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It's been a little while since I've done a 'our weekend in pictures' I wish I could be consistent on these things ;) either way I guess this whole blog is our life in pictures (and a few words) but I'm going to try to make a more conscious effort to categorise these kind of posts in future. For me to look back on more than anything! Last week I actually decided to video our weekend, holy smokes that took a LONG time both to remember to record and to edit - hats off to you actual 'vloggers' out there! If you fancy seeing what we got up to that weekend then you can see it here.

Back to this weekend.

One of mine and Tom's first ever conversations when we met each other was about planetariums (I'd recently just visited the one at @'t Bristol and loved it) we later visited it together on a date so it's always held some significance to us. We'd never taken Wilf though and so when Visit Bristol asked if we'd like a to spend the day there I got so excited thinking about showing him together!

Tom has actually taken Wilf to @'t Bristol once before for a 'toddler takeover' a year and a half ago but as he was only two at the time there was quite a lot that was a bit old for him. We have friends with yearly passes that take their older children and I've been thinking lately what the ideal age would be to go again. Turns out that three and a half is perfect!

'learning about gardening and milking a cow'

We watched a 'space explorers' showing at the planetarium where we visited the moon, looked at constellations and talked about the galaxy and how tiny we are in relation to everything. Pretty mind blowing for a 29 year old let alone a 3 year old ;) - I mean look at my face!

Wilf's favourite bit by far was the 'honey factory' where you have to collect the nectar from the flowers and take it back to the hive, the nectar then pops back up again through an pipe full of air which was great fun. I think as there is so much for so many different age groups you could literally spend the whole day there, as it was we took it easy (partly as Wilf is only little and partly because I'm getting bigger and tireder) shown in this picture below from the pregnancy section, ha!

We had our wrist bands on which meant we were able to pop out for lunch (we chose Bourdeaux Quay which I can't believe I've never been to before) and then when we were full pop back in again for another hour or so.

We had such a lovely Saturday and it's made me really tempted to pick up a yearly pass for us, especially for the winter as it would be the perfect rainy day activity.
(also quite a tiring day for someone!)

You can find out more about the centre here and thanks again to Visit Bristol for our lovely day 

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