What Mama Wore - A Casual Saturday

On Saturday we had a third birthday to attend, lots of cake to eat and general celebrating with old friends. We went for breakfast before heading out to the party and Tom the ever dutiful bloggers husband snapped some quick pics of my outfit for me.

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It was a weird day, I'm not sure if it was too much sugar but by about 6pm I had tummy cramps and couldn't eat a thing. I was in bed until midday sunday feeling pretty rubbish and sorry for myself. It might have been a bug but if anything it's made me want to kick start a bit more of a healthy living from now on. I need good food, less sugar and more exercise, not a revelation but you really need to feel it to make those changes don't you?

As I've mentioned probably every single time you see me in a picture of jeans, I don't usually wear them. I think most people have some sort of body insecurity and for me it's my hips I tend to be pretty hourglass shape which suits dresses fine but not so much trousers. I know what works for my frame and dresses are definitely my comfort zone.

I was given these jeans* after the Next S/S press day and was interested in seeing how they'd fit. I do actually own two pairs of jeans on top of these but I find the process of buying them so confusing. I have a long tummy, a small waist and big hips which means most that will go over my hips will leave a massive gap around my waist or they won't go that high which will leave a gap between my top and my bottoms. Annoying.

These were actually called high rise but for me it's means they finally fit at the right place. They are skinny jeans which I'm never 100% sure I can pull off without being very slim but with a bit of jumping into they actually fit perfectly. I'm not sure I'm ever going to be a jeans girl but they've been worn lots since I got them and are perfect for simple weekends and mucking around with Wilf.

This top* was one I found when having a bit of a spree in ASOS. It wasn't on sale but it caught my eye and I knew it needed to come live with me. It actually has a matching skirt which I ordered too but sent back deciding it was maybe too much to have a two piece.

The necklace is from my shop along with a few new items (go take a peek!) and the boots were sent to me from Kaleidoscope. Super cute and fun and I think will be perfect with dresses in the summer too, plus they are on sale for only £29 which is a bit of a bargain!

And that's what I wore on Saturday! 

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