What Wilf Wore

We are free from the chicken spots! To celebrate we finally got to spend sometime in a public space, our local coffee shop, I can't tell you how good it is to be able to go somewhere other than the park.

Actually Wilf has coped with chicken pox really well, although he had around 60 or so spots that he found mildly itchy he was never really in any discomfort or tried to scratch at them. I'd say he probably got them at a good age as it can be so worse for older children (so I've heard). All I remember from having them myself is painting my favourite dolly with red spots to match me and then finding they didn't come off and she had to remain diseased forever, ha!

He still has a couple of scabs on his face in the picture (which aren't contagious) but he was literally jumping for joy being able to get out and about.

We were sent these shoes from Young Soles London and I absolutely love how classic they are in design. I've had my eye on this brand for a good while and they are just as beautiful as I imagined they would be.

Wilf's top is from Me and I clothing, a lovely Scandinavian company selling items for both kids and adults. This top has a real seventies vibe to it, I think it goes perfectly with the classic style shoe too!

Whilst he's been infectious Wilf hasn't been able to go to childcare of course so it's just been me and him for the past two weeks. Despite being a little bit behind on everything (and occasionally a little stressed because of it) I've really cherished this quality time with my little boy. I'll miss him when he's back at nursery!


Kerryy said...

Gorgeous shoes!

Jakki Burton said...

The coolest kid on the block. Fact. :)

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