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I am in a bit of an interior slump at the moment. Whilst half of me is all for decorating our space and embracing the season the working part of me is dealing with running an online shop at the height of busy season and keeping on top of that! If I'm honest our living room is half living space/half shop at the moment and I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed with that, my desk is in the middle of the room so as long as I glance left and not right I'm kind of OK.

We really need to work out a long term solution to our lack of space though so we've talked about changing our living room up. I'm at the point where I feel like re-doing ALL of the room including the tourquise paint that gives it so much of it's character. It's crazy to me that we have been living here for four and half years now and I think it's due a refresh. A huge part of that will be creating a stock area for me that fit with the room and also creating a desk space that is ergonomic (as I'm currently experiencing RSI and back pain from the way I work).

Thinking about such big changes reminds me of the state the place was in when we bought it and all the decisions that came with it. If I'm honest it was one of the most stressful periods of my life and I'm quite happy to not be living in DIY hell anymore!

If I'm honest one of the hardest parts of doing up our home were the endless (endless) options. To paint or to wallpaper? To carpet or wooden flooring? We decided to carpet upstairs and put wooden flooring on the downstairs but then there was the extra decisions of type of wood, colour of carpet, on and on and on..

It would have been good in hindsight to have got some samples to try out against the colour of our wall and the colour of the furniture we were hoping to have in there. The Luxury Flooring and Furnishings company does just that and will send you as many samples as you like to test before you buy. They also have a massive range of type of wood and colour of wood so you are bound to find something you like! If were to do it again I'd probably do it this way rather than spending all our weekends traipsing around boring DIY shops! ;)

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