Me and Mine - February

It's crazy how a month can fly by! Taking one photo a month of your family really doesn't seem like a difficult task but I'm reminded how if I didn't have this prompt I wouldn't have taken any over the past two months!

This photo was taken on a little family walk we took on the weekend. We always try and get out for breakfast at least once over the weekend, it's one of my favourite things about my week if I'm honest! We've had a few ups and downs this month from things going on in our lives but I'm always reminded how my little family are there for me (and a night out with friends helped too!). I'm so happy to be putting the winter months behind me as they've felt like they have dragged on a bit this year (or maybe they always feel like that and I just forgot) and Spring feels so close!

We have a little family break to look forward to next month which we're so excited for and I really want to start getting into more activities with Wilf again like swimming and toddler gym. I swear the weather makes me just want to hibernate and not commit to to doing much more than coffee stops and eating cake ;)

Hope you've had a lovely February with your family, I can't wait to see your Me and Mine pictures for this month! Remember that everyone that enters will be automatically entered into a competition to win a collage cushion with Photobox. 

This month I'm sending you over to over to the lovely Lucy who set up this beautiful project.

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Dream kitchens

Whilst I think we've done a great job in doing up our home there are certain features about it that cannot be changed. Due to the type of home it is (victorian) it has a very narrow galway kitchen which means it's often pretty dark and lacks much space to do anything.

As such I often find myself staring longingly at kitchens like this with big open spaces (and an island!). I've been using the Wren Kitchen planner to design my dream kitchen, like the ones shown in this post. I'm really into the Linda Barker range especially the modern designs.

Having a small kitchen means I'm always looking for space saving storage solutions so I love their storage range, things like this corner storage is just an igneous idea. One of things I really regret about our kitchen is our dark wooden work surfaces, I thought I liked wood but actually it makes our kitchen seem even darker. As a blogger it would be so much easier to have a white work surface like these ones.

I think out of the ones above the third is my favourite, I love the simplicity that runs throughout it.
What would your dream kitchen look like?

In association with Wren Kitchens 


Style in Your City - Sleep

This fortnight for 'Style in your City' we're going to try something a little different and it's all about spotting your city style or a city you've visited. We want to see what catches your eye and it could be anything: colourful buildings, street art, fashion your loving, art you've seen, or stunning interior design.

A few weeks ago I took a trip to London and has the pleasure of staying over the night before in The Artist Residence's new London branch. 

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Ten Clever DIY Ideas

If your home is anything like mine then you probably have a ton of DIY products on your 'really need to do this someday soon' list. I'm always looking for simple ideas that can make a big difference to our home. We are currently looking a new storage solutions for the bedroom because someone *ahem may have a little too many clothes..

I thought it would be fun to compile a 'top ten' of some of my favourite I've found online lately.

This top image is from this blog (it's not actually a english language blog but you can get the idea from the picture!) I love the colour's she has painted to crates too.

2, I love this magazine rack idea from one of my favourite blogs ever.

3, How about this cute wallpaper steps? 
4, This is such a good idea on how to frame calendar art
5, Got to love these peg board ideas!

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Mothers day - Wish List

1, Coin Purse 
2, Handmade collar 
3, Cat mug
4, Popcorn bag 
5, Orla Kiely shoes
6, Charm bracket (get 10% off everything in store with code TIGER10)

A little Mother's day wish list for you! Hope you are all having a lovely week. I'm pretty obsessed over those shoes, I try to get at least one pair from the Orla Kiely collection for Clarks every time they come out and I think these may be the ones!


Better Places - The Lido - Bristol

 the lido bristol
Before becoming a parent I never really felt the need for 'me time' as I do now. I used to love an hour in the bath reading a good book or binge on my favourite box set but I took things like grabbing a cup of coffee for granted and never really craved it as a thing to do by myself.

Everyone can tell you that becoming a parent is life changing and at times overwhelming. For a long while I felt like I just didn't have anything left of myself to give to anyone other than this new person in myself and that included giving time to myself. I feel lucky enough now a few years down the line of parenthood to be getting the balance a little better (for me) and one of my favourite parts of the week is taking my laptop to a different location to work from on childcare days.

Oftentimes the first half an hour of these days will be spent with my laptop closed, coffee in hand and just letting myself be and think and clear my mind.

On of my favourite places to do this is The Lido in Bristol.

I've never actually taken the plunge (literally) into the beautiful water you see in front of you. I do love to watch the swimmers though, who are certainly far braver than me in this cold weather.

I think it's so important as a parent to be able to recharge and give yourself a little break now and then. It certainly refreshes me mentally and helps me parent a little better when I give myself over to my family once more.

Do you have a place that helps you recharge and feel better?

This #BetterPlaces post is in support of the Syndol Find Your Better Place campaign with BritMums. Syndol is now formulated for headaches. Visit www.syndol.co.uk  for online resources with information about headaches and how to restore calm in your life.”


a little kiddo clothing shoot

As you will know if you are a long time reader of my blog, dressing Wilf is one of my favourite things about being a mum. I'm often telling people just how fun boys clothing can be and although I'm quite a 'girly girl' when it comes to my love of dresses, I've never felt like like I'm missing out in the fun clothing department when it comes to childrenswear.

That being said you do have to look around at times, when I was pregnant I did worry I would be lost amongst football style T-shirts and jogging bottoms. Thankfully lots more brands are clocking on to the fact that boys love fun colourful designs too and M&S is no exception.

I was asked if I would like to style a fun kiddo fashion shoot from the new M&S range for Wilf and a couple of his buddies and I was excited to start pulling together looks. Although I did buy a couple of very pretty dresses I was also excited to pick up a bunch of T-Shirts and leggings that could be worn by both Wilf and his friend of the same age Aleah.

I picked up most of these items online but we did head into our local store to take a look at the nursery selection. Wilf helped picked out the softies and wooden toys which was a bit like Christmas all over again for him.

I picked up this three set of Dinosaur T's which wen't down a treat with them both and they were able to mix and match the set up between them.

Aleah's dress actually came with a Hello Kitty t-shirt which she decided to pair with a different bottom and went for this dino T instead. I've certainly learnt a lot about the wilfulness of three years old when I took these shots but hey actually it's a good look so what do I know? ;) Wilf's T-shirt is this brilliant bug expert one.

I really love leggings on kids. Actually something we learnt when toilet training with Wilf was how much easier elasticated waists are. We didn’t realise at the time that him trying to undo buttons was making the process trickier for him. when we did we changed all his bottoms for elasticated ones to make things easier for him and it really helped. You can get packs of three from M&S in lots of fun bright designs on the site, the breton striped ones are my favourite. In fact I wouldn't mind some myself.

If you want to know the secret for getting little kids to stay still and let you take their picture? Bribery, biscuit bribery..

The kids were kept amused between changes with these gorgeous wooden toys. Wilf was really excited by the train and car and has been playing with them non stop since and little Stella decided to tuck the softies into bed and read to them. I also picked out this new bedspread for my dinosaur fascinated kiddo.

How cute is this cushion??

Denim is another favourite of mine, it's such a classic material and hardwearing so perfect for all the running around and scuffing knees that kids get up to. I love these ones and they are lined too making for brilliant warmth during these chilly months.

This jumper was one of my favourites from the new range, the shape and print is just perfect. It's a lighter material so will work well during spring and summer too.

These PJ's are so much fun, we actually bought the robot set for him at Christmas (we like to gift new 'jarmers on Christmas day) and so many people asked where we got them from. The Robot ones sold out really fast so I'd be quick if you fancy snapping these up!

I have to admit that trying to create any kind of order when you are photographing three kids is pretty tricky! Thankfully there were lots of tea breaks and we all had good fun. The kids were more than thrilled by the amount of biscuits they were allowed to consume and bouncing on the bed too!

What do you think of the new range? Do you enjoy picking out kiddo clothes as much as me?

Life Lately plus a little local spa discount

image via upsplash 

I was just staring at this picture thinking how amazing it would be to say that life lately had been hanging out here...I wish!

I did do some hanging out in a spa with some of my favourite blogging type people though which was also very fun. I got a wonderful facial that I almost very nearly fell asleep during and I got to chit chat for a good three hours with a nice glass of wine in hand. Bliss. We were invited by Spa Naturel Fitness and if you are local and fancy a little treat anytime in March you can grab 20% off with code TIGER10 I can recommend the facial!

I only had my first ever massage a year or so after having Wilf and I was blown away by how much it effected me. I'm now a big believer in treating myself to body work like massages, the next thing I really need to sort out is my awful posture!

Some other things from life lately:

A lovely reader asked a while back if I would do a post on how to edit my photos or equipment I use. I'm so sorry I've not got round to this yet but it is in the works I promise! I've been really getting into learning about different lenses and filters & how they can effect a picture. I was sent this one just before Christmas and used it in these pictures and really loved the depth it gave them. I'm excited to pick up some more and play around with them.

I'm trying to think of what else we have been up to whilst our days sort of blur into one!

First picture - top / coat / leggings / hat / trainers 
Second picture - top / leggings / boots 

I've been hanging out with this one as much as I can. In fact I've been tempted to skip our nursery days more often then not because he has been such a joy to be around. Although whenever I get home and manage to drink a cup of tea and get some work done I know how important they are for us both. 

Wilf has been coming out with the funniest sayings and questions lately and I need to be stop and I really need to write them down before I forget them. He has us laughing so many times of the day, it reminds me how he is his own very special person apart from Tom and I. Such an amazing experience seeing a person grow into their personality.

We've been keeping it pretty local lately & staying close to home or indoors but we saw a teeny tiny bit of spring's arrival the other day and I let that sun soak into my skin for as long as possible. Every time I get to February I seem to forget there ever was a time that we didn't have to wear coats and to be honest I still probably should have worn one as it was a little chilly! 
What else?

The folks at Colour Me Wellies sent Wilf a pair of these wellies to colour in. Such a fun idea for a rainy day..ha! ;)

I'm taking over on the Radley Instagram account this weekend to show you a little of my weekend if you fancy following along. I love Bristol harbourside in the sun!

coat / dress / bag / shoes

I also have a whole bunch of new stock in the shop if you fancy checking it out. I love these letter banners, so fun!

I hope you all have fantastic weekends, thanks so much for all your lovely comments in my last post I really appreciate it. I was telling a friend just the other day how much it means to me that you guys take the time to comment, I have the loveliest readers!

*some of these items were sent to me in return for featuring on my blog but all words and thoughts are my own


Our Weekend in Pictures - Valentines

Tom and I don't really tend to buy each other anything for Valentines anymore. I think we both know we don't actually *need* anything and so things like cups of tea or a nice hot bath are much more appreciated.

This Valentines weekend we took ourselves out for breakfast for a break from the norm ;) (I'm totally joking this is what we always do on a Saturday) but we did try somewhere new at least. We went for veggie breakfasts and Wilf the scrambled egg on toast. I had a bit of a cold so couldn't really taste mine but Tom assures me it was good and Wilf gobbled up the whole lot before declaring the same.

I've been feeling a little run down and burnt out lately. It's a funny one as I'm always one to try to brush over negative feelings, I suffered quite a lot in my youth (my youth? sounds like I'm about 100!) with depression and so I try to be as positive as I can each day. I don't believe things like depression can be simply helped with a positive attitude, but I do think it helps me to start the day thinking about the good in my life and not try and dwell to much on what might be worrying me or getting me down.

I know that my life is so blessed and I am lucky to be leading it and so I do struggle with letting myself feel anything other than grateful. Actually though sometimes it's not always helpful to not let yourself feel sad. I guess there are always ups and downs in life and experiencing the lows is sometimes just as important as the highs. I spent friday having a good 'ol cry and really letting it all out sobs and all. It made me realise how much I have had bottled up actually.

Tom is a fixer. Tom wants to fix any problem there might be and I know that it frustrates him when there isn't really a solution. I think it's because for Tom the most important thing in his life is family, he wants to be able to always protect us and make sure we are OK.

I've been thinking a lot about family lately, about my own family (the one I grew up with) and about my family now, the one Tom and I have created together. One family I was born into and the other I chose. It's a comfort to me to know that in Tom I have someone that I know without a doubt will always put myself and Wilf above all others. Falling in love and becoming a mum was something I dreamed about since my first ever memories. It's something I've probably always craved because I wanted to have the sense of belonging always.

The other night I was putting Wilf to bed and he asked me to cuddle him as usual. Tom does the bedtime routine usually and so after a quick kiss and a cuddle I'm left with a bit of peace & quiet and the boys do their thing, teeth, books, cuddle, sleep. This evening Tom was out so I got into his bed and snuggled down with him, he wrapped his little arms around my neck and breathed into my ear sleepily 'I love you more than the world'.

I decided that night to sleep with him the whole night, squished into his little bed with tears rolling down my cheeks with the enormity of it and overwhelmed with my emotions. Every time he woke or rolled over he would kiss me and whisper that he loved me again and I thought how I wanted to remember moments like this forever. When I'm old and Wilf is grown up and I think back on just how lucky I am to have lived my life.

I didn't really start this post thinking it would go this way actually but it's nice to be able to just type with no real point. Just thoughts tumbling out my brain, feelings I'm trying to organise. I think I used to have a diary for this sort of thing but hey, why not share it all on the internet? ;)

This blog as always is just my way of remembering these days with my family. A way in which I'm trying to freeze time, to record memories of our life together.

I hope whatever you got up to this weekend it involved lots of tea and the chance for a hot bath too xx

p.s in case you were wondering about the clothes:

Coat / shoes / skirt / top

Coat / Jumper / Jeans / Trainers


(the balloon was a surprise from Anthropologie, thanks guys!)

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