miss out on press days but as fate would happen I was due in the city that day anyway and I was really excited to be able to make it to the Spring/Summer 2015 preview.

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Hotel Living

You might have noticed lately that I've been hopping about the place a fair bit. Over the past month or so I've probably been visiting London weekly. Even weeks when I think I won't be going anywhere I somehow always getting attracted by it's lure, or lets face it something like a Boden press show ;)

Although Bristol to London is just under two hours and so totally do-able in a day occasionally when something requires a 9am start it's hard to imagine leaving the house so earlier or in fact being able to afford peak time train tickets *shakes fist*. In these cases I'm probably more likely to head up the evening before after Tom's got home from work and I can hand over and rush out the door.

The other day I was faced with one of these dilemma's and after a busy week there was nothing I wanted less than to navigate leaving the house at 5 something and only returning late that evening. Thankfully for me I had the opportunity to test out Hotels.com loyalty scheme. They idea being that like lots of loyalty cards you buy ten and get the 11th free.

When I used to work as a P.A my office was next to a brilliant sandwich shop of which loyalty scheme I was part of. I have to say 'free sandwich day' was one of my favourites and handing over my fully stamped collection of ten dots and receiving my favourite sandwich for free did put a spring in my step. Same goes for 'free latte day' with my Asda Living cafe card. I know I how to live.

I love the idea that if you are the sort of person that often uses hotels then by using a discount site like Hotels.com you are not only saving money but being rewarded for your loyalty by a free stay every 10 bookings. Actually once you've made twenty bookings your reward automatically upgrades to an other perks like an executive room. I used my free booking to grab a brilliant nights sleep at the Hilton and waking at 7.30 instead of 5am was so worth it.

The service itself is very easy to use and you can choose to redeem your free stay and then pay for any extras (a room upgrade or breakfast for example) and it's as easy as booking a regular stay.

What do you think of reward schemes like this?

in association with Hotels.com
tea image via death to stock photos

What We Wore

What we wore - Comfy Casuals


Jumper - Next
Dress - People Tree (get 10% off with code TIGER10)
Boots - Boden
Necklace - I am Acrylic (from my shop)

On Wilf:

Coat - Yellow Lolly
Jumper - Mama Owl
Jeans - H&M
Wellies - Joules

Just a silly little gif we did on the weekend. Still so full of cold, I feel dramatic moaning about how much having this cold effected me. Colds just sound like you have a few sneezes but this one knocked me for six, for weeks! This outfit isn't the most exciting but is so comfy and comforting when you want a simple weekend.

I'm sure our neighbours think we are a little odd taking pictures like this on our Saturday morning! 



Cardnest first got in touch with me a couple of months ago to see if I would like a trial of their service.

I'm a big fan of snail mail, both sending and receiving and I feel so sad that it's not something I take the time to do very much. If I'm honest I only really remember to do it on special birthday occasions and even then it's often late (sorry!) and rushed.

Cardnest offer a service of sending you three cards a month every month designed by independent designers. As you can see the illustrations are fantastic, nothing cheesy or garish, in-fact I've kept a few of them as prints for Wilf's room! You can choose to add three first class stamps to your membership package for an extra £1.86 a month which is actually really useful considering I'm the sort of person that never has stamps to hand.

Something I love even more about the company is that they are based locally to me (Bristol). It's great to see such creative business in our city and although I do love London it's nice to see more spring up in other locations than the big smoke ;)

You can read all about the contributing artists and their other work here.

I have a discount code for 50% off all sign ups (including packages with first class stamps for the UK) by using code TIGERLILLY50. If you sign up before the end of the November you'll be able to received the special Christmas cards too!

in association with cardnest

Giveaway with Yellow Lolly

I've mentioned before how much I love shopping and supporting independent shops and designers so I'm really pleased to bring you another amazing giveaway this week from childrenswear shop Yellow Lolly.

With some amazing names and designers stocked by this lovely indie business you will have no problem finding something to spend on your voucher if you are the lucky winner! Wilf's coat is from the store and can be found here. It's going to be perfect for this winter and our trip to meet 'Santa Christmas' in a couple of weeks (eek!)

To enter just complete the below and good luck! xx

t&c's all entries will be added to the Tigerlilly Quinn and Yellow Lolly newsletter's which you can opt out of at any time. The £100 gift voucher must be used within two weeks of receiving the code (by the 18th of December). Uk only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Tigerlilly Quinn Curation for Joss and Main

I'm really excited to share with you a curated sale I did with Joss and Main that went live today! I'm not sure how many of you are aware of the brand but I love it. There are so many design led pieces in their ranges and for someone who is as much a fan of colour as me it's a dream.

Joss and Main asked me to come up with a selection of my favourite key pieces from their collection right now. I really hope you like them all as much as I do. It is a members site only which means that once you've signed up you can received huge discounts on some incredible items as well as newsletters on further sales or new collections. What's great though is if you don't want to receive the emails you can change your settings to reflect that and simply visit the site at your please.

You can sign up using my personal invitation by clicking here. You can view the collection by clicking 'Shop Events' and then 'Vintage Modern' I hope you liked what I picked!

Which items are your favourite?

in association with Joss and Main


What's in a name?

Whats in a name?

Well quite a lot I reckon considering all the to and fro-ing I felt when considered a name change when we got married. The funny thing is..my name really, traditionally, should be Quinn anyway. My dads surname is Quinn and my mum's is Strickland, they decided never to get married and instead divided their surnames amongst us. I ended up with Strickland and the Quinns in our family ended up being my two sisters. That being said, growing up my family would call my 'Fritha Moonbeatle Tigerlilly Quinn' and so it always felt like part of my name in that sense. Ironic really as if I'd just been a Quinn to start with I would never have had to have made a decision either way.

I wrote a little here about my last minute decision to change my name so I won't go into it any more in this post but feel free to take a peek and leave a comment on your views on the matter. I find it all so interesting.

Zazzle contacted me a few days after our wedding and asked if I'd like to review a personalised item from their site and so something with my new (sort of) surname. I chose this cushion in the end although it took me a good while to make my mind up due to the sheer volume of unique items in the store. I was really impressed with the quality of the item and the speed of delivery, plus who doesn't love a pastel pink stripe?

(looks kinda like a mug shot doesn't it!)

I love how the site is divided in so many ways to narrow down your search so even though there are a huge range of products it makes it easy to browse the type of item you are after. I think I would have found the wedding section particularly useful if I'd known about it a few months ago. It would also make for a great place to send people if you were looking for a wedding gifts!

I also think it's great that the site is supporting indie businesses and independent artists and although it contains a huge range of products it also seems to be able to carry through an edgy and quirky theme.

By clicking on 'gifts' you can see products arranged by 'best sellers' or 'interests and trends'. I think that this is such an important feature for a large store like this or you could end up feeling a bit lost. I've already added a bunch of inspirational posters and prints to my wish list (love this print). I really am a sucker for a bit of inspirational typography!

Have you used Zazzle yet? What do you think?

p.s for those asking my jumper is from NEXT*
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I constantly feel lucky that I am able to work for myself, it has always been my dream to and I literally cannot imagine not living a freelancer lifestyle anymore. Funny enough I discovered as I sit writing this post today that it's 'National Freelancer's Day' which is pretty fitting!

I think it terms of working for myself it was quite a slow learning curve. I've been doing this for around three years now and I'm still learning new things everyday. A lot of my friends wonder that working for yourself (and by yourself) can be pretty isolating. Whilst I can see how this might have been the case say ten years ago, I think with rise in social media and the internet you really aren't ever alone ever. Through social media I've discovered a community of freelancers whom I can chat with and bounce ideas of but it taken me a good couple of years to actually get the point where I found this support. If I was starting out now I would probably be a bit of a loss of where to start if I'm honest.

As a freelance illustrator I found it increasingly hard to find where work was, I would trawl through twitter on the off chance that someone might be tweeting about an opportunity and whilst some work did actually come about this way (illustrations for Company Magazine and the Metro) it was also very time consuming and often fruitless. Although my career path has taken a different turn now, I often wonder how difficult it must be for new creatives to find communities and projects to further their chosen career path. 

I was introduced to Hiive a few weeks back and registered myself onto the site. Rather than being yet another social media platform (lets be honest we don't need any more!) Hiive has a strong emphasise on education and training. You can join 'swarms' (it's a hive get it?) where you can bounce ideas off people for any projects you have as well as hearing about what other people are working on. 

I love that they focus so much on courses and opportunities as it makes it a really exciting place to check out. The vacancies listings would be perfect for freelancers of various skill sets to find work applicable to them. Something that I imagine will only get more useful and exciting as the site develops.

Do you work for yourself? What tips would you give if you were just starting out in the freelance world?

This post is in association with Hiive

Me and You

'Me and you, 
Me and you.
Last time we spoke i thought we were through. 
I found a map,
I found a map,
I found a map, 
I found a map. 
And now i know the way you can just go 
Back, back, back, back.
Back, back, back, back.

Help yourself out, shoot history in the mouth,
It's all that's left to do.
Look me up in some phonebook
Under, Me and You.'

Slow Club - Me and You

When Tom and I first met I was not supposed to be starting out in a relationship with anyone. I was supposed to be discovering what it was like to be single, something I hadn't been since I was 17 and at 22 felt like it was the right time to be. My friends told me 'do not get into another relationship' and 'spend a least a year learning what it's like to be by yourself'. I thought this was probably the sort of thing that would be good for 22 year old me. When we met I had a few weeks left in Bristol before I moved in with my friend in Newcastle and I under no circumstance should fall for someone in these in-between weeks..

So although we both knew we really liked each other I still went ahead and moved. 

It was a weird few weeks, full of great times with good friends but also with a sense that I wasn't in the right place. Tom would write me letters (real actual letters with sweet gifts inside them like stickers and home made cards) and we would talk on the phone all the time. One day a few weeks after I had been there I was looking for jobs at the library computer and I got a message from him with a link to this Slow Club song. Actually it was a link to video on YouTube and as I was in the library I couldn't listen to it I did however google the lyrics.

Six weeks after I left I returned to Bristol and we've been together for almost six years now. 
And married for one month. 

This picture was taken on our honeymoon (the only picture we are both in, I need to get better at using the self timer on my camera!).


Bella Casa

image via death to stock photo

Hey friends! I have a little giveaway to tell you about today ran by Furniture Village. 

There is the opportunity to win this Fenice Sofa, from Private Label by Natuzzi Group worth over 2k, and whats fun about this comp is that all you need to do to enter is create a Pinterest board. Who doesn't love creating Pinterest boards?

The theme is 'Bella Casa' so anything Italian is perfect, it doesn't have to be soley interior based either. If you fancy a peek at mine I've embedded it below. All you need to do to enter is the below, you can find out more info and submit your board here

1. Make sure you’re following @OfficialFV on Pinterest
2. Create your own Italy-inspired board, name it #BellaCasa and include our “Pin it to Win it" competition image
3. Submit the URL for your board, along with your contact details, via the form below.

Just remember it's important to pin the 'pin it to win it' image or you won't be entered into the comp. I'll be reviewing the entries and picking a winner next Wednesday!

Good luck and can't wait to see your boards! 

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Follow Fritha Tigerlilly's board Bella Casa on Pinterest.

Wreath Making with Laura Ashley

The other day my friend Lori invited myself and group of our blogger pals to a wreath making workshop with Laura Ashley.

It was set in the beautiful location of the Mockingbird cafe on Alma Vale Rd in Clifton. I'd not visited the cafe yet but know the area well as I used to work just minutes walk from there. The cafe is fantastic with a southern themed menu including breakfast biscuits (I chose the egg & cheese biscuit with chilli jam - so good!) and pretty much the best coffee ever.

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Our Weekend in Pictures - Embracing winter

Being born on the last day of November I'm usually pretty strict on the 'no Christmas until December' kind of rule. However this year I've completely scrapped that and am fully embracing everything about holiday all the way in early November. In fact I had my first glass of mulled wine on the 8th and last week Tom came back with a bottle Baileys! I've yet to eat my first mince pie though.

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Etsy Christmas Wish List

1, i LOVE you to the MOON and Back (Wilf and I say this to each other every day, I know that's not particularly unique but I love it all the same).

2, For all you mermaid fans (and who isn't!)

3, A favourite Etsy shop of mine 'SketchInc' I love this face plate!

4, Ingrid the shrink wrap brooch cat

5, Rocking Horse tea tray 

And lastly!

6, The most amazing pom pom collar! 

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What We're Watching

Carrying on with my obsession with most things french I wanted to share with you 'The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec'. I think widely this film was considered to be a bit of a flop but I Tom and I really liked it in a 'sunday afternoon' viewing kind of way.

Actually we watched it in the evening without Wilf but I think it would probably be appropriate for a maybe a child a little older than Wilf. It's basically like victorian Tomb Raider in french, I also have a bit of a girl crush on the actress Louise Bourgoin.

Other things:

We watched the second of the Hunger Games films. I liked it, Tom didn't but I'm keen on watching the third even if I have to by myself ;)

The fifth season of Sons of Anarchy..as it goes on I like it less and less because I'm trying it hard to find one redeemable character and I'm left feeling a bit stressed and traumatised..and yet I still watch them..that is what they call the Charlie Hunnam effect I guess!

Wilf is watching:

Winnie the Pooh - I can't tell you how much I went back and forth with this one as I am a bit of a Winnie the Pooh purest and my parents pretty much refused to let us ever since the Disney version...I've basically decided that it has it's own charm..it's not the 'real' version but it makes Wilf happy for an hour whilst I get work done so y'know..

Caillou - Wilf loves this one, it's completely new to me but the theme tune gets stuck in my head all day!

in association with Netflix


A Little Shop Update

Some things that are new to the shop!

1, Siamese salt and pepper shakers
2, Paris Print
3, Personalised name print
4, Beaded collar necklace
5, Otis the fox teddy 

Happy Weekend friends! xx

Bonfire Night

You know that thing where you take pictures of fireworks and think 'this will make an amazing picture!' and then you realise you know nothing about night photography and really it's just one of those things you should just enjoy for that moment?


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Spring Summer 2015 with Next

my favourite item from the Spring Summer range, cannot wait to get my hands on these!

I've become a fairly recent convert to NEXT items since I fell in love with this skirt that I've been wearing at pretty much any given opportunity. Not that I was ever not into the brand but I must admit that their pieces over the past year have made me a lot more excited than previous years. I was excited then to see what Spring/Summer 2015 had in store and pleased to be invited along to have a sneak peek.

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Boden Spring/Summer 2015 and all the pretties

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to preview Boden's Spring/Summer collection 2015. As you may have noticed I've recently started a love affair with everything Boden which began after I discovered this skirt (worn here and here). Since then I've been totally taken with their retro design and bright bold prints. When it comes to the clothes I wear I want them to make me feel happy and playful and that is something that Boden certainly do!

Funny story, having had to leave Bristol late to travel to London (due to childcare arrangements) myself and Lori (who came up with my for the Amara Awards) knew we only had a really short amount of time to pop into the press day and view the collection. The train we were on had plugs that didn't work and so having both spent the day rushing around after our kids and not remembering to charge our phones we were both down the the red slither of battery.

I checked the address for the event and dumping out bags in our apartment for the night we literally ran straight back out the door and followed the postcode on a 25 minute walk to Somerset House, up the stairs to the room I thought it was in and...it looked very un-boden. With a few plinths scattered around in monochrome with some sunglasses on them..and some very fashionable people in black talking quietly..I went up the the guy in charge and asked 'where's Boden?'

So it turns out I was like 5 months early for the Autumn/Winter Boden press day..and had read the wrong email. My battery on my phone by this point was at about 2% and I couldn't find the email with the right address..so just before my phone cut out I managed to check IG and luckily the press day had the location tagged and we jumped in a taxi and managed to pop in quickly before the end of the day.

Oh wait, no we did stop outside the ice rink at Somerset House for a quick photo op ;)

I'm happy to say it was SO WORTH IT. And I am eagerly awaiting Spring for all this prettiness, just look at that top (it's a two piece set *swoon*).

P.S Boden* have 25% off at the moment too...just saying (use code X4K7)

The Ultimate Store Cupboard

What would be the ten food cupboard essentials? The ones you really just couldn't live without?
For me it would be tea bags, marmite, pasta, couscous, bread (I see a running carb theme here). Then maybe Soya milk, tinned tomatoes, olive oil, flour and orange juice.

Which pretty much shows what our diet is 80% of the time (note to self cut down on the carbs..says the lady who eats pasta every other day). A survey has been set up by Tombola to find out the nations top ten store cupboard items which you can take in here if you like. By taking part you are also entered into a prize draw to win a hamper of the top ten items. I'm sure tea bags must make it in the final picks!

What food items are always in your cupboard?

images via death to stock photo
This is a collaborative post


A ceremony and a stay at the Citadines

The past month or so has quite frankly been a little crazy. I'm finding myself not knowing what day it is or even what month it is. I know I am so lucky to be leading this life I have though so it's not a moan so much, more of a 'where's my head?' kinda state of being. You're probably a bit sick of me staying that so I will endeavour to be a bit more together going forward..not promising anything though ;)

My blog was shortlisted in the Amara blog awards under 'best fashion inspired' (thanks again so much to anyone who nominated me!). So on Wednesday myself and my pal Lori (who was up for 'best design inspiration' blog took at trip to London to attend the night.

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We love Amsterdam! (part one)

A week or so ago we were lucky enough to be invited to a couple of nights in Amsterdam, courtesy of KLM airlines as part of their #flylocal campaign. I still feel like I have to pinch myself that I get to do a job I love that has perks like this that I can share with my family!

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