Me and Mine - August

We are currently away on our last family break as a family of three! It's mad to think that the next time we set off on a plane we will have a little person with us. I think this must be the last time we'll ever get away with just having hand luggage too ;)

August has been a great month for our family and although I've not really got the energy levels that I seemed to have in my pregnancy with Wilf I'm feeling a lot better and so we've been doing more things as a family too. One of the things we love to do is play tourist in our own city so we've been taking advantage of visiting local attractions and generally enjoying Bristol in the summertime. As we still have a year until Wilf starts school I'm very much looking forward to term starting so we can enjoy all our usual haunts without them being too crowded..especially as it's our last year we will be able too! *sob sob*

Tom and I have decided that we are going to take advantage of the new maternity/paternity laws and so when the baby arrives I will actually only take two weeks off and he will then be able to take the rest of my maternity leave. It's such an exciting time for our family to have this opportunity and although we are finalising details it will mean that during this last year before school starts Tom and Wilf will have a good few months together which I know will mean so much to them both. I'll blog more about it once we have everything sorted but it's starting to feel real now there are only three months left of the year..and three months to wait for the little one to arrive!

I know September is a big month for lots of my friends with little ones starting school this year so I wish you all well with the big leap! I can't wait to see what the months brings our family!

This month I'm sending you over to the ever lovely Jenny who's just come back from her summer in the states. Looking forward to seeing all your pics!


Ethical Winter Lookbook with People Tree

Hey All! I can't tell you how glad I am it's Friday, I feel like this week has been so busy (and rainy) and that I've really not ticked hardly anything of my 'to-do' list either. My little sister has been visiting  which has been lovely and now Wilf and I miss her a lot.

I put together a little Autumn Winter lookbook with People Tree a couple of weeks ago for their Eco Edit. It was really fun to put together and as always I love their new pieces! You can shop with 15% off anything in store with the code TLQ15.

Anyway, I hope you like the video! Have a lovely weekend


On board the Matthew

Although I've now lived in Bristol for almost seven year there are still lots of places and things to do here I have yet to try. I think having a child helps you want to explore some of them even more have the time as you feel like you are doing something for them (even if you are enjoying them just as much yourself!). The Mathew was one of those things we had spoken about sailing on 'one day' and never quite got round to it so when Visit Bristol asked if we'd like a little trip then we were really keen to give it a go.

We stopped for lunch first before boarding at The Stable which is a restaurant on the harbour side that serves pizza and pies. mmmm pizza...

And then it was time to set sail!

The sun started shinning just as soon as we set off and it was lovely to just sit back and take in some of the pretty views along the harbourside. Tom and Wilf headed up and down the ladder to the deck (I tried to follow them up there once but it was a bit too much for this pregnant mama!). We took the hour long ride which was perfect I think for the attention span of a three year old, the hour felt like it went really quickly too actually.

Tom and Wilf by the cranes where the Mathew is moored before setting sail.

How pretty is this city I live in? I just love it!

Thanks for Visit Bristol for treating us to a sail on the Mathew! 


Bags to School with Cath Kidston

So as I mentioned a little in yesterdays post I've been doing a little work with Cath Kidston lately including a little guest post for them and an IG take over. This really is one of those dream collaborations for me as I'm a long time fan of the brand, there isn't a season that comes out when I don't get overly excited about a squirrel embellished cardigan pocket or a ric rac pattern (you can see some posts here and here if you like!)

This month I'm teaming up with them as part of their 'bags to school' campaign. As I've mentioned Wilf doesn't start 'proper' school until next year (thankfully, as I'm sure if he was starting this year when I was already pregnant and hormonal I'd be in pieces!). He does however go to nursery where he has his own peg and bag full of the bits of bobs he needs when he's there. 

Wilf chose this robot bag for his 'bag to school' which is so cute! Its straps look like they are pull throughs but are actually magnetic which makes it really easy for him to add and take things out himself, the back straps also adjust to be small enough that they don't fall off his shoulders (a problem we often find with kids bags!).

He also chose this dinosaur pencil case and pen set and note pad set.  Pens and notepads are often our secret weapon for keeping boredom at bay when it comes to travelling or being in situations where we have to sit for a while (like sitting in a cafe).

My good pals Kat and Katie took part in this adorable video the Cath Kidston team put together if you fancy a watch..I warn you though, it's a real tear jerker!

Do you have kiddos starting school this September? How are you feeling?

P.S because I know you might wonder, Wilf's shirt is from last season's kids wear and is now on sale!

In association with Cath Kidston


a little of life lately

I share so much daily to my instagram account that I often forget to share here so I thought it was about time for a little photo dump of life lately. They are mainly just pics that don't quite fit into a specific post but I still want to be able to look back on so..indulge me..

Over the weekend I took over Cath Kidston's IG account which was a lot of fun. It's funny this whole blogging thing, I remember first moving to Bristol (seven years ago) and stepping foot in a Cath Kidston store for the first time. Obviously I'd heard of the brand before (I was proud owner of two of their 'make it' books) but I'd never seen their items in person. I remember thinking 'I would literally buy ALL of this for my dream home if I could'. That year a now ex boyfriend bought me my first piece of Cath Kidston, a floral sewing box and although we parted ways shortly after (and I met Tom not long after that!) it was one of my most prized possessions. To be working with brands that I genuinely love now all these years later, well it makes me want to pinch myself sometimes!

Tom and Wilf have a daddy-son day together every Thursday but I'm always trying to gate crash as I don't want to miss out on the fun! The other week we went to see Big Hero 6 (about a million years after everyone else!) oh my gawd did I bawl my eyes out!

Wilf took this picture of us! He is really into using Tom's phone to snap things he see's on our day-to-day and sometimes he'll point something out and be like 'you should take a picture of that mummy', such a bloggers child. I feel like we should print this one out though, it's like looking at us through his eyes.

I recently treated myself to a Fujifilm Instax printer, I already have the camera but found I was taking so many pics that didn't really look very good (like probably 8 out of ten were a bit rubbish) and the film is quite pricey. With the printer you can print straight from your iPhone so you can edit it on your phone and take as many pics as you like, it's probably cheating a bit but I do love it! I'll still use my camera for occasions but I'm slowly printing out some of my favourite phone pics for my Instax photo album. I love this one of my two guys.

I had to include this one, it's one of those moments I never want to forget. Wilf at three climbing out of his bed and into mine to protest about how he definitely was not in any way tired...then about two seconds later this ;)

On the weekend I also managed to do a little 'baby clothes haul' it almost killed me what with my camera battery dying half way through (and me not realising and talking to a dead camera for like ten mins..) and then when I re-did it, it was out of focus! I botched together a little ending which Wilf made a special appearance in at the end, ha! If you fancy watching it I've popped it below

And lastly! We took a little walk in our local nature reserve to go blackberry picking, Wilf had been begging to go for the longest time after seeing them scattered along the cycle path. He loved it so much, although he mainly directed us to where to pick them, he does like to delegate ;) and a friendly cat walked along with us for most of the way!

embracing the british summer time and a trip to the city farm

If you are UK based you will undoubtedly be aware the weather of late has been..well a bit wet and miserable lets be honest! Tom has a day off in the week and although it's technically a work day for me we often try and fit in a outing somewhere. Taking a trip somewhere with kids mid-week is often a lot less stressful than going on a weekend when it's busy with other families. With Wilf starting school next year we know we need to appreciate this whilst we can!

We've been wanting to visit the new pigs at our city farm for ages but every time we've considered it it's been pouring with rain and we've hoped the wether will improve by the following week. This Monday with the week predicted 100% rain all week we just decided to go for it and made it as fun as we possible could. After all what are umbrellas and welly boots for?

I was sent this tunic from White Stuff which you might have noticed from a few of my IG pics lately (actually I wore it in yesterdays post too!). I've been wearing a bunch as it's really comfy and easy to match with lots of my clothes. As I've said before I've not been wearing a huge amount of maternity wear and instead buying items I would wear anyway but in the size up. This doesn't work for jeans because you need things to be stretchy over/under your bump but I think you can work it with tunic tops and dresses for sure.

I really love how it looks handprinted and like it would cost a lot than it does (it's currently on sale for £24 if you fancy grabbing a bargain) and the darker colour at the top makes it more interesting and flattering than the print being used on the whole tunic. You can check out the other styles they have here if you like.

The animals clearly thought we were crazy and only the ducks would peek out of their homes to great us. We did manage to peek at some cozy looking pigs and and goats all snuggled in their straw!

oh no wait, Tom spotted a sheep (doesn't he look pleased to have been dragged out in that rain, ha!)

Sometimes I feel like you can't notice I'm pregnant and then sometimes I'm like 'whoa there you are baby bump!' three months to go..

We visited the city farm cafe for a good veggie breakfast made with crops grown at the farm. They do a darn good coffee too!

Thanks to White Stuff for working with me on this post. Don't forget to check out their tunic and kaftan range!


back to school with Pisamonas plus twinning with wellies!

First of all I probably say if you haven't noticed I'm a bit fan of matching with my son. This doesn't always work considering I wear a lot of dresses (although of course Wilf would be welcome to wear dresses should he want to!) but we do often end up matching with the colours we wear or footwear. Tom often jokes he's not part of the gang as he doesn't have the same colour raincoat or jacket, maybe he can match with the new baby when it arrives, ha! So as you can imagine when Pisamonas offered us both a pair of bright yellow wellies I obviously said yes straight away.

Pisamonas was a brand I'd not heard of before actually, what I like about them is they stock shoes for all seasons all year round. So for example if in winter you are going on holiday and looking for sandals you can often struggle to buy out of season footwear, and vice versa with winter boots. They are 100% made in Spain and their prices are really reasonable and they also do free delivery and returns which is always a bonus when you are unsure if something will fit properly.

Yellow is one of my favourite colours and always makes me feel positive about the day ahead. Funny enough I don't think you are 'supposed' to wear yellow if you are pale skinned but I play by my own rules ;)

With the summer being a typical British summer we've already had a few opportunities to splash in puddles!

Wilf was also kindly sent some new 'school boots' from Pisamonas. Although he's not starting until next year he does go to pre-school/nursery so these will be great for that. I love how much they remind me of school shoes from my own childhood. His wellies will also be going to nursery with him as they tend to play out in the garden for hours rain or shine. I've never seen him so mucky as when we pick him up from nursery, it's great though to have the space and freedom to just get stuck into the outdoors.

We popped them on for a test walk to our local cafe (babyccino for him, latte for me) and they have the Wilf seal of approval. Especially for taking big strides apparently.

Thanks so much to Pisamonas for partnering with us for this post! - Pisamonas are offered £6 off to anyone who signs up to their newsletter also! 


What's in our BoostApak - a giveaway and a great discount deal!

As I've mentioned before, like many families up and down the country we are big fans of the Trunki brand. Even better that they are a local company to me (they are Bristol based) and having been in their offices a very fun one at that (they have a slide!). 

We've used a Trunki with Wilf since we first went on holiday with him when he was around two and since then we've added a Paddle Pak to our collection which is great for days out. I think however that the latest product we've tried out from them, the BoostApak has to be my favourite. It's actually genius and I can't think why no one has done this before, it's been so useful to us! 

We don't actually have a car so I don't have a picture to show you of Wilf using this item in situ (we've only used it in taxi's and I just couldn't get a good enough shot moving along, I think the taxi driver thought I was a bit nuts for taking so many pics just of my son in a taxi anyway!). So I thought it might be fun to show you what Wilf keeps inside his. 

As you know we love traveling as a family so this BoostApak has already been with us to Copenhagen, Larmer Tree Festival and next week to Portugal. Essentially what it is is a booster seats combined with a back pack. So simple but just so useful! We pack a carry on bag for Wilf when we travel anyway but often have to think about hiring a taxi from the airport (or wherever we are going) with a child seat and often when it comes to grabbing taxi's here or there it's just not always an option. I know you are allowed to have a child in a black cab without a booster seat but it's something I've never been very comfortable with so knowing we always have one with us has been brilliant!

An average selection of what Wilf likes to take with him on a day-to-day basis.

I'm really pleased to say that Trunki are offering one reader a BoostApak of their own but not only that everyone else can get 20% off one of their own by following this link and adding the code TigerLillyBoost. The code will be valid until the end of September and I can't recommend them enough, seriously!

All you need to do is enter below and good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

We received a BoostApak from Trunki to review but all words and thoughts are my own and I really do love it! 


Pregnancy update - six months plus a little video

So I'm in the sixth month of pregnancy now, only three months to go! I thought I'd do a little video to sort of ramble on about how I've been getting on. To be honest there isn't a huge amount to report other than general tiredness and a bit of nausea creeping back.

I'm still v.e.r.y new to this video blogging thing so I have a habit of going off on a bit of a tangent. I'm hoping to put up a few videos on actual subjects so maybe I can stay on track a bit more ;) I think one of why I choose to home-birth could be an interesting topic if anyone had any questions about that?

I also have another baby haul to do as yep I've bought a few more cute things since the last one!

Anyway, do let me know what you think or if you have any ideas of things you might like me to do a video on? Thanks! x


What We Wore - Breton stripes

This Saturday we decided that twinning was winning..or I guess tripling? Anyways, somehow we both found ourselves in stripes and Tom had pulled out this jumper for Wilf that morning too, so we were like 'let's just go for it, and be that obnoxious family that match!' ;)

AND be that family that do heel kicks (not me obviously, I wouldn't even get off the ground at the moment!). When we were done taking these pics I even high fived Tom and said 'good job family!' only to turn around and see the local cafe owner laughing at me, I swear the people in our neighbourhood must wonder what on earth we are doing!

Mama - Top / Maternity Jeans / Shoes (c/o Cloggs)
Tom - T-Shirt / Trousers / Boots (c/o Cloggs)
Wilf - Jumper (c/o Mamas and Papas) / Jeans / Shoes (c/o Cloggs)

I had a voucher to spend at Joules recently and love this harbour top with the liberty collar. I thought I should maybe get it the size up but then I would be sad that it would be too big to wear once I was back in my normal size so I got it for 'sometime after the baby is born' but was actually surprised to find it fits really well, for now! 

It also must be some kind of optical illusion as well as I don't look nearly as pregnant as I normally do when I wear it!

I'm actually in the process of growing out my fringe (I know, all the exiting new in this post! ;)) and have just got to that stage where I can successfully sweep and pin it to the side. I'm never 100% sure whether to go for fringe or not, at the moment though I'm going through a 'what would be practical with the baby' kind of mood and I think growing it out might be best for now..we'll see, it's taking forever!

These shoes are just about the perfect thing for pregnant women, no laces! And so comfy as well, I've gotten a lot of compliments about them since I've had them and Wilf loves his as he can actually put them on himself. 

You need a good anchor to ground these daddies sometimes so they don't float away..especially ones full of hot air *boom boom!*

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