Married 6 months and some pre - wedding pics

Tom and I worked out over the weekend that we have now been married 6 months (Tom says it feels like longer ho ho ho). It's coincided nicely with my friend Laura sending us the rest of the photos she kindly took at our wedding so I thought I'd share some more here.

I love the picture above, bucks fizz on the walk over the road to my neighbours to get my hair done, felt like Christmas morning!

I actually love the pictures of before the wedding almost as much as some of the ones of the actual event. I had gotten up at 5.30 suddenly remembering that the venue might not have wi-fi and hence wouldn't be able to play my spotify play list. I was frantically making one for my iTunes instead as my friend Dona arrived at 8am which I told her to take over as I got Wilf ready.

My little sister and brother had arrived the night before and I was putting the bins out (oh the glamour!) as my big brother and his family started walking up our cup-du-sac. It felt so refreshingly normal and so lovely to have my siblings with me.

I did intend to put them all up but clearly that would make a mammoth picture heavy post so I might separate them into three and leave these ones here as they are. I don't see my youngest brother very much these days so I love these pictures of him, I'm bias but I think he's a very handsome teen.

I loved having Wilf around me as we got ready for the day, he always says since then 'remember when me you and daddy got married?' and it really did feel like a celebration for all three of us. Wilf is my little shield, I feel stronger and more confident holding his hand and being his mum.

I can't believe how little he looks in these pics and it's only been 6 months!

I'll share more pics soon if you fancy a peek!


laura redburn said...

love these photos, and what wilf said had me 'awwww'-ing so much. so sweet!

Kara diamonds said...

Amazing photos !

Lizzie Woodman said...

Lovely photos, really cute. I have that coat, it's the best! :-)

mummydaddyme said...

What a fabulous photographer Laura is! You look beautiful. x

Claire said...

Such beautiful photos. The morning looks really fun rather than stressful and so lovely for Wilf to be a part of your day. I feel like my kids make me stronger too and know I'll feel more relaxed when we eventually marry having them there. The photo of you texting is mesmerising xxxxx

Imogene Reynolds said...

The one of you and him in the car is adorable! totally agree, he looks tiny bless him.
Beautiful pictures :) x

Fiona @greenlovinggal said...

Gorgeous photos! You truly get a feel for the day and it looks so, so lovely! I'm getting married in August and can't wait to get all my family together for it too :) Can't wait to see the rest of the photos! :) xx

Amy said...

What wonderful photos. You look beautiful.

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