A little bit of summer

Now the sun is shinning (occasionally) and the summer activities are in full flow (paddling pools and ice cream for the win!) we've been enjoying a lot more time outdoors. I can never really decide on my favourite season of the year, each one brings some kind of nostalgia but you really can't beat summer for just chilling out and enjoying time with your loved ones.

Wilf and I have been spending a huge amount of time in our local park, making daisy chains and having picnics. Tom finds it hard to switch off and 'do nothing' but it's something I've been forcing him to do more since I've been pregnant. It helps that when he's always keen to get up and play with Wilf at the play park whilst I lay on the grass.

I love bringing the sunny weather into our home with flowers, be it the posies that Wilf picks me (the best!) or beautiful summer bouquets picked up from a florist it always cheers up the room. With a new baby on the way we've decided to get rid of lots of our junk (I feel like I'm always saying this, I'm not sure how we accumulate so much) and stream line our home a little more. We were both were really taken with how minimalist our recent Copenhagen apartment was and want to try and implement a little of that into our home.

I've been hankering after a sideboard for our living room after we took down the large bookshelf that I felt was making the room a bit too dark. I love this one from Made as it's such a stylish design and would keep the space light. I think it's pretty obvious that I am a big fan of the colour yellow so I'd love to add this cute little side table from Habitat, it just says 'summer' to me!

I super quick and fun way to bring some summer into your home is to add fun elements like these pineapple decorations (although I'm bias as they are from my shop ;)) or what about these bright storage baskets?

What is your quick fix to bring the season into your home?

this is a collaborative post - image via DTSP 


Molly @ Mother's Always Right said...

Flowers! Love fresh flowers, although I can't go too overboard as my allergy-ridden husband just ends up sneezing.

Jess@AlongCameCherry said...

I love fresh flowers, although I did wish they didn't die so quickly! x

kathrynsharman said...

I've just treated myself to a cheap bunch of carnations today - they still look so pretty and make me smile! x

Katie Fisher said...

Love all the decor ideas, I'm also a bit partial to yellow! I have taken to buying myself flowers regularly; £2 tulips, roses or carnations from the supermarket but they do make a window look a lil prettier. Nesting feels just as good 2nd (& 3rd) time round! :D

Laura Rocksteady said...

I too want to try and implement a minimalist style into our home all the clutter is just getting me down. So good to hear you are spending lots of time at your local park and managing to get Tom to try and switch off every now and then

Laura x

HonestMum said...

I love filling the house with flowers, my Mum always says flowers and art make a home!

Daniela said...

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