Throwing a house warming on a budget

Tom and I have now owned our home for just over four years. It feels like just the other day that sat in our front room and drinking a cup of tea and looking around the place thinking ''this is ours?' 

When we bought our home it needed a lot of work (like A LOT) and as such it wasn't really ready to have people over for a good six months. After this it felt like it was a bit too late to really throw a 'housewarming' as we had lived there for a while already and most people had seen it at some point. 

I thought I would put together a little list on some ideas on throwing a housewarming party whilst keeping it simple and not spending a bunch either! 

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1, Keep it simple, your friends know you have just moved in and probably not finished putting your stamp on the place. It's a celebration of a new beginning not a show home! (wish I'd taken my own advise here!)

2, You don't need to be serve a full meal, depending on the time you can keep it simple 'drinks and nibbles' from 8pm will ensure people will have grabbed a bite before hand.

3, Create a play list on iTunes/Spotify etc so you know that music is covered all evening and you don't have to worry about keeping the tunes going.

4, If you are planning an evening get together then fairy lights and dim lighting is perfect for a cosy casual. There's nothing worse than a glaring bright light at a party.

5, The most important thing I feel about entertaining at home is to just be relaxed! Make sure you're not stuck in the kitchen, keep things easy and fun so you are able to relax and enjoy yourself too!

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