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I've been working with the brand HomeSense for well over a year now and I always love how creatively we are able to collaborate. One of my favourite projects was when I was able to solve a readers issue when she had an issue with her dark living room. We added mirrors and bright furniture to create a lighter space, you can see the post and video here if you like!

I was recently asked by the brand if I'd like to pick a reader who is a huge fan of the store to showcase an item of furniture they discovered at their local store, one that brings a room in their home to life. I loved not knowing what she was going to discover or what she would choose to come back with. When it comes to interior design it's so taste specific so whilst I'm always drawn to bright colours (mainly turquoise or yellow!) I find it really interesting what another might be taken with.

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Me and Mine - September

Yikes October is here already! I'm not going to lie, I've been really really looking forward to Autumn as it marks the countdown to the new baby's arrival (at the end of Autumn). It's generally my favourite season anyway with everyone getting ready for the Christmas holidays and that festival build up and excitement!

I'm starting to feel pretty pregnant with only two months to go so this Me and Mine portrait is very cosy/comfy but I think it depicts how we've all been feeling over the past week or so.

The other day I went to visit a school that Wilf will probably go to next year. I didn't even realise they were doing tours yet but a friend told me last minute so I tagged along. I'm really pleased to say I was pleasantly surprised (very surprised actually!) about how much it put my mind at ease. The school was fantastic and apart from the walk through the cafeteria (which gave me flash backs of my own school experience & made me feel a bit anxious) all I kept thinking was 'he is going to LOVE this!'. It also made me realise that for me (and clearly I'm just talking about my own situation and limitations here) I know I couldn't provide him with the same kind of activities at home. Mainly because I know I don't have the patience or commitment to do as much with him as they clearly do at the school. I loved the fact that 50% of their learning is done outside too, I guess it has been a long while since I was at school and it was quite different from my expectations.

With that in mind I've been thinking a lot about my little boy growing up. I know we only have two short months left with him being our only child, whilst I am very excited about the new arrival and all the love she will bring to our family I'm also conscious its a countdown to the days left just 'me and him'.

Wilf's new obsession this month (or a little longer than this month actually) is My Little Ponies. I think we've only realised this month just how into them he is and it's quite fun to have chats with him where he tells me their names and things about them. His favourite thing is getting me to do a impression of Apple Jack ;)

Next month we should hopefully be getting on with some last minute home improvements which I can't wait to get started and then we'll have to start thinking about things that we'll need for the birth! I've been eyeing the birth ball under the stairs and wondering when it might be fun to take it out, even if to give Wilf a bounce around!

This month I'm sending you over to the ever lovely Katie! Always a pleasure to see what her little family have been up to!


The Snug Season

With the baby arriving in just two short months (or there abouts!) I'm really in full blown nesting mode and typically I'm ALL about house renovations at the moment. We've finally (after about 5 years!) saved enough to do some more big work on the house and hopefully this will all be finished in the next month..I do like to leave things until the last minute. We were ripping out our kitchen at 37 weeks last pregnancy and Wilf arrived at 39 so..

So our biggish renovation that we've been wanting to do for years is to put up a wall between two of our downstairs room. We currently have a really big living room space where the previous owners knocked down the wall between two rooms so funny enough we are putting the wall back up! I'm craving a cosy space for a living room and a separate space for a dinning room. 

I'm working with the Natural Curtain Company on this post to think about all things #snugseason. Inspired by these three fabric choices I picked out I've created a Pinterest board of all my favourite fabrics and colours if you fancy a peek. I have to say the feel and quality of the fabric is really impressive and the colours really pop when you see them in person.

Follow Fritha Tigerlilly's board Living room design for #SnugSeason on Pinterest.

My favourite fabric from the selection is Pasha (turquoise, surprise surprise!) but there is such a wide range of designs to pick from that it was a tricky choice. You can view the collection here. I also love the idea of using a bright yellow fabric to brighten up the winter seasons whilst still having a cosy feel to them.

For my dream cosy living room I've picked out some of my favourite items below:

1, Bluebell sofa 
2, Pasha curtains
3, Hand cushion (I actually just bought this!)
4, Pineapple Light 
5, Aerial Metallic light

this post was written in association with The Natural Curtain Company


Win all four sets of the new limited edition Woodland Collection from Green People

I'm a massive fan of Green People, in fact if you were to go through my beauty products literally 90% would be from them. Not only are they ethically and organically produced but they really are incredible products. My absolute favourite item from their range is their 'Fruitful Nights' night cream which is the most luxurious feeling cream that really feels like it hydrates and plumps up my skin whilst I sleep. I've also been trying out their Age Defy + Cleanse and Sooth balm which feels like a mini facial every time I use it.

I'm really pleased to say I'm teaming up with the brand again to offer you guys a chance to win all four of their new limited edition Woodland Collection. The collection includes:

Hand Care collection
Facial Collection
Mens Collection
Body Care Collection

With every sale from the collection 50p is also donated to the Woodland Trust supporting the animals that call the woodland their home.

All you need to do to enter is complete the rafflecopter form below. The winner will be announced on the 12th of October. Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


wish list

not going to lie..this is absolutely the skirt of my dreams..

And some other bits..

1, Chocolate Milk Carton bag from Accessorize
2, Petals Cosmetic Bag from Cath Kidston
3, Opal Blue Nadia necklace
4, Glitter Mary Janes! on sale too

A little Saturday window shopping! Which is your favourite? 

A few things you could be doing in your community - also why I love Bristol (again!)

It's no secret I love living in the city of Bristol. Although I've only been here around seven years it feels like it's always been my home and I really can't imagine living anywhere else. I feel so content knowing that although I love visiting new places I don't have any desire to live anywhere else in the country. Bristol is ace!

A huge part of why I love this city is that it is so creative and alternative. Also that each little area of the city feels like a small village in a way that makes you feel like you really know your neighbours and your community. There is also so much culture, with galleries, festivals and local projects it really feels like there are so many opportunities to be creative and involved.

I thought it might be fun to list some of the things we love doing in Bristol to feel part of the community and contribute to projects that take place here. I'd love to hear about what others do also as I'm sure there are so many things I could be getting involved in that I've not heard of!

Something that's at the top of my head this morning is visiting our local city farm, mainly because as soon as Tom is back from the shops that's where we are off for our weekend stroll. We are really lucky that our local city farm is within walking distance to our house but there are actually a few different city farms in Bristol so I think no matter where you live in the city you are bound to be 'fairly' close to one of them. I've never felt the need to raise Wilf out of the city and actually feel like he's going to benefit so much from growing up somewhere where there are so many things going on. That being said I never wanted him to be one of those kids that didn't know where eggs came from so it's great to be able to visit the animals, see the allotments and learn about where his food comes from. We always donate when we visit to the upkeep of the farm and then made sure we have a big fry up in their yummy cafe!

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The MAD blog awards, a night away and the start of nesting..

Happy Friday folks! Wilf and I have been full of cold all week and this is my first real day to chill out (currently in the biggest chunkiest knitted jumper, hey Autumn!). I'm finally getting round to sharing my thoughts from this time last week and the MAD blog awards. It feels like so long ago now but I think that's because these past two weeks have been quite full on. I'm really ready to start nesting now!

Anyway, back to last Friday. Myself and my good friend Nichola from Globalmouse Travels set off on the train together, coffees in hand and getting a rare chance for uninterrupted chat (we often meet with our kiddos but Wilf does like to steal the show with lots of talking and showing off! ;)). We were both lucky enough to be finalists for awards that night (her for Travel, me for Homes and Interiors) and after arriving in Paddington and a short tube to Tower Hill we headed to our apartment for the evening and to get ready for the night ahead.

We stayed at the Go Native apartment in America Sqaure which was the perfect base. For this particular apartment the minimum stay is usually a week but they have lots of other London apartments with smaller stay requirements. I loved how contemporary the aesthetics were and it had everything you'd need for a stay in the city without feeling fussy and was stylish without feeling over the top. If we'd had a chance to stay longer it was also the perfect location to spot some real iconic landmarks like the tower of London and all the beautiful grand buildings in the area.

How beautiful are these buildings? I love that you can see the Gherkin peeking out against all the old architecture.

Our apartment was kitted out with a kitchen with all mod cons which is perfect for self catering, also a washing machine & dryer if you were staying the week. As it was we were situated above Pret so we headed down to pick up hot chocolates to drink in our cosy living room before changing into our outfits for the awards ahead of us.

I have to admit it was a little daunting attending an event at seven months pregnant and being sober but as soon as I'd met up with some of my favourite blogger pals I was at ease. It was a brilliant evening (even if I was up SO much later than my usual bedtime ;)). I didn't win my category but the lovely Kerry from Oh So Amelia did which was much deserved. I got to hang out with my fellow finalist Becky from Spirited Puddle Jumper who was on my table and also a Caro from The Twinkle Diaries so I did come away with some new friends!

Thanks ever so much to everyone who nominated and voted for me in the awards, it means to much to me! xx

p.s if you are interested, details of my outfit in the top pic are in this post

Nichola and I were guests at the Go Native apartment but all words and thoughts are my own


What Mama Wore - Cath Kidston

I love Autumn, I've pretty much been telling anyone who will listen just how pleased I am about it's arrival. With the pretty much non-existent summer weather we've had (OK actually I wasn't complaining to much about it being cooler tbh) I think everyone is just ready to get stuck into another season.

My birthday falls right at the end of Autumn (the 30th of November in case you were wondering..oh and it may be a biggy this year too..eek!). And with the end of Autumn will mean the new baby's arrival and then Christmas! I always feel like Autumn is the perfect season as it's cool enough to warrant coats and chunky knit scarves and also the excitement of the approach of the holiday season!

I've been taking out my Cath Kidston shoulder bag with me on my daily errands lately as it's the perfect size for grocery shopping and in fact for the post office run too. You may remember Wilf and I have been doing a little work with the brand lately (he got a super cool Robot bag for nursery). It's such a treat for me to be working with such a iconic British brand and I've been able to squeeze myself (just) into one of their beautiful dresses for this post too. Don't you love the penguin detailing?

I also picked up this cute cardigan which is going to be my favourite thing for snuggling in as I get bigger and the evenings get colder.

Dress / Cardigan / Bag all Cath Kidston

Are you a fan of the brand? Which are your favourite items from this season? 


Reclaiming our Sunday

Just a quick hello from me mid week! This week has been a bit of a tricky one, Wilf and I both have colds and it's been a trying one in many ways. I'm looking forward to us both feeling back to our normal selfs again soon!

Last weekend I took over Joules's IG account and shared our Sunday so I thought I'd share the pics over here too, just for fun. I'm really enjoying Instagram more and more as a platform and am finding lots of inspiration from the beautiful accounts I'm following. If you fancy following along I'm Tigerlillyquinn.

If you're Bristol based then check out The Mocking Bird cafe on Alma Vale Road. I've heard they've added macaroni cheese to their menu and I'm planning on testing it out soon, the perfect Autumn lunch mmm.

On me:

Dress / Necklace  ( love this little necklace and it's under £5!) / Jacket

On Tom:


On Wilf

Top / Trousers / Wellies 


What Mama Wore - 29 weeks

I'm currently writing this sat on the sofa with Wilf, both of us have colds, both of us are still in our PJ's and one of us is watching My Little Pony's (did I mention the boy is obsessed with it??). Looking at these pics and thinking about how I'm dressed right now does seem ironic but I'm 'generally' still getting by on this pregnancy by dressing how I usually would pre-pregnancy.

I actually bought this dress in January but for some reason I hadn't get it out the wardrobe much, I'm not sure why as I really do love it. I was pretty excited that I could squeeze my seven month baby bump into it too! It's from the Marks and Spencer's Limited Edition collection but not in stock anymore, although this dress has a similar feel.

The clogs are good ol' Swedish Hasbeens. I favourite of mine (I even wore some for my wedding last year!) these are currently on sale on the Sole Trader site if you fancy a bargain. You might notice that they are different shades which is something that is quite common with Swedish Hasbeens. They are all handmade using the same processes they did in the seventies so literally each shoe is unique! I quite like that fact about them but I totally get how it could be a surprise if you weren't expecting it.

My bag is actually a change bag from Pacapod (review to come!) I've been using it pre-baby though as I still have a bunch of things to carry with this almost four year old. Plus it totally matched my shoes that day ;)

And that's what I wore over the weekend! I've made a little list of some similar items below if you like the style of some of the pieces like the dress, but are unable to get them in stock anymore.

Let's see how many more months I can keep squashing myself into my 'normal' clothes ;)


A night alone, Pullman St Pancras and M&S kids!

A couple of weeks ago I hopped on the train to London to attended an evening with People Tree and Zandra Rhodes (you can read the post here if you like). As I mentioned in the post I was feeling a little anxious that day, a bit pregnant and I bit not sure of myself.

I checked into my room at the Pullman St Pancras in the early afternoon and was immediately put at ease. In fact had I not had such a swish event to attend in the evening I would have been just as happy to spend the rest of the evening in my room having some quality 'me time', ordering room service and watching rubbish TV! Sometimes I think evenings like that are just as good as a holiday!

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A day at the great British seaside - Weston Super Mare

The thing about Weston Super Mare, to anyone who has been or lives there, is it really just needs to be embraced to enjoy it. It's a typical British seaside down, complete with arcades and fish and chips, donkey rides and ice cream. It may rain when you visit (it did) or be windy (it was!) and you may never actually see the sea (the tide is always so far out when we have ever been) but there is something about it that you really have to love. From garish colours, flashing lights, the smell of donuts frying and kids high on sugar, it's just one of those British seaside memories that you really have to experience at some point in your life!

We took a trip last weekend for that very reason, stopping at Papas fish and chips (we were told it was the best and it didn't disappoint) first for mushy peas (Wilf's first experience of them) and chips, washed down with a coca cola.

We took a trip to the playground after that for a run around. It really is a brilliant playground, with a splash pad for the summer and a wooden castle to run around on, as well as the usual things you'd hope to find in a park like swings, sandpits and seesaws. Tom thought it would be really funny to go on the seesaw with him and Wilf and one side and me on the other and yep..they couldn't move it..I am currently heavier than a grown man and an almost four year old..so that was fun to know ;) !

After that we had a quick go on the two penny machines in the arcade. Wilf won a minions yo-yo and stared wide eyed at all of the other games and attractions. We grabbed a ice cream from the ice cream parlour on the pier and jumped back on the train to Bristol!

we visited Weston last weekend as part of an on-going collaboration with Visit Bristol as usual all words and thoughts are my own

Lifestyle Wall with George Clark & British Gypsum

Earlier this week I made the trip to the capital for a afternoon with a TV favourite of mine, George Clarke along with the people from British Gypsum's Rooms Made For You to chat about their new product the Lifestyle Wall. I'd actually met for team earlier in the year (you can read about it in this post if you like!) and was really impressed with their range on products. Not being the most technical person I've basically described the products since as 'some magical kind of plaster!'

This time however we were focussing on their lifestyle wall and it really is a brilliant product. Since moving into and renovating our home I've come across plenty of moments when I've not been able to put up frames, shelves or mirrors in a room because the wall isn't thick enough to take the strain. Or if it is it needs raw plugs and drills and by the time I've thought about all thats involved I've usually added it to that 'one day' list that never really gets done.

With the Lifestyle Wall product this is all being changed, it's a reason George Clarke is endorsing as it really is a leading technology in the building world. The product is in fact a plasterboard with a reinforce core making it five times stronger than standard plasterboard. We were shown just how much weight it could take in the picture above, simply screwing in a screw and hanging a large weight like that mirror can be done easily and fuss free.

The lovely Kerri-Anne demonstrating putting up her frame

We were put into two teams to screw individual frames into the plasterboard and it was amazing how quickly and easily this could be done. What was noticeable too was there was no dust that you would get from a drill and once the screw had been taken out you could barely see where the hole had actually been.

What I love about this product is that it opens up so many DIY ideas for me now that I might usually have thought too much of an effort. Even something as simple as putting raised shelves in our bedroom to something like storing larger objects on the wall like TV's or bikes (the where to put the bike is a constant 'thing' in our home!).

What do you think? Is this something that would change the way you think about DIY in your home?

in association with Rooms Made For You
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