Bonfire Night

You know that thing where you take pictures of fireworks and think 'this will make an amazing picture!' and then you realise you know nothing about night photography and really it's just one of those things you should just enjoy for that moment?


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We've not yet entrusted Wilf with sparklers yet because I fear it will be so much of 'Wilf hold it carefully, don't touch it with your glove, hold it steady' etc etc but I did watch that advert as a child about them being the hottest things in the world ever and so I figure that's a valid concern and I'm not just a kill joy..maybe ;)

I also remember being a child and having someone put a firework through our letter box (yes really!) and a friend of mine recently had her front window smashed due to a rouge one that I assume some teenager were messing around with. I guess the thing is they are actually explosives y'know?

I do love this time of year though despite the above, all the holidays, halloween, bonfire night and of course Christmas! In between we also have mine and Wilf's birthdays so it really is a full on and magical couple of months. I've already started on the Baileys and have even been wreath making which is unheard of for me usually as I try and keep to the 'no Christmas before December'. I don't know, I think having a child just makes you want to keep all those things alive for that little bit longer.

For some tips of home firework safely you could check out this guide. We actually now own a fire extinguisher after the old 'setting our kitchen on fire' craft I did last year..

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