Style in your city - A trip to Brighton

(in case you are wondering there are from here)

Last weekend we took a much needed mini break to the Brighton. It might seem like I've only just been away (and I have) but this is the first time we have gone away together as a family this year and I've been looking forward to a full three days in a row with the people I love the most for has what has felt like months.

February was a funny sort of month and one I'm glad to see the back of. I feel like Spring is so very nearly here and I always get to this point of the year wondering why I ever craved the colder months. I need to be outside and feel the sun on my face, even if I'm still in my coat ;)

I visited Brighton just over a year ago (see here!) to visit with my little sister who was reviewing uni spaces but it was a very fleeting visit and I only got to explore a little by myself whilst she was in campus. Tom had been before but on a work trip when we first started dating and so we had never actually seen the place together.

A lot of my childhood friends seemed to end up in either Bristol or Brighton so I knew it was the sort of quirky place that I would enjoy visiting. I was surprised by how much it reminded me of my home town of Aberystwyth actually.

I forgot how much colder the weather can feel with the sea wind and I have to admit to not really dressing all the appropriately (story of my life!) so we didn't spend a great deal of time on the beach, although Wilf would have happily spent the entire time there inspecting shells.

Most of the time was spent eating in brilliant veggie places, we went to Food for Friends, Iydea (twice) and Terre a Terre. My favourite of them all was the Terre a Terre and I'll be following up with a full post as it was so so good!

(I kind of love this picture the best, Tom asked me that morning if I was really going out like that ha! Also the photobomb from Wilf, ah perfect snap in my opinion ;))

It was so lovely to get away for a few days and just what we all needed to shake the cobwebs of the last of winter. I'd love to come back in the summer and spend some proper time on the sea front. Part of me was a little worried we'd love it so much we would wonder if we would want to move but I'm happy to say Bristol still owns my heart which is a relief (I have a tendency for itchy feet at times!).

I made a silly little video here if you fancy a peek.

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Last week I love this post from Global Mouse Travels on Martinhal Resort (I want to be there!)

My favourite IG picture was from Xanthe Berkley here

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In case you were wondering:
Clarks Orla Shoes / Striped Boden Tunic / Pink Orla Kiely trousers (get 10% off with code TIGER10) / bag (on sale)

Joules Raincoat / jumper 

As usual I added a fun list of similar items incase these aren't available!


Joyce said...

Look so beautiful.

Katie @mummydaddyme said...

I love the video Fritha and Brighton is such an amazing place isn't it? If I wasn't so close to my family I would move there in a second. x

Katie Sparrow said...

I have those trousers! I actually have those H&M trousers! And the reason why I'm already up by two exclamation marks is that I totally love those trousers but I haven't yet worn them as I think it's just a little too cold still. Is it too cold? [insert pleading voice hoping that you'll tell me they're secretly really warm to wear and I should wear them now]

Charlotte @ Educating Elsa said...

I love your matching yellow jackets. I've been looking for a bright yellow raincoat for Elsa actually because I always think little kids look so cute in them! I just know I would love Brighton if I ever got around to visiting, but it's just a bit too far for us to attempt by train at the moment I think! I have no idea how well Elsa would behave on a long train journey!

Daisy Jones said...

Ahhhh love the video, I used to live in Brighton, bought a flat there all by myself (many years ago) and Terre Terre is my fave too, once saw Paul McCartney there!
sweet memories...glad you had fun..
bestest daisyj x

HonestMum said...

Gorgeous pics, I've not been to Brighton for years but have such happy memories there. Love your outfit and the shot of your 'boys' kissing-gorgeous x

Charlotte and Catherine Crafte said...

I love your style, such cute colours and the matching jackets is adorable!

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