So that was 2014! (Part two)

Hello! Ok so before it's the end of the year again I'm going to quickly recount some of the best bits of the second half of 2014. You can see part one here. It's only just occurring to me now that it was a little crazy to get engaged and married within three months but we did it (and on a pretty cheap budget too, we spent just over 2k in total).

So at the start of July I spoke about finally being comfortable 'make up free', a few years back I wouldn't let my best friend see me without make up on let alone the internet! I blogged about how fantastic this beautiful city of Bristol is (and in doing so won some hotel vouchers we ended up using on our honeymoon!).

Wilf and I hung out and I took these pics which might be my favourite of him all year! Oh and I coaxed Tom out in front of the camera for this 'what we wore' post.

Took trips to see friends (a reminder to cross the border a bit more, it's only 45 mins away!).

Went on walks with my little Cadno Fox (oh how I wish he still fitted in these clothes now!)

THEN in mid July we got engaged which was a bit of a surprise! You can read our engagement story here and here but here are a few pics (oh and yes there were lots of outfits!).

And then I wrote a little about what I thought about marriage..it was a bit of confusing one for me! (I'm glad I did the 'me and you' project if only for this picture.

The weather was warm enough for paddling pools (oh summer!) and days of play. We drank milkshakes and started wedding planning.

I said goodbye to my hometown of Aberystwyth as my parents moved away. It was a place that held a lot of memories..good and bad! Another post here.

I interviewed a Spice Girl! (had to throw that in there because..of course!)

I played at being a mama of two ;)

I made our wedding invites

Carried on doing weekendy things

had a 'hen-not-hen party' and won a Mad blog award -thank you again for everyone that voted for me!

Finalised some last minute wedding bits, hung out with Wilf some more as the weather finally got cold enough for coats.

We got married! You can see our wedding video here and how I felt getting married 

We went on honeymoon! (video here) and a guide of what we got up to here.

We spent a couple of days in Paris then popped home before zooming off to Amsterdam (so lucky).

Part one of our time there and part two here. Video here

I blogged about the early days of motherhood and the things that I needed (and the things I really didn't!)

Wilf and I took a trip to Lapland! (another post here and more to come!)

We got ready for Christmas and started new family traditions.

I turned 29 (last year of my twenties eek!) and Tom and I had a night away in London to celebrate. Tom dropped down to a four day week to spend more time with Wilf and wrote about it here.

and then it was Christmas!

WOW! It's only when you do things like this that it really hits home just how much we filled into 2014! I feel beyond grateful to be living the life I lead with the people I love and so very thankful for all my lovely readers too! xx


SlummySingleMummy said...

Wow, what a six months you had!! I am very impressed. I would say you need a little lie down now.

Nell@PigeonPairandMe said...

What a gorgeous run-through! Looks as though you've had an incredible time. Let's hope the next six months are just as beautiful!

Eleanor Lyle said...

Wowzers! What an amazing year you have had. I just read your Bristol review and it made me want to stay; no mean feat given that i'm currently pining after Brighton ( Oh Brighton! My first love.)
Also : No make up .. Wat! I'm shamefully unable to venture out naked of face. .. going to the gym in just mascara leaves me feeling like I should live under a bridge and ask questions about people trip-trapping an awful lot. Well done you. (Gosh, I waffle like Belgium. Sorry.. basically a long winded compliment). The picture of Jaws - Wilf is just beautiful too.

Lindsay @Newcastle Family Life said...

wow what an amazing action packed year you have had. I hope 2015 is just as wonderful for you and your family xx

Adele Jarrett-Kerr said...

An amazing year! And such a beautiful one at that. I love that picture of you and WIlf skating.

kathrynsharman said...

The most amazing year!!! X

Kimberly Temple said...

These are such lovely pictures Fritha. I love the one of Wilf in his shark outfit, he's such a little dude. I hope 2015 is just as wonderful for you all x

Laura Rocksteady said...

What an action packed year and such amazing photos to capture all the memories. The airstream looks amazing and I just realised I ordered the same cosatto stroller :)

Laura x

Lia Billimore said...

Such a lovely post about what was an amazing year! I really love your Paris outfit & the B&W pic of you & Wilf :)

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