Me and Mine - June

I've had the end of June circled in my calendar for weeks now. It's when I turned 17 weeks pregnant and therefore hoped that like my pregnancy with Wilf I would start feeling more normal. I'm so pleased to say that has been the case and I'm finally able to enjoy some time with my family without feeling so sick!

The month the weather has finally heated up and we've been enjoying glorious summer weekends, taking boat trips down the harbour, grabbing brunch and mainly just hanging out the three of us. Whilst it is still the three of us!

We've been taking a lot about things like baby names and all the exciting stuff that comes with the expectation of a new arrival. We actually have our scan next week where we'll hopefully be able to find out if we are expecting a baby boy or girl!

I've been feeling super hormonal and emotional lately which is probably pretty tough on Tom to be honest. There was an afternoon I ended up stamping my foot and running to bed crying all to do with lunch options! I don't really remember being quite so emotional last time round but I've probably just forgotten what it was like. I've been feeling baby kicks too and although they are not yet strong enough for Tom and Wilf to feel them it's a lovely little reminder of this new addition I'm carrying.

Wilf ever the excited big brother has been talking to the baby in my tummy, he keeps asking when it will be able to walk or crawl and the other day he picked out a few of his puzzle games he no longer played with and said he'd like to pass them on to him/her. I love that he's so excited and although I'm sure there will be tricky moments when we become a family of four and he is no longer the only child, I'm just so glad that he's so very involved already.

This week I'm sending you over to the lovely Lucy to see what her lovely family have been up to this month!


wish list - love the sign

1, Baby dinner set by Doiy 
2, Lego food box
3, Rufo drum 
4, Mobile Home by Studio Roof
5, Nature is a Present print

I want to introduce you guys to a new-to-me webshop called Love The Sign. I'm in full 'baby shopping' mode lately and that doesn't stop at cute baby grows. Although this baby won't have a nursery but be sharing our room (and to be honest Wilf was in with us for 18months as well) I want to decorate at least a corner of the room to the new arrival, mainly just for the fun of preparing it!

I selected the above items from the store with both Wilf and the new baby in mind. We saw the lego head storage boxes at our stay in the Airbnb place in Copenhagen and I've been thinking about getting one for Wilf ever since. I love the attention to beautiful design in all the designs on the site and although I've only focussed on children's products there are tons furniture and accessories for adults also. Certainly worth a look if you are after some more original designs!

In association with love the sign


Quinn’s Park Rangers vs Copenhagen

Another post from Tom today as he fills you in on some of the places we went to in Copenhagen. I say 'we' but for half of the holiday is was just Wilf and Tom whilst I was feeling ill. Obviously I wouldn't plan feeling so bad on another trip but the silver lining was the guys got to have a lot of quality one on one time. Tom will be posting about that soon I think but in the meantime if you planning a trip to this city and love parks then this is the post for you ;)

It can be windy in Copenhagen, which means that the weather can change very quickly. Fortunately (well a combination of excellent urban planning and not building on every available space) means that the centre of the city is surrounded by parks. Along with being very flat and relatively compact, it means that Copenhagen is a great city to visit with children. Here are the ones that we visited.

Wilf really enjoyed running around the paths of the rock gardens pointing out which trees and plants were his favourites, and we saw a red squirrel! There is a complex of several old glasshouses dating back to the late 1800s. This culminates in the fantastic tall, round glasshouse in with spiral staircases to a gantry. I remember visiting similar places with my mum when I was little and feeling like I was in a jungle, so I was glad to be able to take Wilf to this fine example.

This is a well-kept park containing the Rosenborg Castle, home of the Danish crown jewels. We enjoyed (although slightly damp) stroll through here to get from the botanical gardens to Nyhavn.

Wilf and I visited this park whilst Fritha was having one of her naps. The park is only a few minutes’ walk from the Stroget and has two playgrounds. One is a staffed one with really good play equipment and a lots of sand. The other is looking a bit run down and probably better for slightly older kids. However, it did have a little café next to it with ice cream and beer.

We visited this park on a sunny day after picking up some picnic items from the delis and bakeries in Fredriksberg. These are lovely picturesque gardens with bridges over meandering canals. You can take a guided rowing boat tour around the gardens. There are plenty of ducks, swans and geese, an island with white peacocks, and in one corner of the park you can see the elephants of Copenhagen Zoo. We ate are picnic on the lawn in front of the Fredriksberg Palace. There is also a soother/dummy tree where children hang their dummies when they have outgrown therm.

Not a park as such, but a fun fair with gardens and in my opinion must visit place in Copenhagen. We enjoyed strolling around looking at the different colourful rides and architecture. Wilf and I had a boat ride on the lake, and we all enjoyed a ride telling the stories of Hans Christian Anderson using mechanical puppets. There was also a great playground with a Moby Dick / Shipwreck theme. Is it a bit overpriced – Yes. Will it fill you full of wide-eyed joy and amazement whether a 3 year old boy or a 32 year old man – Definitely.


a hotel room for the day?

When I first heard from Dayuse about booking a hotel room for the day my immediate thought was well 'people only do that for one reason' (if you know what I mean!) but actually having thought about I'm convinced otherwise and hear's why.

Have you ever wanted to check into a hotel to use their members only pool for the afternoon or maybe their private roof top bar but not wanted to pay tons for an overnight stay? Or perhaps travelled to a place for an event for the evening but needed a place to get ready? Having wanted to do all the above it kinda makes sense to pay a day rate for an afternoon to be able to use those facilites if you don't need an overnight stay or can't afford an overnight stay.

The hotels on offer on the site range from 3-5 stars and are between £33 to £115 pounds which can add up to a 75% reduction on using a room in the day instead of overnight. I actually love the idea of hanging out in the fanciest hotels for a fraction of the price.

What do you think, would you use this service?
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Mama Style - Maternity Wears - Week 16

(Me) - Dress / Shoes
(Wilf) - Trousers / Sandals / Jacket (sold out but was from Uniqlo)

(me) - Coat / Dress / Bag / Hat / Shoes
(Wilf) - Jacket (sold out but from here) / Jeans / Sandals / Hat

(Me) - Dress / Shoes / Bag
(Wilf) - Jumper / Shorts / Sandals / Hat

I'm 16 weeks now and starting to feel a little better! As I write this it will have been a week since I've been sick (crosses fingers) although I'm still getting queazy moments the majority of my day is sickness free and I can't tell you enough how great that feels! I never want to be complacent about a day not spent feeling ill again.

I've still not hit that second trimester wonderful feeling yet though as I'm still completely exhausted for 90% of the day but I hopeful this will arrive soon. I'm trying to compare symptoms to my previous pregnancy with Wilf and the only noticeable difference I can pin point is milder sickness and feeling hungry ALL THE TIME. In fact I'm almost always ravenous which is probably why I already have a pretty sizeable bump.

I had no idea if Wilf was a boy or a girl although lots of people seemed to think (correctly) I was carrying a boy. This time I've felt pretty much the same although the past few days I've been feeling like it *might* be a girl. Clearly it's just a 50/50 guess and we'll be finding out in a month anyway which I'm really excited about. I totally understand why people would want to keep the gender a surprise but for me I've always felt it's helped me visualise the baby a lot easier. When we knew Wilf was a boy I was able to imagine who I was talking to. Tom and I were both 100% sure we wanted to use the name Wilf so it was nice to be able to give him a name and connect with him like that whilst he was still in my tummy.

I bought my first item for the new baby a few days ago which was such a lovely feeling. We have so much stuff from the first time round we won't really need to get much but it's always fun to pick up a few cute pieces here and there. You can follow along on IG if you fancy seeing what I bought. I actually thought I might be brave and attempt a 'baby haul' video, what do you think? I'm not quite sure speaking on camera it's quite me (last time I did Tom said I sounded drunk..I wasn't!) but I might give it a go!


Cool Cafes in Copenhagen

A little post from Tom today! During our stay in the city I tended to only feel well enough to leave the apartment in the morning which was perfect for Copenhagen as their brunch is so good! I hope you enjoy his post xx

Staying in an apartment was great as it meant that we could save money by making our own meals in the evening and then not feel guilty about eating in cafes during the day. Another advantage over staying in a hotel where you get breakfast is that we could instead enjoy my favourite meal of the day – Brunch. And in Copenhagen they really ‘get’ brunch. Big platters of scrambled eggs and savoury items, pancakes, fresh fruit and yogurt. The kind of food perfect for eating slowly as you sit and chat. To me that is brunch. It is in stark contrast to when I worked for Safeway (supermarket) as a teenager and the café served a full English breakfast until 11am then it became brunch. I asked what the brunch was – ‘The same as breakfast, but you get chips with it’. Here are three great cafes that we visited.

There are three branches of this café in the suburbs of Copenhagen. We visited the Fredriksberg branch twice. I had a fantastic (and different) brunch each time, with big chunks of freshly cut pineapple and melon as well as eggs and cheese. In fact, you get so much food that the second time we visited, Wilf shared my meal and happily ate pancakes with chocolate sauce, yoghurt with granola and fresh fruit, whilst I concentrated on the savoury items. I liked that the brunch menu was divided into two sections dirty (with meat) and clean (vegie). The décor is quirky and there are still working washer/dryers, the original concept being a café that you visit whilst doing your washing. There was a great kid’s corner with more toys that Wilf could play with.

Another great brunch destination in Vesterbro. The décor is dark with candles on all the tables, it seemed like it would be the place to go for great cocktails at night. This was backed up by the quality of the home-made ginger beer. A great place for vegetarians they did and imaginative veggie and vegan brunch. The highlights being a (again home-made) vegan burger and a delicious cottage cheese pancake.

This place was recommended to us by Emma from Raising Bears. We visited at lunch time and were really struck by the helpfulness of the staff. The children’s lunch option wasn’t veggie, so they asked some questions about what Wilf ate and liked, then came back with a platter of tasty things made just for him. Fritha had an enormous salad and I tried some smushi’s. A combination of smorrebrod (Danish open sandwiches) and sushi, they were absolutely delicious. Little immaculately created towers of flavour, like a fine dining version of sandwiches. We then shared a cake and being English I washed it down with a cup of Earl Grey. My only regret is being too full to try more cakes, this would be a great place to visit for afternoon tea. A real gem with a little courtyard hidden off the busy shopping buzz of the Stroget.

We had also intended to visit a couple of other places in Vesterbro, but will have to leave that to others to report back to us –
Granola – this looked like another nice brunch venue, and there were people queuing outside for a table.
Bio Mio – We had planned to visit this organic diner style venue on our last day, but we were still too full from brunch at the Laundromat. 


happy daddy's day!

Happy daddy's day to all the wonderful dads out there!

In absence of an actual card (in my defence Wilf made one at nursery that we forgot to bring home) here is a little post to say thanks for being a great dad Tom! We'll be out for a special lunch and Wilf and Tom have matching blazers so that's my weekend made ;)

Have a lovely sunday all, whatever you are up to! 


Festival fun!

So I have a confession to make, i've actually never been to a festival, which is something that most people find really surprising! I think when I was younger I used to spend all my money on saving up for clothes and after meeting Tom at 22 we were saving for things like a house and a few years later baby stuff! 

Since becoming parents our priorities have shifted quite a lot and we now value things like experiences with our family over most other things. Having Wilf gave us a new outlook on life and as such we started traveling more and more (something we rarely did pre-parenthood). It's funny how people often think when you have children you are able to do less, in our experience it's made us more open to living life to the full! 

We've chatted for a couple of years about taking Wilf to a festival but we weren't sure what age he would be able to appreciate it the most. I think that at three he will really be able to take it in and so I'm really excited to say we'll be festival goers this year (the first time for Wilf and I). We'll be attending Larmer Tree Festival on behalf of Mamas and Papas and taking over their Instagram for that weekend so do follow them their if you fancy seeing what we get up to.  

Mamas and Papas also asked what I would pick as my five festival must haves and we went for the below:

1, Patternology - Chevron Knitted Blanket - I love Chevron patterns and this design is perfect, the greys and the yellows make for a lovely neutral feel and would be perfect for when the temperature dips in the evening to throw around your kiddo.
2, Morph Baby Carrier - Baby carriers are great for when you are traveling or out and about and want your hands free. Wilf is clearly too big for one now but they are ideal for younger children.
3, Travel Dreampod Sleepbag - Again one for smaller children but I found sleep bags a life saver when Wilf was a baby, this would be the perfect item for ensuring your kiddo was warm enough whilst camping. 
4, Boys Red Short Sleeve T-Shirt - Mamas and Papas have some great prints and designs for little ones and I picked out this T for Wilf as it reminded me of pirates, perfect for getting into a fancy dress theme.
5, Special Edition Donna Wilson Urbo Bug - I was so excited when the Donna Wilson/Mamas and Papas collaboration came out and so I think if you are going to pick up a light weight stroller it has to be this one! Wilf's middle name means fox in Welsh so it felt even more perfect for us!

To shop my picks and see some other blogger picks click here

To celebrate the summer of festivals ahead Mamas and Papas have teamed up with Camp Bestival to offer one family a pass for up to four to the Dorset based event. All you need to do it purchase any item on the site between now and the 23rd of June to be entered. You can find more details here, good luck! 


'my moustache brings all the girls to the yard' and other fathers day ideas

So as you may have noticed Tom has been 'guest posting' a little bit here on the blog lately. In fact he has a few posts coming up of our stay in Denmark that I can't wait to share with you. It's so nice to have a husband who 'gets' this blogging thing and I love how welcoming you've all been to his posts too.

It's fathers day this weekend and although we don't go overboard with these kind of dates I do like to show Tom how much he is appreciated by us. I'm always amazed about how natural a dad he is!

Zazzle got in touch a little while ago and asked if Tom might like to collaborate on a little Pinterest board and pick out some of his favourites which you can see below if you fancy a peek. We also picked out two items for him for Sunday. We both loved this print, we have a bit of a running joke about Tom's facial hair (I've never known him without it and have made him promise to never shave it off, I don't know if I could cope!).

We also picked out this 'Reservoir Mogs' t-shirt as Tom is very much a cat person! There are so many unique gifts and personalised designs to choose from on the site you are bound to find something you or the father in your life loves. In fact you can see I post I did about Zazzle last year.

Do you celebrate fathers day? Do you buy gifts or perhaps a nice meal out?
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Follow Zazzle UK's board Zazzle X Tigerlilly Quinn on Pinterest.


Dry nights and confident kids

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of DryNites® for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Wilf started using regular 'big boy' pants just before his third birthday, to be honest the transition from nappies went pretty smoothly as I think he had been ready for a while (it was just us that needed to get organised, something we kept putting off due to traveling) and it was something we could have encouraged sooner in hindsight. That being said I'm glad we weren't dealing with accidents in places like Lapland where it's not hugely appropriate to stopping outside for a place to wee, ha! 

Whilst Wilf has been fine during the day it's not always the case at night and he still needs a little help to stay dry whilst he's sleeping. I think this is totally normal when it comes to making this big change and it's something we were really happy not to push.

Click below to read on


making sunday special

Over the past few days I've been feeling able to venture a little further afield without fear of sickness. Don't get me wrong I'm still definitely down with the sickness pregnancy style but I'm *touch wood* starting to notice longer periods where I feel a little more normal.

So this Sunday we decided to hop on a bus to the other side of the city and join in with Bedminster's 'make Sunday special'. The event it basically a street party with roads closed for stalls and music and food, they take place on different dates over the summer in different parts of the city. Our local area is due on in August and I'm really looking forward to meeting and hanging out with some of the lovely people in our neighbourhood.

It was a pretty simple morning, drawing with chalk on the pavement, making rock pets and eating good food. When we got home we decided to go through some of Wilf's toys and choose ten to donate to a local baby charity, I think it's a good idea to teach about giving to people less fortunate..and also a great way to de-clutter! Wilf tried to give away a Big Bird softie we had bought him when I was pregnant and when I tried to explain who he was we realised he had never actually watched Sesame Street. Something that was rectified for about two hours that afternoon! I have to admit getting into them as much as Wilf, so much a part of my childhood, I love sharing these things with my own child.

I'm 15 weeks pregnant now and starting to think about what we will need to do to prepare for the new baby. We've decided to get some work done on the house that we've been thinking about for a while as it's not something we'll want to get done with a new baby around. We've also agreed that we need a bigger bed, with Wilf climbing into ours around 2am and the baby who will be co-sleeping with us there is no way we will all fit in our king size so we are treating ourselves to a super king. I do sometimes think we'd be better off just turning the floor of our bedroom into one big mattress!

Oh and just for fun a random photo and the boys playing I took during the week that doesn't really fit in anywhere but I love

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! x

p.s my blog is up for a MADS in the homes section. voting closes soon and I'd love it if you could fling me a vote here (you don't have to vote in the other categories unless you want to!) 

the first 1,000 days

With a new baby on the way Tom and I have been reminiscing quite a lot about the baby days with Wilf and what we can remember about those sleep deprived first days. I say first days but Wilf actually only really started sleeping for any length of time at around two. We've joked that the new baby couldn't possibly sleep any worse (for the first 18m he would not sleep longer than 45min stretches) but truthfully I'm preparing myself for a similar stretch of tiredness & anything less will be a bonus ;)

The NCT as sponsored by Pampers have conducted a survey about the first 1,000 days. Starting from pregnancy up until children's second birthday they followed over a thousand parents and recorded their insights into these early days with their kiddos.

(Top pic Wilf at almost two..and really working that outfit ;) - below at 18m)

What's quite reassuring is that a third of these parents also experienced sleep deprivation until two years also. I guess when I say reassuring its because when others are experiencing the same, you tend to feel a bit less alone. From chatting to my own friends most of them would agree that sleep really only established itself at around this time.

Everything with Wilf was a first for us, from his first bath to that first ever night as parents. I had given birth at 7pm (at home) and so we were tucked up our bed by 9ish, me just staring and staring at him despite my exhaustion not being able to stop just drinking him in. The moment he cried just a few hours into the night and we went through the check list, try and feed him, is he wet? In the end we put another cardigan on him and he fell back to sleep. It felt like such a major acomlishment to have solved.

Pampers have created this beautiful video below of a journey of firsts. I have to admit being quite hormonal at the moment it did make me cry! I'm so looking forward t o those newborn snuggles, those days of just staring at them and marvelling at the miracle they really are.
What firsts do you remember?

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A little bit of summer

Now the sun is shinning (occasionally) and the summer activities are in full flow (paddling pools and ice cream for the win!) we've been enjoying a lot more time outdoors. I can never really decide on my favourite season of the year, each one brings some kind of nostalgia but you really can't beat summer for just chilling out and enjoying time with your loved ones.

Wilf and I have been spending a huge amount of time in our local park, making daisy chains and having picnics. Tom finds it hard to switch off and 'do nothing' but it's something I've been forcing him to do more since I've been pregnant. It helps that when he's always keen to get up and play with Wilf at the play park whilst I lay on the grass.

I love bringing the sunny weather into our home with flowers, be it the posies that Wilf picks me (the best!) or beautiful summer bouquets picked up from a florist it always cheers up the room. With a new baby on the way we've decided to get rid of lots of our junk (I feel like I'm always saying this, I'm not sure how we accumulate so much) and stream line our home a little more. We were both were really taken with how minimalist our recent Copenhagen apartment was and want to try and implement a little of that into our home.

I've been hankering after a sideboard for our living room after we took down the large bookshelf that I felt was making the room a bit too dark. I love this one from Made as it's such a stylish design and would keep the space light. I think it's pretty obvious that I am a big fan of the colour yellow so I'd love to add this cute little side table from Habitat, it just says 'summer' to me!

I super quick and fun way to bring some summer into your home is to add fun elements like these pineapple decorations (although I'm bias as they are from my shop ;)) or what about these bright storage baskets?

What is your quick fix to bring the season into your home?

this is a collaborative post - image via DTSP 


A little pregnancy post and some thoughts on maternity fashion

dress / sandals / bag

So I've been wondering how to cover this pregnancy on my blog. With Wilf everything was so new and all consuming, long (long!) time readers of this blog will know I wrote a weekly letter to him here on the blog, about what size he was and what I was doing that week. I've felt a bit guilty about not doing the same this time round but it doesn't feel right somehow and I didn't want to force it.

I think part of why is that when I was pregnant with Wilf no one really read my blog and although I'm in no way a 'big blogger' now I have a lot more readers than back then (when it was mainly Tom and my mum!). Sharing these letters seems a bit too personal now. I've decided that I'll be writing a few letters for him/her which I'll keep off the blog, I certainly won't be keeping up the weekly correspondence though (sorry second baby, I'm a lot busier this time round!).

I've also not written a huge amount about my pregnancy yet as for the most part I've not been enjoying it. Again I feel guilty mentioning this as I know I'm so lucky to be having a second child and moaning about it seems ungrateful. The truth is though I've been really struggling with sickness and there have been times when I've just felt utterly miserable. I thought I'd share a few thoughts on how it's been going apart from that though and hopefully this sickness will pass soon and I'll get my ' pregnancy glow' and positivity back ;)

Largely this pregnancy has felt very similar to Wilf's in that I've not escaped the symptoms I suffered with him. That being said they were a lot more intense the first time round and although I've been feeling rotten I've not been feeling AS rotten..so that's something..see positivity?

There are a few reasons I think I've not been suffering as badly and a large part of that has been that I've made sure I'm seeing an acupuncturist regularly. In fact the weeks when I've been my worst have been times I've not been able to make a session (like when we're traveling) so I certainly think it does help. I did see someone with my previous pregnancy but I found them so expensive I only paid for 3, I've realised now that my health is much more important and I'm totally happy to pay for anything that's going to help with that.

Like my previous pregnancy I've had a crazy addiction to fruit, it's fading a little now but for 4-12 weeks I've been eating about ten pieces of fruit a day and washing it down with orange juice too! I've completely gone off tea and coffee (even decaf) pretty much as soon as I realised I was pregnant the smell of either turned my stomach. I had this before too and thankfully as soon as I'd given birth I was able to drink a cup of tea again which was a relief (I love tea). I've also felt much better being outdoors than in so we've spent lots and lots of time sitting in parks eating fruit which isn't too bad a symptom as they go.

My tummy is a lot bigger a lot quicker which I assumed would happen and I'm quite glad of in a way as actually look pregnant and not just like I've got a bit tubby. It does make me wonder just how big I'll get though as I was so large at 20 weeks last time I had people asking if I was due any day. Wilf was quite a large baby (9,2) but I also had a fair bit of water and a huge placenta so giving birth I lost two stone straight away which is quite funny. I really enjoyed getting bigger in pregnancy and I'm not really worried about how much weight I put on this time round, I found that breastfeeding pretty much made my pregnancy weight fall off and I was back to my pre-weight about 9 months after having Wilf. Although when I stopped breastfeeding I put on half a stone in a month, clearly I didn't realise just how much it was still doing and I hadn't curbed my cake habit ;)

That being said I've been needing to wear maternity clothes since about ten weeks. I've found the selections from most high street stores really disappointing (and not sure why they are so sure pregnant women must wear stripes). I've actually just being buying clothes from brands I already like but in the size up. I know this won't work in later pregnancy but I think it's worth it as I can also wear them after I've given birth and I've made sure to buy ones that I can breastfeed it to so feel like a better investment.

The dress above is from good 'ol Boden. You probably can't see from the picture but it buttons down so I can nurse in it when the time comes. I also picked up this one which has a cross over front so I can do the same. It's only £29 at the moment so I'm actually thinking of picking up a few different patterns.

The only maternity clothes I've bought that I've liked so far have been from Verbaudet. I got this dress which is actually designed as a breastfeeding dress and also this one (pictured above)
which is super comfy and just a really classic piece.

I think that's it so far! How did you find your second pregnancy differed from your first?

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Our Copenhagen Airbnb

We flew back from a 5 day stay in Copenhagen last night and I wanted to share these pictures of the apartment we stayed in with you guys as soon as possible..and that has nothing to do with not wanting to face the holiday washing or the fact we left our house in a state and I'm hiding upstairs...in bed.

We chose to use Airbnb as we did this time last year during our first trip to Paris. Much like last year we chose an apartment with a childs room that seemed the same age as Wilf. We realised just how useful this was the first time round when we could chill out on the balcony or in the living room whilst Wilf played with toy cars in 'his room'. I also think it really adds to a childs excitement when they find they have their own room and what better than a whole new-to-you toys to play with? Being that we were in Denmark this particular room was stocked full of lego.

Tom and I have both been really inspired by scandinavian design when it comes to our interior choices so we knew we would be in for a treat choosing to stay in a Copenhagen flat. As you can see the apartment we chose was absolutely stunning and the owners were extremely helpful with any questions we had during the booking process.

Being that I'm still suffering from morning sickness (hurrah!) I saw a lot more of the place than Tom and Wilf as most of the afternoons I had to come back and take it easy whilst the boys went out again.  I can't imagine how boring this would have been in a hotel room compared to a whole flat as I was able to wonder around, make myself some food, take a nap or just read on the sofa, perfect!

as you can imagine Wilf was thrilled with 'his room'

We've come back from our trip really inspired by Danish interior design and are on a mission to simplify a lot of our home. If you want to check out the apartment we stayed at you can view it here. This property worked out at about £83 per night for two adults and children are free. If you are new to Airbnb then you can sign up here and you will get £16 off your first booking.

I'm thrilled to say thanks to your nominations I've reached the final of the MAD Blog Awards again this year in the Home & Interior section. I would be so grateful if you could take two seconds to fling me a vote here thanks so much in advance! 

We received a reduced rate on our trip using Airbnb but all words and thoughts are my own 
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