So that was 2014! (part one)

I know that pretty much everyone is doing these yearly catch ups right about now so I'm sure you might be a little sick of hearing a recount of 'the year that was' but just humour me if you will ;)

January - I embarked on a month of vegan, I felt a lot better and had more energy & I also felt like a weight had been lifted from me knowing I was being more ethical. I wish I had carried this on into the rest of the year but what I learnt from it was that I am terrible at planning and fell into the same simple dishes that quickly became boring. If I was better (and enjoyed) cooking more this is would be a no-brainer. Instead I tried to implement eating less animal products (we don't drink cows milk anyway) and choosing to try and make more meals from scratch. For now we are sticking with Vegetarian. You can read my conclusion here.

I also wrote about simplifying for the new year, starting the 'me and you' project and took boat rides.

February - I made some free valentines printables (or email-ables I guess!). Visited Brighton for the first time with my sister Serin as she viewed the uni and blogged about my stamp collection.

oh and I made my first 'vlog'!

March - I visited Manchester to view another uni with my sister (the one she's ended up at!) and met my folks up there too. Oh and another bit of Manchester here too.

My blogging buddy Polly visited Bristol and we finally met! We started to embrace Spring and spend slow afternoons baking.

We took a trip to London and the Natural History Museum and stayed over at Hendon House (and afternoon teat too!)

Oh yes and mother's day! That day never gets old ;)

April - Some of the 'ordinary moments', my friend shared this pom pom bunny DIY, so cute!

and that time I yelled for the first time..

Tom and I tried to take more dates nights and Wilf and I tried to 'shake the sillies out'.

We had an Easter egg hunt of course!

May - Started a bit weird when our bus broke down outside a weird zoo..

I ran an 'inspiration day' with Homesense, something the shy me just a couple of years ago could never have done.

I went to Blogtacular and stayed in I think my favourite hotel of this year The South Place.

We chilled out in the park as the weather got warmer and splashed around in Millennium Square visiting weekend festivals.

In June - We became pirates ;) and finally I got to visit Paris for the first time!

Tom gave me an Amelie Tour, we sailed boats , fell in love with Montmartre and didn't lock a lock on the 'love lock bridge'.

We were also lucky enough to take a little holiday to Bluestone park in Wales.

We hung out together on weekends exploring our beautiful city.

So that was half of the year! I'm going to split these posts into two or it will be just be too long. The first half of the year was so fantastic I couldn't imagine how the second half could top it but we ended up getting engaged and then married too!

Thanks as ever for reading along and all your lovely comments xx


Another Bun said...

Such a lovely recap and photos as well - thank you for sharing

mummyoftwo said...

I love looking back at the end of the year it's one of the reasons I love blogging so much! It sounds like you had a really fun start to 2014 and you have some lovely photos to look back on.

Gretta Schifano said...

This is a lovely way to remember your year and I bet that Wilf will enjoy reading it when he's older. Your photos are gorgeous, as ever!

You Baby Me Mummy said...

Ah I love this hun, what a wonderful round up and your pictures are so beautiful. Hope to see you soon lovely lady x

Wild & Grizzly said...

Such a great round up and lovely looking back and all the things you got up too! x

Beautyqueenuk said...

Aw what a really lovely post and so many amazing and beautiful pics. I love the one of you and the Mister gazing at each other x

mummydaddyme said...

Such a colourful and beautiful year Fritha! I loved looking at all these photos again! I hope 2015 is just as amazing for you- I have no doubt it will be! xx

laura redburn said...

ahh, love this. you've had a busy year - hope this one is ace for you!

emmaand3 said...

Oh how lovely - you really shared a fab year.

kathrynsharman said...

Gosh i can't believe that was just half the year - what a wonderful time you, your little family and your brilliant blog have had! x

sonya said...

Fab photos from a fab year - looking forward to part two!

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